OffLeaseOnly’s Dedication to Customer Service Starts Here!


OffLeaseOnly’s Dedication to Customer Service Starts Here!

OffLeaseOnly’s Dedication to Customer Service Starts Here! Just don’t expect peace and quiet when you step into Off Lease Only’s Business Development Center (BDC).

Inside, phones ring off the hook as OffLeaseOnly representatives field questions from potential car buyers about everything from OffLeaseOnly used car pricing and availability to financing and used car features.

OffLeaseOnly BDC Director - Devin DeVito

OffLeaseOnly BDC Director Devin DeVito

The answers they give are key to OffLeaseOnly’s astounding success!

It’s the BDC representatives’ dedicated attention to customer service that encourages potential Off Lease Only used car shoppers to walk in and take advantage of the unbeatable deals.

Under the guidance of BDC director Devin DeVito and his assistant Ashley Smith, these customer service experts spread the gospel of Off Lease Only: No hidden fees, no haggling and no pressure. Test drive a car ALONE. Take your car of choice to your own mechanic for added peace of mind. To feel even more secure, purchase an extended service agreement that protects customers for up to 7 years and 150,000 miles from the date of their purchase.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure customers feel like we’re trying to take care of them,” DeVito said. “Our goal is to make sure when they call in that they are confident they called the right place! It’s really about making certain that first impression is great. We want this to be a nice smooth and stress free process.”

What could be more appealing when buying your next used car?

“We proudly share the Off Lease Only story and an idea of what to expect upon arrival,” Smith added. “A lot of people see our OffLeaseOnly used cars advertised on third-party websites and don’t realize we have such a large inventory between all four locations. So we get them on our site to search for the exact make/model of used car they desire! We have fun helping the customers find their dream cars for thousands less than anywhere else.”

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

And because Off Lease Only is a high-volume, no frills used car dealership, BDC agents try to prepare customers for the different kind of car buying experience they will have when they shop at Off Lease Only: Crowds of customers, not the fanciest showroom and thousands of incredible used cars, all priced thousands below retail.

“It’s definitely a shocker if you’ve never been here before,” Smith conceded, referring to the customers that typically mob OffLeaseOnly dealerships on Saturday’s. “It definitely gets crazy yet our team does a flawless job handling the volume and we do what we can to help them focus on their customers by managing all of the incoming calls and emails.”

BDC agents answer OffLeaseOnly customer questions and then route callers to the correct source, whether it’s sales, finance or another department. Their goal is to keep potential customers happy and they do an incredible job.

OffLeaseOnly BDC Agents

OffLeaseOnly BDC Agents

Growth at the BDC has been explosive in response to OffLeaseOnly’s continuing company wide expansion.  DeVito keeps up with a smile.

Since DeVito was hired in 2012, the number of call takers has quadrupled from four to 17. The BDC has moved three times, most recently to 1589 S. Military Trail on the south side of the OffLeaseOnly Value Lot, the depository for trade-ins and the first stop for new inventory. The OffLeaseOnly Out of State department is also located on the north side of Value Lot at 1575 S. Military Trail.

It’s a busy place no matter where you go.

Currently the BDC has room for 27 call takers, with some of the slots still vacant. But DeVito figures those positions will fill quickly as Off Lease Only’s share of the used car market continues to grow. OffLeaseOnly currently sells nearly 3,000 used cars a month between all locations including OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach, OffLeaseOnly Miami and OffLeaseOnly Orlando.

When OffLeaseOnly Orlando opened in November 2014, call traffic exploded even more, and the growth just continues.

OffLeaseOnly Business Development Center - Value Lot

OffLeaseOnly Business Development Center

“It never stops,” Smith said. Potential car buyers can’t believe the amazing OffLeaseOnly car prices and light up the phones around the clock.

According to DeVito, approximately 20,000 phone calls come through the BDC every month with most calls logged between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. Call volume dwindles on weekends when car buyers visit OffLeaseOnly dealerships in person to test drive and purchase the OffLeaseOnly used cars they found earlier in the week online, DeVito said.

Much of DeVito’s time is spent monitoring the calls that come in and the manner in which the BDC agents answer them. He’s always looking for ways to make things even more customer-friendly.

“In the end, we aren’t salespeople, we are here to help. In fact no one at our dealership is really a salesperson per say. Our dealership model is different. We employ customer service representatives seen as pay is not commission based,” DeVito said. “We are simply here to make the customers used car buying experience as pleasant and easy as possible from their start at the BDC to finishing up in finance at the dealership. It’s all about showcasing our massive OffLeaseOnly used car selection to our customers, following up and making sure they are happy with the service they received.

“We understand our customers need answers and my team is excited to help them. We treat people the way we want to be treated,” DeVito added. “Our desire is to make sure every customer who calls in feels like they made the right decision car shopping at Off Lease Only.”

BDC agents handle high call volumes, constant questions and deal with a mix of personalities.  They have to think on their feet and give customers confidence in the OffLeaseOnly used car buying experience and make sure to answer all questions a customer may have.

” I spend most of my time continuously training the BDC agents so they can really portray the passion and vision that owners Mark & Eileen Fischer started this company with over 20 years ago,” DeVito said.

OffLeaseOnly BDC Agent - Martha Santana

OffLeaseOnly BDC Agent Martha Santana

OffLeaseOnly BDC agent Jacobs Barthelemy understands that first impressions are lasting, so he tries hard to make every call a positive experience. He debunks myths, offers up facts and answers questions.

“We are the first wall they have to go through so we answer any questions,” explained Barthelemy, noting that many callers have no clue how Off Lease Only works because we are not your typical car dealership. “We set them straight and proudly share the story.”

His secret to making customers happy?

“A high spirit and a lot of patience,” Barthelemy said. “You have to make them feel good about buying a car here.”

Customers unfamiliar with the OffLeaseOnly used car buying experience are sometimes suspicious of the low prices and policy of no hidden fees.

“They want to know if this is a trick,” Barthelemy chuckled. “They ask, ‘Are there any catches?’ or ‘Are these prices real?’”

BDC agent Martha Santana said she loves answering customer questions and searching the OffLeaseOnly used car inventory to find the perfect fit for the customers needs.

“I like to talk to people and I like people needing me,” Santana said. “I like to help people find the car they want. It’s even more exciting to share in their excitement when they realize it’s thousands less than anywhere else!”

Santana takes pride in being a good listener and directing callers to the correct resource.

OffLeaseOnly BDC Agent - Andreina Perez

OffLeaseOnly BDC Agent Andreina Perez

“Any person who calls this phone, if I do my job right, will be another satisfied customer to add to our list of nearly 100,000 happy customers!” Santana said.

BDC agent Betsy Ruiz said the job comes down to good customer service.

“You have to like helping people to do this, and I love helping our customers!” Ruiz acknowledged.

BDC agent Andreina Perez answers her calls with patience and diplomacy.

“I always have a smile. You have to let the customer know you are having a good day and a smile can be heard through the phone!” Perez said.

To further assist customers in their used car buying experience, Off Lease Only has launched a NEW OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site which aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and OffLeaseOnly in one convenient location. The purpose of the site is to make it even easier for potential customers to read reviews and find out what the experience is like first hand from our customers.

Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!

OffLeaseOnly Miami

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly Orlando

OffLeaseOnly Out Of State

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