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What in the world is a Volkswagen Golf Alltrack?


A used Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is one of those little automotive gems that often gets overlooked. It’s the contrarian utility vehicle for people who don’t want an SUV. But still want the option of hauling stuff or venturing off of the proverbial beaten path. And lucky for these connoisseurs of the long-roof, Off Lease Only has plenty of used VW Golf Alltrack AWD wagons in stock. So let’s learn a bit about it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best-selling Volkswagen product in the United States is the Tiguan, which is a crossover. It’s not exactly designed to forge a trail up the side of Mt. Everest, or go plowing through a rainforest. The VW Tiguan is more of an “Urban Expedition Vehicle”, with a tall seating position to navigate traffic jams, and a big trunk for all of your Publix runs. But some people would rather have a UEV that’s fun to drive, and easy to park. And that’s where the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack comes in.

What it is

Based on a stretched Volkswagen Golf, the VW Alltrack is a slightly ruggedized version of the Golf Sportwagen. This amounts to taller springs and shocks, standard VW 4Motion all-wheel-drive and lots of plastic body cladding. The result is not quite the level of off-road capability that you would find in a used Subaru Outback. But it’s more than enough to propel you to a trail head, camping site or down a snow-covered road. 

Helping the Golf Alltrack to maximize its off pavement scampering abilities are the 4Motion AWD system, and a special off-road driving mode. Under normal driving conditions, 90% of the engine’s power gets sent to the front wheels. If wheel slip is detected, the computer can divide engine power 50/50 between the front and rear axles. In off-road mode, the computer adjusts throttle and transmission actions, as well as brakes individual wheels to help you maintain traction. Plus it can engage the hill descent control function automatically. A used Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is certainly no Jeep Wrangler. But it’ll out-off-road a lot of crossovers without breaking a sweat.

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Where the used VW Golf Alltrack really starts to make sense is in the comfort and fun departments. The suspension soaks up bumps way better than an SUV. The seats are soft and supportive, and it’s a very comfortable car with which to cover large expanses of map. It might not offer that coveted high-up driving position that people seem to want nowadays. But the Golf Alltrack is a lot more comfortable to use in the real world. 

Speaking of the real world, the low to the ground center of gravity that a car offers, greatly increases its nimbleness and ability to remain flat in a curve. Add in some excellent suspension tuning, and a used VW Golf Alltrack is actually a lot of fun to drive on a back road. The VW 1.8L turbo four contributes 170 hp to this fun factor. And the 6-speed dual clutch DSG transmission can rapid fire up/down shifts in manual mode, that way you can stay in the power band. 

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Specs

The base used Volkswagen Golf Alltrack S comes very nicely equipped with niceties like heated front seats, automatic headlights, and a big touchscreen infotainment system with integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Step up to the Golf Alltrack SE and you’ll get a panoramic glass roof, keyless entry and ignition, automatic emergency braking and a 115 V power outlet in the trunk. The top spec VW Golf Alltrack SEL comes with goodies like real leather upholstery, and a sweet sounding Fender audio system. And depending on the year, you can get electronic driver aides like forward collision warning with automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, adaptive headlights that turn with the steering wheel and an automatic parking system.

A top-of-the-line used VW Golf Alltrack SEL feels like a baby Audi. But even the base car fells luxurious, thanks to lots of thoughtful touches like extra sound deadening, soft touch surfaces throughout the cabin, and felt lined door pockets and storage bins. Overall this is a very nice car to drive, and it has lots of usable utility too. There’s a massive 30.4 ft.³ trunk, and folding the rear seats down will yield 66 ft.³ of stuff room, which easily beats many compact SUVs. Add in AWD and 6.9 inches of ground clearance, and you have a very capable utility vehicle that is still a lot of fun to drive.

When they were new, the VW Alltrack started at $27,000 and quickly rose to $36,000 with options. But a slightly used VW Golf Alltrack at Off Lease Only starts at a LOT less than that. Considering what you’re getting for the money, this is an incredible bargain. And don’t forget that all of our cars come with a 5-Day/500 mile no hassle return policy, and you can even buy online and have your Golf Alltrack shipped right to you! So if you’re ready for the ultimate contrarian utility vehicle, click here to start shopping for your very own VW Alltrack!

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