Off Lease Only Boasts More than 5,000 Used Cars, Trucks, SUV’s & Vans for Sale!


Off Lease Only Boasts More than 5,000 Used Cars, Trucks, SUV’s & Vans for Sale! 

When Mark and Eileen Fischer started Off Lease Only in 1994 their inventory consisted of just two cars that they bought with their life savings. Off Lease Only hit a major milestone in January, with more than 5,000 used cars, trucks, SUV’s & vans for sale.

used cars, trucks, SUV's & vans

Off Lease only has the most impressive selection of quality used cars for sale!

Although the dealership sells hundreds of vehicles every day, Off Lease Only is able to maintain the largest inventory of any independent used-car dealer in the country due to their savvy buying team and relationships built over so many years.

And that’s good news for customers, who can search the over 5000 used cars, trucks, SUV’s & vans for sale with just a few clicks of a mouse at

“Having this much selection and the ability to offer the very best value on used cars, trucks, SUV’s & vans is our passion and it is what sets Off Lease Only apart from other dealers,” said Mark Fischer. “Most customers at other stores don’t have the opportunity to choose from such a large selection of over 5,000 vehicles for sale.”

At Off Lease Only, customers can find everything from used cars, trucks, SUV’s & vans priced under $6,000 to luxury vehicles over $100,000.

used cars, trucks, SUV's & vans

Luxury for Thousands LESS is what you can expect to find at Off Lease Only!

Looking for a great deal on a pre-owned Mercedes? Off Lease Only typically has hundreds in inventory to choose from. You’ll also find a wide selection of pre-owned Jaguars and even Maserati models. At Off Lease Only you really can get that luxury car you’ve always dreamt of for less!

If it’s reliable transportation you’re looking for, you’ll discover more than 500 used Nissans for sale and 500 used Ford models at the Off Lease Only website.

Most of the vehicles in Off Lease Only’s massive used car inventory are 2014 models and newer and still under factory warranty, with less than 50,000 miles, although older models with more mileage that are quality trade-ins, are also available.

“Every single person has access to our entire inventory through Off Lease Only Home Delivery,” Fischer said.

If you can’t get to one of the four locations in Florida, Off Lease Only can help you arrange to have the car delivered to your home through their preferred vendor uShip.

used cars, trucks, SUV's & vans

Save THOUSANDS at The Nation’s Used Car Destination!

If you decide to visit the stores in the West Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando areas and now in North Lauderdale, Fischer recommends having a second and third choice in mind because cars move quickly and often times your first choice might be gone before you get there. With so many quality used cars in stock, finding a close second and third choice is typically a breeze.

How did Off Lease Only grow its inventory from two cars to an impressive 5,000 used cars, trucks, SUV’s and vans for sale?

The addition of the new store in Fort Lauderdale, which usually has more than 1,000 cars available on its 15-acre site, has been a big factor.

“We now have the capacity and the facilities to process more cars,” Fischer said.

used cars, trucks, SUV's & vans

Off Lease Only Owner Mark Fischer and Chief Purchasing Officer Brian Kushner at the grand opening of Palm Beach!

Still, another major reason for Off Lease Only’s ability to have so many quality vehicles in inventory is the relationships that Fischer and Chief Purchasing Officer Brian Kushner have developed over the past two decades.

The number of vehicles coming off lease and available for sale as used vehicles supply much of Off Lease Only’s pristine inventory. While the number of new-car sales is projected to be flat compared to last year, the number of used-car sales is predicted to increase. In fact, 2018, could be the best year on record for used car sales.

Perhaps the biggest reason Off Lease Only has such a large inventory is because of its success with sales.

Because it sells so many cars, over four thousand each month, Off Lease Only has more room for hundreds of fresh used car inventory daily. Which is why used car buyers never have to settle when shopping at Off Lease Only.

used cars, trucks, SUV's & vans

Saving customers thousands and making sure they’re satisfied before, during and after the sale is what sets Off Lease Only apart from the rest!

The secret to the sales success, Fischer says, is simple.

“We’re in the business of customer satisfaction,” he said. “We want every customer to be a customer for life which is why our unbeatable pricing is only second to our dedication to customer service.”

With its policies of set pricing, no hidden fees, and the ability for customers to bring the car back before five days or 500 miles and select another one, Off Lease Only prides itself on transparency in an industry that’s not always transparent.

“We have a passion for satisfying our customer’s demands,” Fischer said.

Shop over 5,000 used cars, trucks, SUV’s & vans for sale now from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Online car financing is available and trade-in’s are wanted. It’s never been a better time to trade-in and trade-up into that vehicle you’ve always desired!

For driving directions to the Off Lease Only used car dealership nearest you simply click the banner below.

Happy Car Shopping!

OffLeaseOnly Locations - Off Lease Only Locations

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