OffLeaseOnly Celebrates 100,000 Happy Customers!


OffLeaseOnly Celebrates 100,000 Happy Customers!

From two used cars and their life savings to celebrating the sale of their 100,000th happy customer, OffLeaseOnly owners Mark and Eileen Fischer have something to be very proud of. They are the epitome of the American dream and have reached the level of success that not many (if any) mom and pop used car dealerships can boast.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach will soon be expanding to a new dealership under construction at 1200 S. Congress.

A picture memory from 10 years ago showing what OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach used to look like. The dealership will soon be expanding to 1200 S. Congress.

What started as a vision to provide a unique and stress free used car buying experience has turned into a phenomenon forever changing the way people buy used cars. OffLeaseOnly is dominating the market Nationwide by providing an experience free of hidden fees, negotiating and stress with an emphasis on customer service before, during and after the sale.

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer.

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer.

The dedication to customer service, along with the way OffLeaseOnly buys and sells used cars, is what has taken Off Lease Only to the next level. But, the moral of this post is that the history of Off Lease Only truly started with two used cars, a vision and now a team of over 500 employees that make that vision a reality.

OffLease Only’s management team led by Chief Operating Officer John Giasullo and General Manager Mike Mosher continues to focus and unite the locations in order to carry on the Fischers’ expectations of how car buying should be.

Future site of OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach at 1200 S. Congress Ave.

Future site of OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach at 1200 S. Congress Ave.

“It’s pretty incredible to think that due to the volume of used cars we are now selling, the planned expansion into Tampa and Broward, the new Palm Beach location and the expansion of our Miami location, that we will have the potential to sell our next 100,000 used cars in just a year or two,” Giasullo said.

“We are just scratching the surface of what the Country is going to see of OffLeaseOnly. We truly are the Nation’s Used Car Destination and we are the future of used car buying,” Mosher said.

So how does this all work? It’s a major team effort and the Fischers would like to recognize each of the 500+ employees that pour their blood, sweat and tears into the company every day to make it all come together!

In order for OffLeaseOnly to start the month with 3000+ used cars for sale, sell over 3,000 used cars during the month and start the next month with an inventory over 3,000 cars is a lot of work.

Hugo Trujillo-Penagos and his wife celebrate after being named OffLeaseOnly's

Hugo Trujillo-Penagos and his wife celebrate after being named OffLeaseOnly’s 100,000th customer

Mark Fischer leads his team of buyers daily at auctions all across the Country in order to find the massive amount of inventory that makes this all work. Every day the team is buying anywhere between 100-400 fresh used cars to make sure that OffLeaseOnly can keep up with the customers demand! Brian Kushner, OffLeaseOnly’s chief used car buyer, was thrilled by news of the company’s 100,000th customer.

OffLeaseOnly's 100,000th customer Hugo Trujillo-Penagos and his wife pose with their 2014 used Ford Focus, OffLeaseOnly's 100,000th used car sold. The couple received a gift basket, gift cards and a full tank of gas in celebration.

OffLeaseOnly’s 100,000th customer Hugo Trujillo-Penagos and his wife pose with their 2014 used Ford Focus, OffLeaseOnly’s 100,000th used car sold. The couple received a gift basket, gift cards and a full tank of gas in celebration.

“Absolutely Incredible! My first car with Off Lease Only was stock #1401. It was a blue 2010 Lincoln LS,” Kushner marveled. “Wow! We’ve come such a long way! I thank all customers and of course our amazing team who got us here!”

Once Mark’s team buys the cars, they have to be shipped accordingly to each of the dealerships, inventoried, detailed for pictures, entered onto the website, vehicle videos rendered, descriptions written, vehicles launched on all third party inventory hosting sites like Autotrader, Car Guru’s, and more.

OffLeaseOnly Reviews Award-DealerRater“The most important thing to me is making sure that the experience is as stress-free as possible for the customer,” said Fischer. “From the first point of contact to the last hand shake after the deal is closed, my goal is that OffLeaseOnly will change the way you feel when buying your next used car.”

