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OffLeaseOnly Congratulates $20,000 Car Voucher Winner!


OffLeaseOnly Congratulates $20,000 Car Voucher Winner!

OffLeaseOnly congratulates Josh on being the most recent recipient of the $20,000 car voucher award customer appreciation contest!

Josh lives on the Treasure Coast and was in complete disbelief after hearing the incredible news!

Off Lease Only’s goal is to keep in contact and connect with their loyal customers through social media by keeping fun promotions going at all times.

The response was FANTASTIC!

OffLeaseOnly Congratulates

Thank you to everyone that played along to make our contest great!

Nearly 10,000 selfies were entered in the “Show us Your Ride” promotion!

Josh heard about the contest on Real Radio 94.3’s talk show “The Penthouse” when Off Lease Only’s marketing director was interviewed on-air.

The on-air trio have a long standing relationship with Off Lease Only and love to share the latest and greatest happenings to their large and loyal listening audience that spans from Cocoa Beach – Boca Raton.

Greek, Johnny C & Franny have been loyal supporters of the dealerships for over a decade.

OffLeaseOnly Congratulates

Thank you all for so many wonderful entries that got thousands of likes!

The contest kicked off on Friday, June 22nd and the competition was fierce!

Social media celebs definitely used their loyal following to get likes, comments and shares.

Follow Off Lease Only’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to see some of the creative posts.

After much anticipation and build up, the lucky winner Josh Tomblin was chosen at 5pm on Tuesday, July 31st.

In the contest rules, the winner would have to answer their phone within the hour, and with no more than three calls from Off Lease Only. After two calls, the marketing department started getting antsy.

Then the dealership phone rang, and it was Josh calling in on the recorded line!

“Are you serious? No way! You’re kidding me! I get spam calls all the time telling me that I’ve won free hotel stays and vacations… I can’t believe I genuinely won something,” Tomblin exclaimed with genuine excitement!

OffLeaseOnly Congratulates

Should Josh choose a Tundra or a Tacoma?

The marketing department was overjoyed to hear the enthusiasm in the winners voice.

“As soon as I submitted my selfie I started looking on at Toyota Tundras and Tacomas” Tomblin stated, “I never thought I would actually win… are you really serious?”

Off Lease Only’s team laughed along with Josh and stated clearly, “Yes Josh… dreams really do come true… so tell all of your friends to follow us on social media and stay tuned for our next round of giveaways!”

Josh was ecstatic and can’t wait to go on his $20,000 Off Lease Only truck shopping spree.

With thousands of used cars, trucks, suv’s and vans, all priced thousands below retail, Josh has an extremely large selection of options to choose from!

OffLeaseOnly Congratulates

Off Lease Only’s last $20,000 Car Voucher Winner Kai spent her check on a Lexus last year!

The team at Off Lease Only can’t wait to meet Josh in person. Congratulations again Josh and thank you for participating.

Stay tuned for our follow up blog post that will include pics, videos and more of Josh spending his big winnings!

If you happened to enter and didn’t win this time, don’t be disappointed!

Off Lease Only is going to be giving away incredible prizes to those that engage with our social media!

So follow us on Instagram & Twitter, “Like us” on Facebook and you could be our next big winner!

Want to stop by one of the Off Lease Only dealerships? Great! Simply click the banner below to get driving directions.

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