OffLeaseOnly Sets New Record Selling More than 46,550 Used Vehicles in 2018


OffLeaseOnly Sets New Record Selling More than 46,550 Used Vehicles in 2018

OffLeaseOnly sets new record sales in 2018 with increased brick and mortar presence and out-of-market online purchases that helped boost sales by more than 8,000 vehicles over 2017.

OffLeaseOnly Sets New Record

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OffLeaseOnly, the nation’s largest independent used car dealer by volume, continued its steady growth, selling a record 46,553 vehicles in 2018.

The company — with four stores in Florida and a growing online presence nationwide – sold 38,350 cars in 2017.

“We’re pleased to be able to continue expanding with brick and mortar as well by opening additional online markets all over the country, said Mark Fischer, founder and CEO of OffLeaseOnly. “Even as we’ve grown, we’ve never veered from our original model of appealing to what our customers want – the lowest prices and outstanding customer service.” 

OffLeaseOnly Sets New Record

Off Lease Only was proud to win the prestigious DealerRater of the Year for the entire United States!

The company’s commitment to customer service was reinforced earlier this year when its Miami store was announced as the United States Used Car Dealer of the Year by DealerRater, based on customer reviews.

The OffLeaseOnly Miami dealership, which sold more than 10,500 cars in 2018, received 3,300 positive reviews from happy customers who were inspired to share their amazing experience!  

It is no surprise that OffLeaseOnly sets new record sales year over year due to the dedication to exceptional five star customer service!

According to Fischer, OffLeaseOnly’s business model allows it to sell used cars with less than 40,000 miles for thousands of dollars less than prices customers will find at other dealerships. 

“We sell on a lower profit margin than anyone else and we make it up in volume,” he said.

Helping to push OffLeaseOnly total sales over 2017 by more than 8,000 vehicles was the late-2017 opening of a new store in the Fort Lauderdale area market. 

That store, according to the Dominion Cross-Sell Report, ranked fifth in the state in sales – with OffLeaseOnly’s Orlando store topping the list at #1, its West Palm Beach area store coming in second and the Miami store coming in third. 

Based in part on its record sales, OffLeaseOnly is planning to open a fifth store in the Bradenton area, on Florida’s west coast, by the end of this year.

OffLeaseOnly Sets New Record

Off Lease Only continues to expand out of area sales efforts to save customers thousands across the country!

In addition to sales at its Florida stores, OffLeaseOnly also shipped more than 3,000 vehicles to customers all over the world in 2018. 

“We expect that number to grow significantly this year,” Fischer said. With an inventory that often tops 5,000 used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, Off Lease Only sells a wide range of vehicles from under $10,000 to well over $100,000 and everything in between.

Topping the most popular used car brand sold by OffLeaseOnly was Nissan, with customers buying more than 5,500 of the imports. 

“Our customers found they could get great prices and outstanding value on cars like the 2015 and 2016 Nissan Altima,” Fischer stated. 

Other popular brands sold in 2018 were Dodge with 4,809 vehicles sold, Ford with 4,176 cars, trucks and SUVs, Mercedes with 3,628 cars and SUVs, and Toyota with 3,334 vehicles.

OffLeaseOnly also offers customers an opportunity to save thousands off high-end luxury vehicles. Last year, the dealership sold 317 Maseratis and 16 Teslas. It also sold four Bentleys, two Roll Royces and an Aston Martin and a McClaren, as well as two Audi R8 sports cars. 

“Many of our high-end used cars sell at about half of their original MSRP price,” Fischer said. “There’s tremendous value in those cars.”  

OffLeaseOnly sets new record traditionally year over year with 2019 already crushing 2018 sales.

“It’s all about offering quality inventory at an unbeatable price and taking care of our customers,” said Fischer who is beyond excited about what 2019 and beyond will bring.

OffLeaseOnly Sets New Record

Customer service is #1 and means more to Off Lease Only than anything else!

OffLeaseOnly, “The Nation’s Used Car Destination,” is based in Florida with locations in the West Palm Beach area, Fort Lauderdale area, Orlando and Miami. 

With a focus on customer satisfaction, OffLeaseOnly has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and prides itself on transparency, offering a free five-day or 500-mile exchange policy and no hidden fees. To find out more OffLeaseOnly cars, visit

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