OffLeaseOnly Record Month Sales Total 3,209 Used Cars!


OffLeaseOnly Record Month Sales total 3,209 Used Cars!

OffLeaseOnly’s October used car sales reached an astounding 3,209 used cars for the first time in company history, pushing sales figures to record-breaking heights just weeks before OffLeaseOnly Fort Lauderdale opens for business!

OffLeaseOnly used car sales have hit the “incredible zone.”OffLeaseOnly LOGO

OffLeaseOnly used cars are lined up as far as the eye can see outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

OffLeaseOnly used cars are lined up as far as the eye can see outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

It is beyond exciting to see Off Lease Only buyers stocking up on the very best selection of used cars for sale to fill up Fort Lauderdale! The inventory will be ASTOUNDING!

OffLeaseOnly’s first  used car dealership in Broward County, at 827 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale, is conveniently situated just minutes from Florida’s Turnpike & I-95. With this new used car dealership, OffLeaseOnly will have used car dealerships in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Orange counties.

OffLeaseOnly store by store sales figures for October are impressive: OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach: 920 used cars; OffLeaseOnly Miami: 983 used cars; OffLeaseOnly Orlando: 997 used cars; and OffLeaseOnly Out of State: 309 used cars.

These amazing used car sales are proof that OffLeaseOnly’s policies of NO HIDDEN fees and no haggling are what our customers want!

In just a year, OffLeaseOnly Orlando has morphed into the company’s busiest used car dealership. OffLeaseOnly Fort Lauderdale is expected to have similar appeal.

OffLeaseOnly Owner Mark Fischer'

OffLeaseOnly Owner Mark Fischer’

“Our Fort Lauderdale store will make it even easier for our loyal customers to take advantage of our great deals,” said OffLeaseOnly owner Mark Fischer. “With the addition of Fort Lauderdale, no one in the Tri-County area will have to travel far to shop at a used car dealership that doesn’t charge HIDDEN FEES and doesn’t make customers haggle over price. OffLeaseOnly offers transparency and an unmatched dedication to customer service, which sets us apart.”

OffLeaseOnly’s Out of State Department hit its own record in October with the sale of 309 used cars.  This record-breaking milestone for the company’s Out of State Department, at 1575 S. Military Trail, was the result of hard work and innovation. Out of State sales are typically more challenging than face-to-face sales because so much detail has to be conveyed over the phone and in photos. Tax regulations, registration fees and titling vary from state to state, adding to the complexity.

OffLeaseOnly Out of State Manager Angel Velez attributed the spike in Out of State used car sales to more aggressive follow up, persistence and having more inventory moved to the Value Lot, where Out of State inventory is housed.

”It’s a big jump,” Velez conceded.  “It was a combination of the sales personnel getting a bit more aggressive and management following up to support our team. Out of State sales are a harder sale than a regular one due to making sure the customer knows all of the facts prior to traveling.”

Velez said long-distance customers sometimes get hesitant after they receive all the paperwork and it takes extra time to make them feel confident and comfortable with the sale.

In Palm Beach, OffLeaseOnly sales associate Jerry Jerido was the store’s top seller for October, with the sale of 45.5 used cars.

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Jerry Jerido was October's top seller in Lake Worth.

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Jerry Jerido was Lake Worth’s top seller for October.

Jerido said he approaches selling used cars the same way he approached playing college football: with determination, method and persistence.

“It was a lot of follow up with customers,” said Jerido, who played football four years for West Virginia University. “I have something to prove every day. “If you don’t love it, you will find a reason not to do it. I’m passionate about everything I do!”

OffLeaseOnly sales associate - Al Fernandez Orlando

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Al Fernandez was Orlando’s top seller for October.

OffLeaseOnly Orlando’s top seller for October is repeat winner Al Fernandez,who topped his store’s monthly sales with an awe-inspiring 61.5 used cars.

Fernandez attributes his repeated wins to a strong Midwestern work ethic, passion and a determination to always do better.

“Leadership, consistent performance along with precise teamwork best describes our office in Orlando,” Fernandez said.

Miami’s top seller for October was repeat winner Wilfredo Novoa, who sold an impressive 61 used cars. Novoa attributed his win to great customer service, treating his customers like family and a lot of follow up.

“I have learned to be so patient. I rely on my faith and doing the right thing, I’m working happier and trying to give out the right impression to customers,” Novoa said.

OffLeaseOnly Miami Sales Associate Wilfredo Novoa

OffLeaseOnly Miami Sales Associate Wilfredo Novoa was Miami’s top seller for October.

The top October seller for Out of State was also a repeat winner: Luis Perez with 30 used cars. Perez said he tries to offer up top notch customer service all the time.

OffLeaseOnly owner Mark Fischer said his sales personnel are part of the formula that makes OffLeaseOnly the success it is today.

OffLeaseOnly Out of State sales associate Luis Perez is top seller for August.

OffLeaseOnlysales associate Luis Perez was Out of State’s top seller for October.

“Our sales personnel are the company’s front line,” Fischer said. “It’s important to treat each customer with the utmost respect and help them have a wonderful experience. I am very proud of our team. It’s impressive that our dealerships continue to beat records month after month. I am beyond excited for Fort Lauderdale to open!”

Other top sellers for October include the following:

Lake Worth: Ben Goldberg, 42 used cars; Tolgar Caliskan, 40 used cars; Mike Bafumo, 38.5 used cars; Anthony Sicilia, 36 used cars; Felix Cespedes, 36 used cars

Miami: Carlos Rodriguez, 40 used cars; Karen Perez, 36 used cars; William Bofill, 33.5 used cars; Evan Wieczorek, 33.5 used cars

Orlando: Reda Soodi, 56 used cars; Elvis Camille, 49.5 used cars; Jamel George, 45 used cars; Sam Toure, 44.5 used cars

Out of State: Raiddy Bourdierd, 28 used cars; Mo Dutes, 27 used cars; Jay Hawkins, 26 used cars; Vinnie Pastoriza, 24.5 used cars

OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale are parked in endless rows outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

OffLeaseOnly used cars for sale are parked in endless rows outside an OffLeaseOnly dealership.

Off Lease Only offers a gigantic selection of makes and models including a huge inventory of highline brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Infiniti and Porsche. Off Lease Only also has an impressive selection of Mazda, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Dodge, Kia, Hyundai and Volkswagen.

With its signature purple signs, OffLeaseOnly is known for its policies of no hidden fees, no haggling and no high pressure sales tactics. Every used car for sale comes with a complimentary Carfax report and customers are urged to take their vehicles to the mechanic of their choice prior to purchase. Extended service agreements are also available for up to 7 years and 150,000 miles from the date of purchase adding even more peace of mind!

Until our OffleaseOnly Fort Lauderdale used car dealership opens for business, visit one of our OffLeaseOnly used car dealerships in Palm BeachMiami and Orlando and check out our incredible used car inventory of more than 4,000 quality, low-mileage used cars for sale! Then drive home the perfect OffLeaseOnly used car at the perfect price. It’s a simple and easy way to find the OffleaseOnly used car of your dreams!

OffLeaseOnly Miami

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly Orlando

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