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Donate for Your Chance to Win an OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher!


Donate for Your Chance to Win an OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher!

Winning an OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher is a dream come true that is in one generous persons near future!

And… It could be YOU!

OffLeaseOnly $20k Giveaway

This is Your 1 in 1,000 Chance at a $20K Car Voucher Donated by OffLeaseOnly

For the second year in a row, Off Lease Only is partnering with A Gift For Teaching to raise funds for those in need of school supplies!

Tickets are now on sale for the annual ‘Ticket to Ride” fundraiser and all proceeds benefit A Gift For Teaching!

A Gift For Teaching is Central Florida’s primary provider of free school supplies.

Their mission is to improve public school education by providing resources and surplus materials free to teachers for their students in need.

Moira from The Philips Phile on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando introduced A Gift For Teaching to Off Lease Only in an effort to help gain more awareness and raise funds.

OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Donation

Moira at Off Lease Only Orlando for Ticket to Ride Kick-Off Event!

“When Moira made the introduction we really felt that we could help them with our donation. My wife Eileen and I are ecstatic to be involved with a charity that truly makes a difference in tomorrow’s youth and we look forward to helping them sell all of the tickets!” said owner Mark Fischer.

Most people don’t realize how far a donation of any size really goes.

Did you know that $50 equips supplies for an entire classroom? $100 provides 100 kids with glue sticks, $500 gives crayons to 2,000 children and $1,000 supplies 5,000 children with paper.

Tickets are only $50, and all proceeds benefit A Gift For Teaching.

Only 1,000 total tickets will be sold.

So your odds of winning a $20,000 car voucher are absolutely phenomenal!

Not to mention the great feeling of donating to such a worthy cause.

OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher Winner

David Sutton and his lucky daughter with their OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher! CLICK IMAGE to watch video of winners!

How would you like to be like last years winner David Sutton who won the OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher!

David generously gave his daughter the $20,000 car voucher to buy this gorgeous BMW 5 Series that she couldn’t be more thrilled with.


Dreams do come true and an OffLeaseOnly $20k Car Voucher goes a long way!

You can shop the entire inventory and use the voucher towards any vehicle. Just imagine the fun you’ll have choosing your new ride!

Don’t Delay!

Time is ticking… get YOUR Ticket to Ride NOW!

For complete rules and conditions CLICK HERE!

Want to find the Off Lease Only location nearest you?

Simply click the banner below to get started!


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