OffLeaseOnly July Sales Break Company Records!


OffLeaseOnly July Sales Break Company Records!

It didn’t matter that July is a seasonally slow month for used car sales.  At OffLeaseOnly, used cars flew off the lots, soaring to a record-breaking total of 3,052 used car sales, with OffLeaseOnly Orlando sales hitting an all-time high of 997 used cars!

July 2015 was a really BIG month for OffLeaseOnly!

OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes inventory lined up outside dealership.

OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes inventory lined up outside dealership.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach sold 901 used cars; OffLeaseOnly Miami sold 922 used cars; and OffLeaseOnly Out of State sold 232 used cars and Orlando sold 997 used cars. That ‘s A LOT of used cars and the numbers keep rising!

Two OffLeaseOnly sales associates even sold more than 70 used cars each, an astonishing feat that would require them to sell more than two OffLeaseOnly used cars a day seven days a week!

Congratulations for all the hard work!OffLeaseOnly The Nation's Used Car Destination

The gigantic used car dealer’s exploding growth is visible in Palm Beach. OffLeaseOnly finally broke ground for a sprawling new dealership at 1200 S. Congress Ave. in early July. The new facility on 14.23 acres will provide much needed relief to the existing store at 3531 Lake Worth Road that is bursting at the seams.

Incredible used cars at incredible prices are why customers keep coming to OffLeaseOnly but it is the incredible sales personnel who make the used car deals happen.

The top sales associates for July are all repeat winners:  Wilfredo Novoa in Miami with 76.5 used cars; Al Fernandez of Orlando with 70.5 used cars; and Ben Goldberg in Palm Beach with 47 used cars.

A huge selection of OffLeaseOnly used BMW models await buyers at OffLeaseOnly Miami

A huge selection of OffLeaseOnly used BMW models await buyers at OffLeaseOnly Miami

The numbers are nothing short of amazing.

OffLeaseOnly Orlando Sales Associate Al Fernandez

Al Fernandez, OffLeaseOnly Orlando top seller for July

Fernandez, who has been Orlando’s top seller many times, attributed his repeated success to hard work, focus and a desire to give used car buyers what they want.

“I did it the same way I always do it. One customer at a time,” Fernandez said of his staggering July used car sales. “I hustle all day long. I love what I do. It’s really not work for me.”

Palm Beach sales associate Ben Goldberg attributed his own success to patience and careful followup.

“I can juggle a lot of people at once, so it’s constantly keeping a pipeline of interested OffLeaseOnly buyers. I don’t try to sell them. Whenever they are ready, they are ready. I just keep in touch,” Goldberg said. “I have a lot of patience.”

Goldberg said summertime used car buyers tend to take more time making up their minds before actually deciding to buy.

OffLeaseOnly OutOfState Sales Associate Jay Hawkins

Jay Hawkins, OffLeaseOnly Out Of State top seller for July

“They don’t have a tax refund burning a hole in their pocket. They may be on vacation, the kids are off from school. They have distractions,” Goldberg noted. “Deals where people might normally come in and just buy a used car sometimes take up to a week.”

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Ben Goldberg, May's top seller for Palm Beach

Ben Goldberg, OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach top seller for July

Miami’s Wilfredo Novoa, who regularly tops Miami used car sales, said July was all about hard work. Lots of it. He sold 76.5 used cars.

OffLeaseOnly Miami Sales Associate Wilfredo Novoa

Wilfredo Novoa, OffLeaseOnly Miami top seller for July

“I just kept going at it,” Novoa said about his incredible month.  “I had a lot of referrals and people who came in were pretty much oriented about what they wanted.  You always have to be there. Customer service had to help!”

Other July OffLeaseOnly top used car sellers include:

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach: Juan Palacios, 41 used cars; Major Lowe, 39 used cars; Felix Cespedes, 37.5 used cars; Tolgar Caliskan, 37 used cars

OffLeaseOnly Miami: Johanna Cortes, 50 used cars; Paulino Vazquez, 48 used cars; Moe Castaner, 43 used cars; Athalie Meza, 41.5 used cars

OffLeaseOnly Orlando: Elvis Camille, 62.5 used cars; Omid Kazravan, 56.5 used cars; Brandon Booher, 48 used cars; Benjamin Sommerville, 45 used cars

OffLeaseOnly 5-star reviews also continue to pour in, with Orlando sales associate Sam  Hackett topping his store’s list with 72 positive reviews. OffLeaseOnly Miami sales associate Wilfredo Novoa was tops in his store with 67 positive reviews, and OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach sales associate Shauna Welsh was tops in her store with 37.5 positive reviews. OffLeaseOnly Out of State sales associate Jay Hawkins was tops in his department with 15.5 positive reviews.

OffLeaseOnly keeps close tabs on every review that comes in because online reviews are what create a company’s online reputation. OffLeaseOnly’s high number of five-star reviews is so impressive the company won national recognition from DealerRater and for its top notch customer service.

“We are growing fast because OffLeaseOnly customers love our low prices, our quality cars and our policy of no pressure,” said OffLeaseOnly owner Mark Fischer. “Customers rave about our complimentary Carfax reports and enjoy test driving our cars on their own. Car buyers want to feel in control and at OffLeaseOnly they are. OffLeaseOnly is all about customer service!”

OffLeaseOnly is especially proud of the impressive showing at OffLeaseOnly Orlando, in business less than a year. Located just minutes from Orlando International Airport, the store opened in November 2014 and employees sold 45 used cars the first day in business.

Orlando used car sales continue to skyrocket as more and more happy customers share their OffLeaseOnly car buying experiences with family and friends, who then share their car buying experiences with others.

OffLeaseOnly Orlando general manager Bob Harris said the store’s record-breaking July sales were the result of a real team effort.

“It was a lot of teamwork,” Harris said. “No one person can ever make it happen by themselves and everyone pulled together to make it happen.”

The no frills used car giant is known for its rock-bottom prices, huge inventory of more than 3,000 quality used cars. Outsiders can’t help but notice.

AutoRemarketing Magazine recently named OffLeaseOnly the No. 2 independent used car dealer in the Nation based on its unbeatable annual used car sales which continue to multiply.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach regularly commands more than 50 percent of monthly auto sales in Palm Beach County based on records from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, and the trend is expected to continue.

The new dealership under construction on South Congress Avenue is located in a prime business corridor that is a key focus for future economic development. OffLeaseOnly’s beautiful state-of-the-art dealership will be front and center as the area begins to redevelop and grow.

If you are looking for a great used car at a great price, OffLeaseOnly is THE place to shop. Stop by one of our stores and check out our amazing inventory! We want our customers to be happy and satisfied! Find out more about the OffLeaseOnly car shopping experience by reading thousands of customer reviews on the OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site! The OffLeaseOnly review site aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and Better Business Bureau in one convenient location.  At the end of the day, don’t take it from us, read our OffleaseOnly customer reviews and see why Off Lease Only is the Nation’s Used Car Destination!

Make your dreams come true! Stop in to one of four Off Lease Only locations today and drive home your OffLeaseOnly used car today!

OffLeaseOnly Miami

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly Orlando

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