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Off Lease Only surprises Essie “Big Mama” Reed with a new ride for Christmas


Since the early 1990s, Miss Essie Big Mama” Reed has made an indelible impact on the children in her Fort Lauderdale neighborhood. From toy drives at Christmas, to mentoring and daily meals, Big Mama has touched the lives of thousands of people both young and old.  

So when it was discovered that Big Mama was in need herself, Off Lease Only Broward decided to give her the gift of a 2017 Dodge Journey. But she had no idea that was coming, and it turned out be an epic surprise! 

As it turned out, Big Mamas personal vehicle has been broken down for quite some time. This need came to light when local radio personality Alex Big Lip” Chisholm stopped by to see what he could do to help with her Team of Life Christmas Toy Drive.  

Big Mama explained that as a result of not having a car, she’s had to rely on others to help her get around, which has made it difficult to help the people in her community. 

So on Friday, December 18th, Big Mama went to meet radio DJ Big Lip from Hot 105.1 at Off Lease Only Broward (827 South State Road 7) to pick up some toys for her Team of Life Christmas Toy Drive. Or so she thought.  

In addition to receiving a bunch of brand new toys, Big Mama also got the keys to a new vehicle provided by Off Lease Only. 

Big Mama at Off Lease Only

Once she figured out what was really happening, tears came to Big Mamas eyes. She told 7 News “I feel nothing but love here. I want to thank you all very much, very much for the love. 

This is what Off Lease Only does, we love supporting our local communities because they support us!” said Marketing Director Monique Hausheer. “Helping someone as incredible as Big Mama is an honor and our team couldn’t be happier to help with her transportation needs!” 


In addition to the vehicle and toys, All Lines Insurance Underwriters donated a year of insurance and donated $1,000 to Big Mamas Team of Life nonprofit. 

If you would like to learn more about the surprise, or watch it unfold for yourself, click one of the links below. 

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