Off Lease Only Sets Record by Selling Over 700 Vehicles in Three Days


Off Lease Only Sets Record by Selling Over 700 Vehicles in Three Days

Off Lease Only sets record breaking sales over this past weekend that will go down in history.

Off Lease Only Sets Record

The incredible team at Off Lease Only is dedicated to making customers have an AWESOME experience! Here is Joe in North Lauderdale representing!

During the three-day period beginning Feb. 23 and ending Feb. 25, Off Lease Only sold more than 700 used cars to customers at its four Florida locations as well as to car buyers around the world who went online to purchase a pre-owned car, truck, SUV or van.

“This was the busiest weekend we’ve ever had,” said Off Lease Only owner Mark Fischer, who founded the company along with his wife Eileen. “We’re grateful to our loyal customers, who understand the value we provide, and to our team, which was instrumental in the weekend’s success.”

With 702 cars sold during the 72-hour period, Off Lease Only averaged selling about 10 cars an hour, which is one every six minutes.

One reason the dealership was able to reach this major milestone and set a record for three-day sales is its huge used car inventory, which averages about 5,000 pre-owned vehicles at any given time.

With four stores in Florida, Off Lease Only has storage capability for more cars than most other dealerships. The inventory is accessible to those who visit the locations as well as those who shop online and take advantage of Off Lease Only’s home-delivery service.

Off Lease Only Sets Record

Happy customers are the reason why Off Lease Only is The Nation’s Used Car Destination!

“Every single person has access to our entire used car inventory through home delivery,” Fischer stated.

Another reason for the success, he said, is that many of the weekend customers used their tax refunds towards a down payment.

Customers have discovered that because Off Lease Only has such low prices, their tax refund will go that much farther as a down payment.

Off Lease Only, the nation’s largest independent used-car dealership, takes pride in providing buyers with a customer-friendly buying experience.

“We’re in the business of customer satisfaction,” Fischer explained. “We want every customer to be a customer for life. We do not raise our prices during tax season like many other dealers are known to do either.”

Off Lease Only Sets Record

No hidden fees and no stress of negotiating price makes Off Lease Only customers HAPPY!

With its policies of set pricing, no hidden fees, and the ability for buyers to bring the car back before five days or 500 miles and select another one, Off Lease Only prides itself on transparency in an industry that’s not always transparent. It’s no wonder why Off Lease Only sets record breaking sales on a consistent basis.

“We have a passion for satisfying our customers’ demands,” Fischer affirmed.

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Off Lease Only is the Nation’s Used Car Destination, where customers can save thousands on a new vehicle.

To find out more, log on to now to browse the impressive used car, truck, SUV & van inventory. Then click the banner below to find the Off Lease Only Location most convenient to you!

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