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OffLeaseOnly Reputation Shines!


OffLeaseOnly Reputation Shines!

When it comes to monitoring what consumers say online about Off Lease Only, the used car mega-store is one of the most pro-active car dealerships in the nation, according to two of the country’s largest online review sites.

OffLeaseOnly used cars are lined up as far as the eye can see outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

OffLeaseOnly used cars are lined up as far as the eye can see outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

OffLeaseOnly’s review machine is in high gear and it is 100 percent because owners Mark and Eileen Fischer lead their team to focus on excellent customer service… for EVERY customer!

While most car dealerships are lucky if they have a dozen or more online reviews posted each month, each OffLeaseOnly location easily has HUNDREDS of positive monthly reviews, and that is on DealerRater alone, said Michael Donovan, dealer experience adviser with DealerRater.

“If people have a bad experience they share it everywhere,” Donovan said. “Getting them to talk about the positive experiences is important to really show what buying a car at OffLeaseOnly is all about. Getting the positive reviews out there is HUGE because it is something the store has clearly earned.”OffLeaseOnly LOGO

But getting positive reviews posted doesn’t happen without a focused effort on customer service. Customers must feel compelled to write a review on their experience.

“We have to provide EVERY customer with a level of excellence that they are impressed with,” said owner Mark Fischer.

“My wife Eileen and I started this company with a vision to provide a unique and different used car buying experience where customers can save thousands on their purchase and also avoid nonsense such as hidden fees and negotiating price,” he said. “Considering we now sell over 3,000 used cars each month it is imperative that my teams focus is on each and every customer’s happiness before, during and after the sale.”

A customer who had a bad experience may post a negative online review as a way of venting their frustration and anger. But a satisfied customer may not feel the need to post an online review because the transaction was positive.

Savvy dealerships like Off Lease Only take any negative feedback very seriously and respond to every negative review as soon as it comes online. This is why their reputation is so excellent. They turn most negative reviews into positive with simple communication. A customer just wants to be heard and helped sometimes with the easiest things. Off Lease Only appreciates that their happy customers post reviews on their positive car buying experiences. It impresses future clientele and continues to grow OffLeaseOnly’s business.

Fischer regularly receives emails from customers who tell him that they read OffLeaseOnly’s many reviews and decided to car shop at OffLeaseOnly because they liked the way the company responded to the few negative reviews they came across in a pro-active and caring manner. Owner Mark Fischer’s goal is to make sure each customer is happy at the end of the day, and it shines online as you read each response.
“Customers want to do business with a company that will stand behind its product and provide them with outstanding customer service,” Fischer said. “I personally respond to many reviews because I care what my customers think and want each one of them to be happy and satisfied. That is the model for our long term growth.”
OffLeaseOnly Employee - Sharon Dibble

OffLeaseOnly Online Reputation Manager Sharon Dibble urges employees to remember they are always “on stage” and potential reviewers are always watching.

OffLeaseOnly customers aren’t shy about posting reviews about their car buying experiences.

Incredibly, OffLeaseOnly receives more than 1,200 reviews a month from DealerRater, BBB, Google+, Edmunds and Yelp review sites. Another 250 or so pour in from review sites like,, and, said OffLeaseOnly Online Reputation Manager Sharon Dibble.

“One of things that really amazes me is how many reviews we get and how many POSITIVE reviews we get! I am very proud to work for a company that stands 100 percent behind their customers’ satisfaction,” Dibble said.

In fact, OffLeaseOnly garners more positive reviews than most car dealers in the country, Donovan said.  The fact that thousands of reviews pour in every month is simply astonishing, Donovan admitted.

“Off Lease Only is definitely in the top 10 on our site,” Donovan said. “Off Lease Only pulls in thousands of reviews a year. It’s a very high volume dealership. Off Lease Only is definitely a huge player.”

Customers who file online reviews on DealerRater have to go through a process that involves registering before they can post a review. The steps can be a deterrent, Donovan said. But not for Off Lease Only customers.

“It’s a huge accomplishment to get so many reviews a month. It’s amazing,” Donovan said. It’s definitely unusual.

Some dealers complain that they can’t get their managers to commit to the online review process, or point the finger at customers who don’t want to take the time to write reviews.

Donovan responds by showing these frustrated dealers Off Lease Only’s astonishing cache of THOUSANDS OF POSITIVE REVIEWS.

Their response?

“They don’t really have much to say,” Donovan conceded. He compared Off Lease Only to a professional athlete whose top notch abilities stand out when compared to regular gym-goers.

“You guys are the champions and no one likes the champion,” he chuckled.

Last February, Off Lease Only was named DealerRater’s Used Car Dealer of Year for the state of Florida, a huge accomplishment for the Fischers’ family-owned used car dealership that was originally started with just two used cars and a dream in the couple’s garage in New York. Off Lease Only is in the running again this year and in hopes of getting the title of Used Car Dealer of the Year across the entire country!

