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OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer Wins $20,000 Car Voucher!


OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer Wins $20,000 Car Voucher!

Congratulations to OffLeaseOnly loyal customer David Sutton from Maitland, Florida who was the lucky recipient of OffLeaseOnly’s very first $20,000 car voucher giveaway!

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer

The “Ticket to Ride” winner David Sutton was announced at A Gift For Teaching’s annual Back-to-School-Blast!

OffLeaseOnly proudly partnered with A Gift For Teaching, Moira from Real Radio 104.1 and many other high profile sponsors for this amazing charity event that ended up raising $176,000!

Every dollar donated to A Gift For Teaching= $10 in school supplies thanks to the amazing partnerships that A Gift For Teaching has built over many years.

That means that this charity drive will total $1,760,000 in school supplies that will be available to help children across Central Florida that have the desire to succeed & ACHIEVE!

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer are extremely focussed on giving back to our community is any way that they can. They were elated support A Gift For Teaching!

Now that’s a BIG DEAL!

“Thank you so much to Mark and Eileen Fischer for your dedication to our Central Florida community. Our Back-to-School Blast! event will allow our organization to provide essential school supplies to 190,000 kids in need,” said Marisa Worley, Director of Development.

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer were beyond excited to help A Gift For Teaching’s fundraising goals!

“Eileen and I are always looking for ways to give back to our community. This was certainly a home run,” said Fischer with excitement.

The entire event was a HUGE success with a silent auction of fabulous items, an array of games to make all that attended feel like they were a kid again, and of course the finale…. The OffLeaseOnly $20,000 car voucher giveaway!

“It’s incredible to see the support that A Gift For Teaching has. My wife and I are beyond happy to be in a position to give back and help this incredible charity raise funds for children that really need it. An education is the only way out of poverty. We are happy to support such an amazing cause,” said owner Mark Fischer.

Mark & Eileen are HUGE supporters of their local communities, and always look for ways to support and give back to deserving organizations. The Back-2-School Blast! event was a meant to be fit in their charity endeavors.

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer - Moira fro Real Radio

Moira from Real Radio choosing the winner of the OffLeaseOnly $20,000 Car Voucher Giveaway @ Back-2-School Blast!

The energy was in full effect when Moira from Real Radio 104.1 and OffLeaseOnly brand ambassador Monique Hausheer got on stage to choose the winner of the $20,000 HUGE CHECK!

The crowd went from an intense roar, similar to a Miami Heat play-off game, to a complete silence where you could literally hear a pin drop.

Finally the winner was chosen!

“David Sutton from Maitland Florida!” Moira shouted with excitement. “David Sutton, David Sutton YOU are our winner!!!”

The crowd went into a big roar, and then utter silence again in anticipation of seeing who the lucky winner of the $20,000 gigantic check would be.

Although David wasn’t at the actual event, Moira, Monique & A Gift For Teaching called and left a message in hopes of filling the winner with the excitement surrounding his name being chosen, and of course, the complete appreciation of his family donating and supporting the fundraising efforts!

David didn’t answer the call, but said that he had listened to the voicemail in the middle of the night and assumed one of his friends was playing a late April Fools joke.

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer - Winner!

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer David Sutton utilizes $20,000 car voucher to get his daughter a beautiful 2015 BMW 528i! Sales Associate Brandon Booher exceeds expectations!

“I didn’t even remember purchasing a ticket. I really thought one of my friends was playing a cruel joke on me!” Laughed David Sutton. “I actually kind of forgot about the voicemail until Monday morning, when I got the e-blast from A Gift For Teaching that was sent out to all of the donors, and it had my name on it as THE WINNER!”

David was in complete shock!

He never really thought that his heartfelt donation would result in a $20,000 car voucher good towards any vehicle of his choice at his favorite car dealership OffLeaseOnly!

OffLeaseOnly couldn’t be more happy that one of their OffLeaseOnly loyal customers won the prize!

OffLeaseOnly loyal customer David Sutton had just bought his son a truck a few months prior from OffLeaseOnly Orlando. So he decided that he would put the $20,000 towards a car for his daughter this time.

Sales Associate Brandon Booher did an excellent job on David’s first purchase and was excited to help him keep an eye out for the perfect car for his daughter.

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer - OffLeaseOnly Used BMW 528i

What a great pick! This Gorgeous OffLeaseOnly 2015 BMW 528i is driving home with the Sutton’s!

Brandon Booher has been working hard to find his OffLeaseOnly loyal customer exactly what his daughter was looking for… and he did!

“It’s all about our customers happiness here at OffLeaseOnly,” said Brandon Booher who strives to make sure each customer is treated like gold.

One month later, David & his daughter took this beautiful 2015 OffLeaseOnly BMW 5 Series for a test drive and fell in love. This OffLeaseOnly BMW 528i is loaded with all of the bells and whistles, under 26,000 miles, with a savings of nearly $7,000 according to Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Pricing.

“I couldn’t be more happy that one of my OffLeaseOnly loyal customers won this incredible prize! A $20,000 car voucher gets you a lot of car at OffLeaseOnly, so we had an incredible amount of options to choose from,” said Booher.

CONGRATULATIONS from the entire OffLeaseOnly and A Gift For Teaching Team! Your donation and support really makes a difference David! We hope your daughter enjoys her beautiful OffLeaseOnly used BMW 5 series for many years to come!

Looking for a gorgeous BMW like OffLeaseOnly loyal customer David found for his daughter? Currently OffLeaseOnly has 106 beautiful used BMW 5 Series in stock all priced thousands below Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail, and nearly 4,000 used cars for sale in the entire inventory!

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