OffLeaseOnly Used Car Saleswoman Gets Noticed with Great OffLeaseOnly Reviews


Shauna Welsh is one of Off Lease Only’s newest used car sales associates. She’s also one of its most successful.

Here’s a few reasons why: Welsh works hard, and you can read lots of glowing OffleaseOnly reviews about her on review sites like Yelp, DealerRater, Google and Edmunds.

Welsh understands the power of a good OffLeaseOnly review and works hard to get as many as she can. It’s all part of what review sites like and call “reputation management.”

Off Lease Only is dedicated to building a culture of top-notch customer service and has recently received national recognition for its efforts. The national review sites and both presented Off Lease Only with coveted customer service awards based on its high number of 5-star OffLeaseOnly reviews in a two-year period.

In fact “customer service” has become a buzz word at savvy, forward-thinking businesses who pay attention to what customer reviews are saying about them and diligently work to make improvements.

For Welsh, getting good OffLeaseOnly reviews equals giving great customer service.

In December 2014, Welsh received an admirable 30 OffLeaseOnly reviews, all of them 5-stars. In February she logged 34 OffLeaseOnly reviews. And because so many car shoppers won’t buy a car without first checking dealership reviews, the value of a good review is nothing short of gold.

Here’s a few of Welsh’s recent OffLeaseOnly reviews:

“Shauna Welsh @Off Lease Only is the best! She made the car buying experience for me painless and easy. She is extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles and helped me tremendously in making the right choice for me.”

“From start to finish Shauna was awsome! She fought tooth and nail to get a great deal on the perfect car. She and the whole staff made us feel extremely comfortable and never tried to push a sale.”

Shauna went above and beyond for me. Her compassion, dedication and knowledge made my car buying experience by far the best yet. She made sure I got the best deal and found something that fit my needs.”

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Welsh is modest about her rave OffLeaseOnly reviews, but knows they help her get new business.

“I’ve gotten customers who say they read my reviews and they ask for me,” Welsh said. “My whole background, everything I’ve ever done, is customer service.”

Treating customers right comes second nature, she said.

“People are grateful, the process is easy and I get them in and out as fast as I can,” Welsh explained. Most of the cars she sells are by appointment, so before her customers show up at Off Lease Only, they have already been searching the OffLeaseOnly used car inventory online.

Palm Beach OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale

Palm Beach OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale

“They do their preparation at home. I tell them how to search the inventory and what documents to bring,” Welsh said. “It’s all about customer service. Whether they have bad credit or good credit, I treat them all the same because they are the ones who pay your bills at the end of the day.”

It’s all about finding an OffLeaseOnly used car that the customer likes AND can afford, she added.  When Welsh gets customers with bad credit, she approaches the topic gently.

“You have to know how to find them the right used car,” Welsh said. “I set them up in a positive way, not for failure. If they say they want a $40,000 used car, I say I want one too! I treat people the way they want to be treated. People are afraid to be told ‘no.’”

The result? Welsh’s customers describe her as patient, sweet, honest, up-front and awesome. And they give her lots of referrals.

“Shauna made a dream come true and got me into the car of my dreams,” one reviewer wrote. If you were looking to buy a used car, wouldn’t you pick Shauna?

Some general dealer advice posted on sums up exactly what Off Lease Only is doing when it encourages its customers to post OffLeaseOnly reviews about their car buying experiences:

“Nothing is more important than managing your reputation. In today’s digital world dealers need to proactively solicit and collect positive reviews from every sales and service customer,” the website states. “If you do not take your reputation seriously by proactively engaging customers to leave positive reviews, the only review the searching public will see is that one negative review.”

Off Lease Only owners Mark and Eileen Fischer have made customer service their top priority for 20 years and continue to put customers first, with their business model of no hidden fees, no haggling, no pressure and a complimentary Carfax report with every used car for sale, all priced thousands below retail.

To further assist customers in their car buying experience, Off Lease Only has launched a new OffLeaseOnly review site which aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and OffLeaseOnly in one convenient location.  The purpose of the site is to make it even easier for customers to find out what it’s like to buy an Off Lease Only used car.

 To read the incredible DealerRater reviews for each store, click here:  Dealer Rater Palm BeachDealerRater Miami and DealerRater Orlando.

Experience the excellent Off Lease Only customer service standard that has won our company national recognition!

Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!

OffLeaseOnly Miami

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly Orlando

OffLeaseOnly Out Of State




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