OffLeaseOnly Record Breaking June Used Car Sales!


OffLeaseOnly Record Breaking June Used Car Sales!

It may have been the dog days of summer, but June car sales at OffLeaseOnly continued to boom, with sales personnel from OffLeaseOnly’s four locations selling an amazing 2,790 used cars!

OffLeaseOnly used car customers in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Miami snapped up great deals, taking advantage of the always incredible prices that make OffLeaseOnly the Nation’s Used Car Destination!

OffLeaseOnly Orlando Sales Associate Al Fernandez

OffLeaseOnly Orlando Sales Associate Al Fernandez, top seller for June.

OffLeaseOnly Orlando sales associate Al Fernandez sold an amazing 55.5 used cars in June, outselling all of his peers company wide. Fernandez was OffLeaseOnly’s top sales associate for June, as well as the top OffLeaseOnly sales associate for Orlando. The six-time repeat winner has a way with making his customers happy!

Here’s one of Fernandez’s five-star reviews:

“Finally, Car buying the way it should be!

Al helped me have the least stressful car buying experience I have ever had. Off Lease Only gave me all the information I needed to make the best decision possible. I will come here first next time I want a car.”

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Ben Goldberg was June’s top seller for Palm Beach, with the sale of an incredible 51.5 used cars. That impressive figure is up from the 50.5 used car sales that earned Goldberg the distinction of OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach’s top seller for May!

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach Sales Associate Ben Goldberg, top seller for June.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach Sales Associate Ben Goldberg, top seller for June.

Goldberg truly enjoys providing great customer service so selling lots of cars just comes naturally.

One happy customer’s impressions of Goldberg are reflected in this five-star review:


Great experience, Ben is the best. This is my second purchase at Off Lease Only. Easiest vehicle transactions ever!! I totally recommend! Vehicles are like new and thousands less than anywhere else.”

June’s top seller at OffLeaseOnly Miami was also a repeat winner: Wilfredo Novoa, who sold an outstanding 48 used cars, almost 10 more used cars as his closest competitor in Miami.”

Novoa’s easy-going personality, helpful demeanor and professionalism appeal to customers, who send him lots of referral business.

It’s five-star reviews like the following that keep Novoa’s customers coming back!

OffLeaseOnly Miami Sales Associate Wilfredo Novoa

OffLeaseOnly Miami Sales Associate Wilfredo Novoa, top seller for June.

“Unbelievable Great Customer Service!

I had visited other dealerships … so I had some horrible experiences but this guy melted my heart. Made me want to bake them cookies to show my gratitude. He was running back and forth running out of breaths but still checked on me to make sure everything was running smoothly. He even went to the lot while it was raining to look for a spare tire for me and put my tag on for me. Man I hope everyone in that place is like this too. If you’re a single female who’s afraid to walk into a dealership without a man on your side for fear of being taking advantage of, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU.”OffLeaseOnly The Nation's Used Car Destination

The top June seller for the OffLeaseOnly Out of State Department was Geno Bullard, who took first place with the sale of 22 used cars. The OffLeaseOnly Out of State Department is a challenging place to work because the majority of the sales are done over the phone, with customers who live in other states. OffLeaseOnly Out of State sales associates also sell used cars from the OffLeaseOnly Value Lot which offers a large selection of local trade-ins and more.

“Your customer service definitely has to go above and beyond that what you do normally because the customer is not sitting in front of you,” said Bullard, who has worked for OffLeaseOnly nearly two years. “The way you come off and care is really key because you have to get them to feel comfortable and understand that they can trust you. I do get the bulk of my business from my reviews and from my referrals. I am very proud that I get a lot repeat business!”

Wrote one of Bullard’s reviewers:

OffLeaseOnly Out of State Sales Associate- Geno Bullard, top seller for June.

OffLeaseOnly Out of State Sales Associate Geno Bullard, top seller for June.

“Best vehicle buying experience I’ve ever had! All of my questions were answered and I felt as a customer that I was treated with a great deal of genuine care and service. The salesperson I worked with, Geno, was very thorough and answered all of my questions. He really demonstrated a level of service far beyond what I had ever expected in buying a car.”

Other top June OffLeaseOnly used car sellers include the following:

OffLeaseOnly Palm BeachTolgar Caliskan, 41 used cars; Jerry Jerido, 39 used cars; Robert Palermo, 37.5 used cars; Juan Palacios, 36.5 used cars.

OffLeaseOnly OrlandoElvis Camille, 48 used cars; Jamel George, 43.5; Jesse Scott, 41.5 used cars; Sam Hackett, 41.5 used cars; Zachary Walker, 37 used cars.

OffLeaseOnly MiamiAnthony Sicilia, 37.5 used cars; William Boffill, 33 used cars; Frank Ortiz, 32 used cars; Amy Williams, 31.5 used cars; Athalie Meza, 31.5 used cars.

OffLeaseOnly Out of StateLuis Perez, 21 used cars; Mo Dutes, 20 used cars; Barry McCauley, 18 used cars; Raiddy Bourdierd, 18 used cars.

Making it to the top ranks at OffLeaseOnly isn’t only about selling lots of cars. These days, getting good reviews – and LOT’S of them – also carries considerable weight. Repeat business and word of mouth advertising is the way Off Lease Only has grown consistently over the years to become the largest volume independent car dealer in the Nation!

Owner Mark Fischer says, “All I care about is my customers happiness. I am very proud of my team. They are the best in the industry and the customer feedback is humbling. We are going to hit 100,000 happy customers which is truly an accomplishment considering I started with two cars over twenty years ago.”

OffLeaseOnly’s most positively reviewed sales associate for June was repeat winner Omid Kazravan of OffLeaseOnly Orlando, who logged an impressive 49 positive reviews in June. His customers clearly feel that his effort and desire to go above and beyond makes him shine and it certainly shows in his abundance of incredible reviews! We also have to recognize Samuel Hackett who did an outstanding job coming in a very close second place with 47 amazing reviews! Off Lease Only Orlando’s reputation is certainly something to be proud of in just 7 short months that we’ve been open!

In Palm Beach, repeat winner OffLeaseOnly sales associate Shauna Welsh logged an amazing 35 reviews for June, followed closely by OffLeaseOnly Miami sales associate Amy Williams with 34.5 positive reviews. OffLeaseOnly Out of State sales associate Mark Moore logged 18.5 positive reviews for June, putting Moore at top of his Out of State colleagues.

At the end of the day it’s all about Off Lease Only customer satisfaction! Read thousands of customer reviews on the OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site! The OffLeaseOnly review site aggregates reviews from Yelp, Google, Edmunds,, DealerRater and Better Business Bureau in one convenient location. This makes it easy for our customers to read what people from multiple review sites are writing about their used car buying experience. At the end of the day, don’t take it from us, read our OffleaseOnly customer reviews and see why Off Lease Only is the Nation’s Used Car Destination!

Stop in to one of four Off Lease Only locations today and drive home your dream car!

OffLeaseOnly Miami

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly Orlando

OffLeaseOnly Out Of State

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