Protect Your OffLeaseOnly Used Car Investment


Protect Your OffLeaseOnly Used Car Investment

Protect your OffLeaseOnly used car investment, even after you’ve bought your car, with an extended service agreement good up to 7 years and/or 150,000 miles from your date of purchase.

Protect Your OffLeaseOnly Used Car

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer

Coverage may be closer and more affordable than you think.

It’s not too late!

“Our customers happiness is of the utmost importance to us,” said owner Mark Fischer.

Due to OffLeaseOnly’s increased monthly sales volume, warranty companies work harder than ever to keep OffLeaseOnly customers happy in the event an issue arises.

“Extended service agreements have been proven to help us protect customers from large out of pocket expenses after the sale,” said Fischer.

OffLeaseOnly’s team can help you finance your extended service agreement, even after you’ve purchase your car, for a small monthly payment.

“We have been able to hand select the very best extended service contract companies for OffLeaseOnly to work with over the years. These companies are passionate about helping our customers,” said Warranty Expert & Consultant Glenn Schmitt.

OffLeaseOnly Money Back Guarantee

OffLeaseOnly Used Car Dealer honored as DealerRater’s 2016 Used Car Dealer of The Year in the entire United States!

Here’s a recent DealerRater review from a grateful OffLeaseOnly Miami customer:

“I bought my car in December. Billy encouraged me to get a bumper to bumper warranty, so of course I did. In February my check engine light came on, I went to VW dealer, they had my car for 7 days and did over $3800 worth of work! I was scared to death to find out what I would have to pay. When they told me $50 deductible, I almost cried!! I had to call Billy immediately and thank him again for being so thorough about the assistance with my warranty and gap insurance. I’ve told so many people about the great experience I had with off lease only. Thanks again Billy. – Charlotte L. Sassano”

The fact of the matter is that a $3,800 repair for most is a huge out of pocket expense. Yet in Charlotte’s case, it only required a payment of $50 to cover the deductible.

Protect your OffLeaseOnly used car investment.

“OffLeaseOnly’s relationships are so strong that when our customers have an issue, the warranty companies respond above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied,” said Schmitt.

Protect Your OffLeaseOnly Used Car

OffLeaseOnly used cars are in abundance at each OffLeaseOnly location!

Most OffLeaseOnly used cars are 1-3 years old and still under the manufacturers original warranty. However, once that warranty runs out, an extended service agreement certainly adds comfort in the event that a repair is needed down the road.

OffLeaseOnly extended service agreements come in all levels too, so you can cater the plan perfect for you.

Plus, when you sell your car, you can transfer or get a refund on the unused portion making it even more cost effective.

“I have an entire team dedicated to my customers satisfaction. When customers purchase the added protection it majorly helps us help our customers,” said Fischer.

Let’s face it, new cars break. So do used cars. Protect your investment with peace of mind that is much more affordable than a dreaded mechanic bill.

Are you comfortable with your level of coverage? Comfort is closer than you think.

Get a free quote from one of our team members today by calling toll free: (877) 953-8799.

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