The Better Business Bureau online review site is also flooded with OffLeaseOnly reviews, said Donna Mongillo-Dunn, advertising and marketing director for the BBB. The BBB’s West Palm Beach site is visited by six million viewers seeking information on local businesses.

OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale are parked in endless rows outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale are parked in endless rows outside OffLeaseOnly Miami.

“I think Off Lease Only is more pro-active than any other company I have ever worked with. I think they are taking advantage of everything the BBB has to offer,” Mongillo-Dunn said. “They are in touch with us on a daily basis and they encourage their customers to write a review – good, bad or indifferent, and they respond to everyone who writes a review, good, bad or indifferent.

“ is on top of it,” Mongillo-Dunn said. “They handle things beautifully and you can tell they genuinely care about each customer having an excellent experience.”

What OffLeaseOnly does is important because consumers today are tech-savvy buyers who research companies online before deciding where to shop. The more positive reviews a company has, the greater their credibility, Mongillo-Dunn said.

“We are noticing a huge increase in people that are coming to our website to research companies,” Mongillo-Dunn said. Sixty-five percent of the consumers who visit the BBB website are doing so from mobile devices, she further noted.

“This is a technologically savvy consumer,” she said.

Good reviews are convincing. Just ask Mongillo-Dunn, who recently sent her own son to OffLeaseOnly to car shop because she was so impressed by all the great reviews she had read.

“I am so comfortable with this company based on the reviews they have posted I sent my son there,” Mongillo-Dunn said. “They are very top notch.”

Mongillo-Dunn was so impressed with her son’s car buying experience, she eventually visited Off Lease Only for her own car purchase and bought a used Mercedes.

OffLeaseOnly employee Dennise Rodriguez is part of a customer service team whose sole purpose is to respond promptly to online customer reviews.

OffLeaseOnly employee Dennise Rodriguez is part of a customer service team whose sole purpose is to respond promptly to online customer reviews.

OffLeaseOnly employee Edward Haskell meticulously responds to hundreds of online reviews every month.

OffLeaseOnly employee Edward Haskell meticulously responds to hundreds of online reviews every month.

OffLeaseOnly doesn’t take its reviews for granted either. Dibble and colleagues Edward Haskell and Dennise Rodriguez write personal responses to EVERY SINGLE review that comes in, a staggering feat that often requires more than 40 hours a week to accomplish. And with two new dealerships planned for the future, reviews are expected to multiply exponentially and we will be adding to our team of caring individuals to make sure we stay on top of each and every customers needs.

Dibble, who relies on her extensive background in the car industry and her gift of diplomacy to answer reviews, says navigating the positive and negative can be tricky business. The key is to always make the customer feel like they have been heard and that their concern is being addressed. At the end of the day, the owner truly wants every customer happy, which makes the customer service teams job much easier.

She urges employees to always maintain a professional demeanor, too, because some review-writing customer is ALWAYS watching and listening.

“You are constantly on stage, even if it’s not your customer,” Dibble said. “People are observing what you do and there are a lot of critics out there who are willing to write their review on how well or how poorly you did.”
She knows because she gets the reviews. While 99.9% of customers rave that their OffLeaseOnly car buying experience was the best in their life, you will get a few each month from others that may be unhappy with the fuel level in the car to an issue with a floor mat. Typically extremely easy fixes, but important ones to maintain the level of quality control the owners expect.

For the few reviews that need attention, Customer Service Manager Ana Calderon steps in to reach out to the customer and make it right. Considering we sell over 3,000 cars each month, the process we have in place now is imperative for long term growth and support comes from the top.

Sales personnel who log a lot of positive reviews reap another important benefit – their online presence moves up higher in the Google search engine and potential car buyers ask for them when they come into the showroom.

“That’s what reviews can do for our sales personnel,” Dibble said. “What an awesome opportunity that didn’t used to exist in this business!  Our sales personnel are now working for a dealership which recognizes how important this is and they reap the benefit of increased traffic asking to work solely with them.”

The personal touch OffLeaseOnly offers its customers is just one of the many reasons the company is so successful.

“I have only written two reviews in my own life,” Dibble noted. “I did it when people personally asked me to do it and I couldn’t refuse.”

And that is exactly what Off Lease Only strives for in each customers visit.

“Offering customers thousands of cars all priced thousands below retail simply isn’t enough in this day and age. Exceptional customer service is the key to a rock solid foundation,” says director of marketing Monique Hausheer.

If you are in the market for a used car, you owe it to yourself to check out the OffLeaseOnly location nearest you. Not only will you save thousands on your used car purchase, but you are sure to experience a level of customer service that is unique in the car industry.

Happy Car Shopping from the Team at OffLeaseOnly!

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