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Hard to Find Used Audi Models at OffLeaseOnly for Less!


Hard to Find Used Audi Models at OffLeaseOnly for Less!

Looking for a hard-to-find used Audi models? OffLeaseOnly has some of the scarcest models in the nation for LESS!

OffLeaseOnly has a huge selection of pre-owned Audis, including several coveted used Audi models listed in Autotrader’s June scarcity report, all priced thousands below retail. But don’t wait. These OffLeaseOnly used audi models are in national demand and because OffLeaseOnly’s Out of State Department ships cars quickly and easily everywhere in the country, they won’t last.

The Autotrader scarcity report lists used vehicles that are in high demand and in low supply nationally.

With OffLeaseOnly’s gigantic inventory of over 3,000 used vehicles, it’s not surprising that the much sought after used Audi A5, Audi S4, Audi S5 and Audi A6 are available at OffLeaseOnly. OffLeaseOnly combs national auctions for the best used cars and the highest quality used cars at the right price in order to pass along massive savings to our customers.OffLeaseOnly The Nation's Used Car Destination

“Audi is a completely different car than all the other (highline cars),” said OffLeaseOnly sales associate Haz Elhassan, who used to work for an Audi dealership. “Audi customers are fans of Audi and very loyal to Audi.”

According to the scarcity report, the used Audi S4 ranked No. 2 on the national scarcity list and No. 1 in the Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose markets. The Audi S4 is Audi’s performance sedan.

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi S4. - Used Audi Models

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi S4.

OffLeaseOnly used Audi S4 models range in price from $29,999 to $31,999 and include features like moonroof, rear parking sensors, leather interior, keyless entry and paddle shifters. The beautiful pre-owned cars are priced between $6K to nearly $8K below every other dealer in the market according to Pure Cars Value Report. And if you broaden your search nationwide, you will see why so many out of state used Audi shoppers find it worth their while to travel to Florida to buy the nicest quality used Audi models in the nation.

The used Audi S4 ranked No. 2 in Los Angeles for scarcity, No. 3 in New York and No. 4 in Boston in the regional scarcity lists, Autotrader said.

OffLeaseOnly sales manager Floyd Roberts wasn’t surprised to find Audi models on the national scarcity list.

“These cars are 100 percent manufactured in Germany. When people buy these cars they tend to keep them,”  Roberts said. “The fit and finish is unlike any other model out there. They are fantastic cars.”

The stunning and elegant Audi S5 performance coupe came in at No. 7 on the national scarcity list. That model ranked No. 1 in Chicago; No. 3 in San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose; No. 4 in New York; and No. 7 in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

And OffLeaseOnly has ONE LEFT!

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi S5 - Used Audi Models

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi S5

OffLeaseOnly’s sole used Audi S5 is available for $34,999 in a gorgeous gray color. This beautiful convertible is priced nearly $10K below the market average according to Pure Cars Value Report, and is equipped with a backup camera, navigation, heated front seats, keyless entry and cruise control.

The used Audi A5 came in No. 1 on the Washington D.C. scarcity report, with the used Audi A6 also appearing on the list.

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi A6 - Used Audi Models

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi A6

OffLeaseOnly used Audi A5 models are a steal. These sophisticated and classy used cars range in price from $20,999 for a 2011 Audi A5 Premium Coupe Quattro to $28,999 for a 2013 used Audi A5 Premium Plus Coupe Quattro, many priced nearly $5,000 below the market average.

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi A5 - Used Audi Models

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi A5

What’s not to like?

Customers who want to save tons of cash and drive home in a showstopper should also check out OffLeaseOnly used Audi A6 models. These gorgeous OffLeaseOnly used cars range in price from just $24,999 for a 2012 model with 43,546 miles on the odometer to $39,999 for a 2015 model with just 5,155 miles, priced an astonishing $10,955 below the market average. That’s practically new!

According to Autotrader, the models are scarce because they are low-production models to begin with, and used Audi models for sale represent an even smaller slice of what is available overall.

OffLeaseOnly used Audi models are not only priced thousands below retail, they can be protected with one of OffLeaseOnly’s incredibly reasonable extended service agreements, which offer peace of mind for up to seven years or 150,000 miles from the date of purchase. OffLeaseOnly’s policies of no haggling, no pressure and no hidden fees take the stress and uncertainty out of buying a used car.

Used Audi A5 – Lake Worth FL – OffLeaseOnly Review

Off Lease Only strives to provide top-notch customer satisfaction by providing customers with amazing used audi models at amazing prices! Read thousands of customer reviews on the OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site! The OffLeaseOnly review site aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and Better Business Bureau in one convenient location.  At the end of the day, don’t take it from us, read our OffleaseOnly customer reviews and see why Off Lease Only is the Nation’s Used Car Destination!

Stop by one of four Off Lease Only locations, check out our inventory of beautiful, trend-setting Audi models and drive one home today.  Your purchase will turn heads and save you thousands! Drive home your dream car today!

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