Ship A Car With OffLeaseOnly Today!


Ship A Car With OffLeaseOnly Today!

Ship a car with OffLeaseOnly! Now you can get a free no-obligation quote on the cost of vehicle shipping from one of our dealerships to your desired location in a matter of a minute!

OffLeaseOnly out of area customers have been overwhelmed with excitement surrounding our new website tool making it easier than ever to ship a car!

Have you ever seen a used car at an OffLeaseOnly location that you wish was closer to where you live?

Don’t let the distance turn you away! Saving thousands on your used car at OffLeaseOnly, and acquiring vehicle shipping has never been easier! Simply log onto to select the make and model that you desire, then scroll down to Dealer Services and click on the SHIP MY CAR icon!

Your no-obligation quote will populate in just seconds!

Ship a Car

OffLeaseOnly is happy to announce that customers can now get a quote on vehicle shipping in just minutes on any vehicle on our website!

Do you live in Atlanta, but love a used car at OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach? Or maybe you reside in Gainesville and found your dream car at OffLeaseOnly Miami, but don’t have the time to make the trip.

No problem!

Simply click on the SHIP YOUR CAR link, then fill in your name, ship to address and contact information to get a free, no-obligation quote in just seconds.

The quote will give you complete details on the cost of vehicle transportation to save you the time and effort of traveling.

Ship a car

OffLeaseOnly is excited to help even more out of state used car shoppers save thousands with the help of Ready Logistics for reliable vehicle shipping!

OffLeaseOnly customers have been pleasantly surprised to find out how cost effective it is to ship a car, especially considering it may save many days worth of travel.

The best part is that you can do all of the research on cost and arrange transportation from the comfort of your computer!

Although buying a vehicle over the internet is a fairly new concept, OffLeaseOnly delivers hundreds, site unseen, every month to extremely happy customers across the country.

The savings at OffLeaseOnly are so significant, that it really does pay to ship your car nationwide.

Ready Logistics has been the missing link to help make it more convenient and cost effective for out of area used car shoppers to ship a car and save thousands.

OffLeaseOnly and Ready Logistics understand that impeccable customer service is the driving force to keep our loyal customers happy. They have a system in place to make sure that your car gets delivered in the same condition it was picked up in. Which is of course, especially important to our out of area customers.

Ready Logistics has an entire team dedicated to customer satisfaction that can be reached Monday thru Friday from 10am-8pm EST, and Saturdays 9am-2pm EST. They genuinely want to hold your hand throughout the entire process to make sure you are satisfied.

Ready Logistics was acquired by Manheim in 2012 under the Cox Automotive brand, which definitely pushed production into high gear. Their tremendous growth was fueled by Cox and excelled even further due to their dedication to providing an excellent customer experience.

In 2013, Ready Logistics transported 80,000 vehicles. In 2014 that number jumped to 300,000, and then increased astronomically to 1.1 million vehicles transported in 2015. Ready Logistics is on track to nearly double their volume by hitting an impressive 2 million vehicle shipments this year.

Ship a car

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer are excited to partner with Ready Logistics!

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer were ecstatic to learn that Ready Logistics’ main focus is on their customers’ experience. Customer satisfaction is a non-negotiable when OffLeaseOnly considers recommending any other company to our loyal customers.

“Transporting cars can be frightening when you don’t know who you’re dealing with. When it comes to transporting cars, Ready Logistics will give customers peace of mind and make it a great experience. This was the perfect fit for our growing demand from out of area customers,” said owner Mark Fischer.

When it comes to shipping your used car anywhere and everywhere, Ready Logistics will be available to help you every step of the way.

It’s never been easier for out of area customers to save thousands shopping at with no dealer fees, no stress of negotiating price and an entire team dedicated to customer service that will make your car buying experience fun!

Now you really don’t even have to live near one of our used car dealerships to take advantage of OffLeaseOnly’s incredibly low prices!

If you’ve ever wondered how to ship a car, and how much it will cost, you can now get an instant, no-obligation quote in just minutes on our website!

Want to give it a try?

Simply log onto and browse our massive selection of quality used cars for sale. Once you find the perfect used car, scroll down to Dealer Services and click on the SHIP YOUR CAR icon. Fill in your information and you will receive an instant no haggle quote.

Whether you have the desire to ship your used car across the country or within the state, Ready Logistics will work hard to earn the perfect review by giving you an experience unlike any other company in the vehicle shipping industry!


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