OffLeaseOnly Mercedes Selection is Second to None!


OffLeaseOnly Mercedes Selection is Second to None!

If you’ve always wanted a Mercedes Benz but never thought you could afford it, well think again. The OffLeaseOnly Mercedes selection is all priced thousands below retail!

At The Nation’s Used Car Destination, you’re all but guaranteed to find that OffLeaseOnly Mercedes of your dreams – whether it be a C-Class sedan, a GLE SUV or an SL roadster – all at unbelievable prices. 

OffLeaseOnly Mercedes

You are sure to be impressed with the OffLeaseOnly Mercedes Benz Selection!

With as many as 500 OffLeaseOnly Mercedes Benz vehicles in stock, all at thousands below Kelly Blue Book prices, Off Lease Only is a great place to find the Mercedes you never thought you could own. 

“We have the largest inventory of pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicles and we offer a tremendous value in the market place,” says Brian Kushner, Off Lease Only’s Chief Purchasing Officer. 

Through a careful selection process, honed over several decades, Off Lease Only is able to purchase high-value Mercedes vehicles, most of which are 2015 models or newer and many of which still have factory warranties in effect. 

“Most of the Mercedes we sell have less than 40,000 miles and most are coming off lease,” Kushner said. “You can’t find this many off-lease Mercedes Benz vehicles at this value anywhere else.”

Many of the vehicles, Kushner says, are purchased directly from the manufacturer as they come off lease. 

“We are the largest independent buyer of off-lease Mercedes Benz vehicles,” he said. “Our off-lease Mercedes selection can’t be beat.” 

OffLeaseOnly Mercedes

Get ready to be impressed with the incredible OffLeaseOnly Mercedes Selection!

Over the years, Off Lease Only has developed a strong relationship with Mercedes Benz’s representatives and has created a partnership that is valued by the manufacturer. 

Kushner said he puts a daily focus on scouring sites listing the vehicles that are coming off lease to ensure customers have an outstanding selection of OffLeaseOnly Mercedes vehicles to choose from. 

When it comes to the pricing of OffLeaseOnly Mercedes vehicles, The Nation’s Used Car Destination is hard to beat. 

Visit one of the four stores in Florida – in the West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando and North Lauderdale areas – or go online at and you’re likely to find several 2015 C-Class sedans available in the $20,000 range.

“Many are priced at 50 percent off of the original Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price,” Kushner said. 

For those looking for low mileage vehicles at prices thousands below Kelley Blue Book and still with the Mercedes four-year, 50,000 mile warranty, Off Lease Only has a large selection of 2018 models, including several C-class sedans and GLS-class SUVs. 

OffLeaseOnly Mercedes

Shop NOW to find your dream OffLeaseOnly Mercedes!

“These are vehicles with real value,” Kushner said. 

At Off Lease Only, the nation’s largest-volume independent used car dealer and the largest volume used car dealer in Florida, customers will find a sales process with no hidden fees.

Taking pride in its Better Business Bureau A+ ranking, Off Lease Only’s unique sales process is focused on customer satisfaction and transparency.

At Off Lease Only car buyers find a no-haggle sales process without the high pressure sales tactics often found at other dealerships.

The company also offers a five-day, 500-mile free exchange program and a free Carfax report with every vehicle in inventory.

Visit now to check out the amazing array of Mercedes Benz vehicles available. 

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