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Off Lease Only Sets Record Selling 5,000 Used Vehicles in March!


Off Lease Only Sets Record Selling 5,000 Used Vehicles in March!

Off Lease Only, the nation’s largest-volume independent used car dealer, reached an astonishing record, selling more than 5,000 used vehicles in the month of March.

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Off Lease Only is proud to have hundreds of thousands of loyal customers worldwide!

It’s an all-time record.

That’s an average of more than 160 cars, trucks, vans and SUVs a day — or about thirteen every hour during business hours.

“For an independent dealer to sell 5,000 cars in a month is unheard of in our industry,” said Mark Fischer, founder of the company along with his wife, Eileen. “It’s humbling to see Off Lease Only grow from just a handful of cars a month to selling more than 5,000.”

Fischer attributes the record-setting sales to the efforts of the more than 800 Off Lease Only employees and to satisfied customers, with many returning to buy car after car from the dealership.

used vehicles

Off Lease Only’s passion is saving customers thousands on their pre-owned purchase!

“This shows that our customers have become savvy internet buyers and appreciate the savings and transparent experience Off Lease Only offers to everyone who walks in the door, whether they’re searching for a pre-owned Bentley or Maserati or a Toyota Corolla,” he said.

Of course, Off Lease Only couldn’t have sold 5,089 cars — to be exact — without the help of a dedicated staff.

“To sell over 5,000 cars in one month takes the ultimate in teamwork,” Fischer said.

Several factors, including a large inventory of between 4,000 and 5,000 used vehicles in stock, helped Off Lease Only reach its milestone. The addition of a new store in the Fort Lauderdale area in November also played a key role as did timing.

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Happy customers is why Off Lease Only has grown into The Nation’s Used Car Destination!

“March, when people are starting to get tax refunds back, is traditionally our busiest month,” Fischer said. “This year, we had an exceptionally large inventory, giving buyers with an internet connection anywhere in the world more vehicles to choose from.”

Off Lease Only’s incredible low prices and its transparent sales process also drew customers to the company’s four dealerships.

The company takes pride in a no-hassle approach to selling cars, with no hidden fees and no negotiating. In addition, Off Lease Only offers a home delivery service as well as a five-day or 500-mile free exchange program for added peace of mind.

To find out more about how you can save thousands at “The Nation’s Used Car Destination,” call 855-975-7950 or CLICK HERE to start shopping!

Want to visit the Off Lease Only location nearest you? Simply click the banner below for easy driving directions.

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