OffLeaseOnly Miami Salesman Sells Record-Breaking 71.5 Used Cars in May!


OffLeaseOnly Miami Salesman Sells Record-Breaking 71.5 Used Cars in a single month!

Andy Mariano, OffLeaseOnly’s top salesman for May, is an expert when it comes to customer service. His sales record is proof: Mariano sold a staggering 71.5 vehicles in 31 days in Miami, setting an all-time company record. That’s more used cars sold than most used car dealers sell in an entire month!

Company wide, OffLeaseOnly sales associates in Miami, Lake Worth, Orlando and Out of State combined sold 2,737 used cars in May, an impressive hustle. Palm Beach sold 875 used cars, Miami sold 871, Orlando sold 737 and Out of State sold 254.

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Andy Mariano sold a record-breaking 71.5 used

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Andy Mariano sold a record-breaking 71.5 used cars in May 2015.

Mariano also logged 39 positive customer reviews on DealerRater, making him OffLeaseOnly’s second most-reviewed salesperson for May.  Mariano did it by following up with customers after each sale via text message.  Omid Kazravan of Off Lease Only Orlando earned the most customer reviews for May with a total of 42.

Mariano, who has worked for OffLeaseOnly about two years, sold cars seven days a week to meet his goal. Success required a lot of focus and self-motivation.
OffLeaseOnly general manager John Giasullo said Mariano’s impressive performance was all about determination.

“He said he was going to give us the best month ever and he did,” Giasullo said. “It’s determination. He set a goal, came up with a plan and tracked his course. Part of his plan was to give people the best service they ever had. He also had the most reviews of any salesperson.”

Mariano admits he is a go-getter by nature. And because he missed work the month before because of personal issues, he decided to make it up by selling more cars than anyone ever dreamed possible, Giasullo said.

“I was busy all day,” Mariano said. “Getting customers is not a problem for us at OffLeaseOnly. I think I just put a lot more effort in this month than I ever did in my life. But I’m only human. I am very exhausted. I am tired. It took a lot for me. It wasn’t easy.”

The month was long and hectic and took away more time from his 11 and 14-year-old daughters than he ever imagined.

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

But Mariano’s kids signed on to his goal and would text him at work, wanting to know how many cars their dad had sold each day.

“They understood,” Mariano said.

Coming in next highest was Palm Beach sales associate Ben Goldberg, a repeat winner who sold 50.5 used cars in May. Goldberg, who sells most of his cars by appointment, focused more closely on walk-ins.

“I greeted a lot of people who had come in to OffLeaseOnly for the first time. It was fun to turn them into car buyers,” Goldberg said. “It takes a lot more work and I was happy to help each and every one of them. People who come in by appointment are pretty much going to buy the car if they like it.”

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Ben Goldberg, May's top seller for Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Ben Goldberg, May’s top seller for Palm Beach

The process takes more patience, he said, because walk-ins haven’t already made up their mind on a car. Off Lease Only has such an amazing selection of used cars for sale it can be a tad overwhelming at first. It’s Off Lease Only sales associates jobs to help assist the customer in finding the perfect used car for them.

“It was so cool seeing my customers go from having no intention of buying a car to the most excited individuals after realizing they just saved thousands on their pre-owned purchase!” Goldberg said.

Sales associate Al Fernandez, a five-time repeat winner, was Orlando’s top sales associate for May with the sale of 45.5 used cars.

His motivation: daughters Julie, 22; Jennifer, 19. and Jessica, 17.

OffLeaseOnly daughters

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Al Fernandez’ inspiration for selling: Daughters Julie, 22; Jenn, 19, and Jess, 17. (left to right)

Kids, he chuckles, are expensive.

Fernandez also attributes his success to working with other high achievers at the Orlando store.

“What is more impressive is that my teammates have raised the level of their execution and that is motivating for everyone,” Fernandez said. “I work with professionals. We motivate each other.  We are teammates. We all find our success at the intersection of opportunity and execution.”

OffLeaseOnly Sales Associate Al Fernandez

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Al Fernandez, May’s top seller for Orlando.

Sales associate Tony Garilli was the top seller for OffLeaseOnly’s out of state department, delivering 26 used cars to an array of states, as well as exotic destinations such as Geza, Egypt and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He recently sold a Bentley to a banker in Hong Kong.

“We ship cars all over the world,” Garilli said.

OffLeaseOnly Sales AssociateTony Garilli, May's top seller for Out of State.

OffLeaseOnly Sales AssociateTony Garilli, May’s top seller for Out of State.

He also treats his customers like family, picks them up at the airport when they fly in from out-of-town, and is never, ever aggressive.

“I absolutely listen more than I speak – I explain our process — how we sell our cars, and try to answer all their questions ahead of time in my story. I talk about how we transport them, whether we hold them and explain how we finance them,” Garilli said. “By the time they fly in, I have spoken to them half a dozen times.”

Other top sellers for May are as follow:

Miami: Anthony Sicilia, 41 used cars; Frank Ortiz, 39.5; Danielle Bjorkgren, 38.5; William Bofill, 37; Wilfred Novoa, 37.

Orlando: Geraldo Venegas, 42.5; Jesse Scott, 41.5; Elvis Camille, 40; Erick Baum, 38.5.

Lake Worth: Tolgar Caliskan, 44.5; Jerry Jerido, 38; Felix Cespedes, 35.5; Russ Cosolito, 35.5.

Out of State: Manuel Morales, 23; Raiddy Bourdierd, 20.5; Geno Bullard, 19; Sunday Coq, 17.

At the end of the day Off Lease Only is proud to have nearly 100,000 happy customers that continue to refer their friends, family and co-workers. Our growth has come directly from the owners involvement and caring for each customers happiness. Mark & Eileen Fischer started this company with two cars and their life savings and have grown into the largest volume independent dealer in the Nation. This has happened for two reasons- selling cars thousands below retail and truly caring about each customers happiness. Off Lease Only associates focus on excellent customer service before, during and after the sale which goes leaps and bounds with our customers buying experience. Those looking to save thousands on their next car without the stress of negotiating or hidden fees say that Off Lease Only is a breathe of fresh air and would never shop anywhere else.

Read our reviews! Off Lease Only has launched a NEW OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site which aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and OffLeaseOnly in one convenient location. We love our customers and look forward to helping you save thousands on your next dream car!

The purpose of the site is to make it even easier for potential customers to read reviews and find out what the experience is like first hand from our customers.

Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!

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