The customers first point of contact is typically with our Business Development Center which handles all incoming calls, emails and chats. Their total focus is to answer customer questions, assist in making sure customers have a point of contact. It’s all about making sure each interested customer is followed up with in a timely fashion.OffLeaseOnly Reviews-Edmunds Award

Eileen and Mark Fischer, OffLeaseOnly owners.

Eileen and Mark Fischer, OffLeaseOnly owners.

The Fischers rely on each sales associate and customer service associate to treat the customer with the same care that they did when it was just them running the show. After the sales associate helps the customer find the perfect car for their budget, it’s off to finance.

Sales Managers & Finance Directors are expected to be involved and available consistently to the customer throughout the entire process. And the Fischers lead by example as they are still involved daily with the operations.

“Talk to the Owners” is a feature placed loud and proud on the homepage of the website in an effort to always give customers a direct point of connect. Customer feedback serves as major quality control as the company grows. Let’s face it – it’s all about teamwork at OffLeaseOnly. When one person drops the ball it affects everyone else.

OffLeaseOnly has proven to be an extremely well-oiled machine. It’s the 500 employees that make it all work. When you really think about the logistics of selling over 3,000 cars monthly, it’s massive. What else does it take to make the process run smoothly?

OffLeaseOnly Team: Front row: Mike Meuger, John Giasullo, Mike Mosher and Brian Kushner; Back row: John Carino, Rich Rizzo & OffLeaseOnly owner Mark Fischer

Capital One names OffLeaseOnly No. 1 Dealer in Nation: OffLeaseOnly Team: Front row: Mike Meuger, John Giasullo, Mike Mosher and Brian Kushner;
Back row: John Carino, Scott Merriott, Rich Rizzo, OffLeaseOnly owner Mark Fischer

The Corporate Office of course. Chief Financial Officer Richard Burstyn says, “We are staffed lean and we are extremely accurate. We are also a real family and have very little turnover. Five billers do 3,000 retail deals and about 300 wholesales monthly. My title department is also staffed with five full timers and they title 3,000 cars on the average monthly.”

OffLeaseOnly Nation's Used Car DestinationWhen you really think about the volume each team member is accountable for, it’s incredible.”

Burstyn has 30 people that report directly to him to make sure the company’s administration is on point. It’s definitely a team effort to do what OffLeaseOnly does.

Here’s looking forward to Off Lease Only’s continued dedication to providing used car buyers a unique and stress-free used car buying experience! With over 100,000 cars sold to 87 Countries Worldwide, it is exciting to see where the next five years will take us! The Nation’s Used Car Destination has gone Global!

To read more about our 100,000th customer, click here.

Off Lease Only Celebrates Customer 100,000! Read our OffLeaseOnly reviews! Off Lease Only is proud to have OVER 100,000 happy customers worldwide who continue to spread the word to their friends, family and co-workers that Off Lease Only is the ONLY place to buy your next car! If you are looking for a great used car at a great price, OffLeaseOnly is THE place to shop. Over 100,000 happy customers can’t be wrong!

Off Lease Only Celebrates Customer 100,000!

Find out more about the OffLeaseOnly car shopping experience by reading thousands of customer reviews on the OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site! The OffLeaseOnly review site aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and Better Business Bureau in one convenient location. At the end of the day, don’t take it from us, read our OffleaseOnly customer reviews and see why Off Lease Only is the Nation’s Used Car Destination!

Stop by OffLeaseOnly in Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando and check out our incredible used car inventory of more than 3,000 quality, low-mileage used cars for sale! Then drive home the perfect used car at the perfect price. It’s a simple and easy way to get exactly the used car you want!!!

Find out what 100,000 OffLeaseOnly used car customers already know! Stop in to one of four Off Lease Only locations today and drive home your OffLeaseOnly dream car today!

OffLeaseOnly Miami

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly Orlando

OffLeaseOnly Out Of State


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