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Buy an OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima and be Cool for Less


Buy an OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima and be Cool for Less

The recent unveiling of the 2016 Nissan Maxima at the New York International Auto Show has car buyers buzzing about the brand’s flagship sedan, available used at OffLeaseOnly for thousands less than the competition.

And no wonder the popularity: Kelley Blue Book describes the Maxima’s body style as “liquid motion.”

OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima.

OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima.

While Nissan fans must wait for 2016 model to become available, OffLeaseOnly has slightly older used Maxima models immediately available for thousands less than retail. OffLeaseOnly has nearly 40 of these beautiful used luxury sedans equipped with amenities such as moonroof, power seats, Bluetooth, pushbutton start, keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring system and cruise control ranging in price from $17,999 to $18,999.

OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima.

“That liquid mantra carries onto the sleek hood and bulging front fenders, and carries aft where the sloping roof meets a sculpted rear end,” Kelley Blue Book states. “Seen from the side, the Maxima appears in motion even when still thanks to an athletic stance.”

OffLeaseOnly sales personnel say customers love the car’s looks and performance.

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

“Customers like the way it handles. It’s a good quality car and they like the styling a lot! The fuel economy is good on it, too,” said OffLeaseOnly sales associate Thomas Valeo. “Nissan Maxima has always had a good reputation for being a great car.”

Valeo recently sold three OffLeaseOnly used Nissan Maxima models to customers who chose the used car for its style and performance.

“Nissan is a very good handling car. These customers knew they wanted a used Nissan Maxima and were excited to save thousands at Off Lease Only!” Valeo said.

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Russ Cosolito recently sold four OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima models. He said his customers love the amenities that come with many of the Nissan Maxima models as well as the economy the sporty-looking sedan offers.

“I think the overall appeal is really the size of the vehicle. It’s a mid-size car and I think that is popular with a lot of people,” Cosolito said. “They also get a lot of value with the vehicle considering the options you can get with the car. It’s got push-start technology and keyless entry. A lot of them have interchangeable features with the Infiniti but the Nissan is a little more cost efficient for those on  a budget.”

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Russ Cosolito and customer Twanna White with her 2014 OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Russ Cosolito and customer Twanna White with her 2014 used Nissan Maxima.

Riviera Beach resident Twanna White recently bought a maroon 2014 OffLeaseOnly used Nissan Maxima from Cosolito and couldn’t be happier. She loved the color, the stying, the price and the ride!

White, who has owned Nissan Altima models in the past and still has one, already knew she loved the brand. But when she saw the Nissan Maxima at Off Lease Only, she fell in love.

“It’s a nice car. It’s metallic maroon but it looks black at night. I love the color and it drives smooth,” said White, a juvenile corrections officer. “And it was a great price.”

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Jerry Jerido said customers love the OffLeaseOnly used Nissan Maxima models for their sporty extras like paddle shifters, panoramic roof, and navigation.

Jerido has sold the OffLeaseOnly used Nissan Maxima to a mix of customers, ranging in age from very young to middle-aged.

OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima

OffLeaseOnly Used Nissan Maxima.

“It could be viewed as a sporty luxury car,” Jerido said.

“It’s the best of both worlds – it’s got a lot of pick up – and it has paddle shifters like a Mercedes or a BMW. It gives a little more ‘umpff’ when you drive it which makes driving fun!” Jerido added.

Used Nissan Maxima – Orlando, FL – OffLeaseOnly Reviews

To further assist customers in their used car buying experience, Off Lease Only has launched a NEW OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site which aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and OffLeaseOnly in one convenient location. The purpose of the site is to make it even easier for potential customers to read reviews and find out what the experience is like first hand from our customers.

Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used Nissan Maxima today!

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