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OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts


OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts

OffLeaseOnly helps CDTC fundraising efforts with sponsorship of The Waterway Soiree happening this Saturday, May 21st at Bahia Mar in Fort Lauderdale. Tickets are still available for this high-end yacht hop & dinner cruise, and all proceeds benefit CDTC. Get yours today before they sell out!

OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts

Join in the fun and help raise funds for Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Foundation this Saturday!

OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts

OffLeaseOnly Proudly Supports CDTC

Since 1983, CDTC has been helping children and adolescents that are disabled and chronically ill. They have a tremendously loving and loyal staff that are beyond passionate about serving our community.

The average length of employment at CDTC is an impressive 18+ years, and many staff have now cared for three generations of families since opening 33 years ago.

CDTC consists of three main programs including, but not limited to, Early Steps, Primary Care and a Comprehensive Family AIDS Program that help over 11,000 individuals in Broward County alone each year. OffLeaseOnly helps CDTC fundraising efforts was another way to give back to our loyal community and support their courageous efforts.

Early Steps is the largest program at CDTC helping more than 6,000 children from birth to 36 months old each year. These children have developmental delays or handicapping conditions. Early intervention is critical during this period in a child’s growth because the rate of human learning and development is most rapid in the preschool years.

Their second largest program is the Comprehensive Family AIDS Program (CFAP). Many don’t realize that 1 in 54 people in Broward County alone have the HIV/AIDS virus. Sadly the fastest growing demographic currently for the virus are youth ages 13-24, who are not getting the proper education they need to protect themselves.

OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts

Dr. Ana Puga & Developmental Director Jessica Vones of CDTC love what they do!

“When I started 20 years ago at CDTC I went to 2-3 funerals per week,” said Dr. Ana Puga. “In the past year, 98 HIV/AIDS positive mothers delivered 98 babies free of the virus. We are doing incredible things.”

Twenty years later, the staff at CDTC has nearly eliminated the disease transferring from infected mothers to their babies, with proper prenatal care.

HIV positive youth ages 13 and under are sent to Camp Hope in Texas to learn the importance of medical adherence, how to manage disclosure of status and how to deal with the stigma that goes along with the virus.

“We are making a difference with our prenatal treatment, we are really gaining control of this disease,” said Dr. Puga. ” The next step is having parents and schools educate our youth on how to protect themselves properly.”

Most people are unaware that HIV/AIDS has actually become easier to treat than diabetes. However, the public awareness is light years behind the medicinal capabilities, and that really needs to change.

OffLeaseOnly helps CDTC fundraising efforts and is dedicated to utilizing all of our media connections to gain public awareness.

OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts

AIDS memorial piece on display at CDTC to remember loved ones lost

CDTC’s Comprehensive Family AIDS Program (CFAP) provides primary care, specialty HIV medical care, medical case management and supportive services to HIV positive women, youth, children and infants who are HIV infected and HIV exposed.

Another incredible facet of CDTC is their Primary Care Clinic that serve clients with medically complex conditions and their families. Many of the families who come to the clinic have developed long-lasting and trusting relationships with the staff of CDTC, often from the birth of their children through their child’s transition into adult care.

The Dental Clinic is part of the Primary Care division and was started in 2014 when a dire need for oral hygiene was recognized. Some children had never seen a dentist into their late teens. Sadly Primary Care and Dental are both underfunded programs in serious need of donations.

Although CDTC receives $13 million each year in funding from the state of Florida, there are services including primary care and dental care that are not eligible for funding, but yet are an extremely important part of their services.

CDTC’s Primary Care and Dental Clinic 2016 fundraising goal is $1,000,000, and the goal is expected to increase to $1,300,000 next year.

When close friend John Nigro approached owners Mark & Eileen Fischer to explain CDTC’s needs, they were overly touched and wanted to get involved right away. The first move was a heartfelt $25,000 donation from OffLeaseOnly & Boats Direct USA, the next step is media involvement.

OffLeaseOnly Helps CDTC Fundraising Efforts

Lot’s of happiness and creativity are spread throughout CDTC in their magical wall paintings throughout the facility.

Want to help? There are so many ways!

Join in on the fun of the Annual Waterway Soiree that is happening This Saturday, May 21st at Bahia Mar – TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Get yours before they’re all gone!

There are also annual donation programs like the CDTC Transformers that help provide children with necessities like baby food, formula, food for CDTC’s on-site food pantry, diapers, dental visits and so much more.

OffLeaseOnly helps CDTC fundraising efforts and would love to see others support this incredible charity too.


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