Off Lease Only reveals best-selling vehicles in the Southeast


Off Lease Only reveals best-selling vehicles in the Southeast

With annual sales in excess of 45,000 vehicles, Off Lease Only is one of the highest volume used car retailers in the country. Since its founding in 1992, many market trends have come and gone. More recently, US consumers have been ditching the traditional family sedan in favor of more versatile SUVs. Full-size pickups however, remain the most popular new vehicles sold in the United States. Aided partly by the fact that GM, Ford and Chrysler have introduced completely redesigned trucks in the last few years. The Toyota Camry is still the best selling new car in the United States. However, a number of SUVs have knocked the dear old Camry from its long held spot as the second best-selling vehicle in the United States.

The used car market doesn’t mirror the results seen in the new car market, and typically shows the kinds of vehicles that a majority of Americans are buying. Thanks to its vast market reach, the sales data from Off Lease Only is able to give a realistic view of which used cars Americans actually bought in 2019. But instead of wading through the data for each of the 50 states, we’ve assembled a compendium of sales data for the southeastern United States, as well as California, New York and Texas.

The used cars that people are really buying

Once upon a time, the Chevrolet Impala was America’s single best selling vehicle. But as the pickup truck transitioned from a bare-bones workhorse to a more luxurious all-around vehicle, the Ford F150 ascended to the top of the sales heap. Nearly half a century later, the Ford F Series remains America’s most favored chariot.

The Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado are starting to catch up however, by offering more cutting edge features. And dare we say, extremely polarizing styling. But on the used market, the most recent versions are still hard to come by. That hasn’t stopped trucks from selling in the southeast though. As the Ford F150 is the number one best-selling used vehicle in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The used Ford F150 is also the best seller in the state of Texas. Which should come as no surprise, as the state consumes more pickup trucks per-capita then any other plot of the land in the United States. Off Lease Only has many 2020’s in stock for those looking to save big and skip the depreciation.

The recently redesigned Ram 1500 is another hot commodity on the truck market, and Off Lease Only has been successful in procuring a number of these on the used market. However, the used Ram 1500 only topped the Southeast sales chart in North Carolina. Although to everyone’s surprise, this pickup truck was the best selling used vehicle in the state of New York. It also made the number two spot in the states of Georgia and Texas.

Other trucks that made the list include the Nissan Titan, which was the best-selling of the used trucks in Arkansas. The GMC Sierra 1500 held the number one spot in South Carolina. And an honorable mention goes to the used Chevrolet Silverado 1500, which held onto the number three spot in Tennessee.

Only two sedans made the Off Lease Only 2019 bestseller list; the Nissan Altima in Louisiana and the Mercedes C300 in West Virginia (the baby Benz was however, the best seller in California). SUVs fared a little better, with the used Nissan Rogue claiming the number one spot in Florida, the Chevy suburban was tops in Kentucky, and the used Lexus RX 350 was king of the hill in Virginia. Although new car buyers seem to favor SUVs over sedans, it’s clear that used car buyers still like their pickup trucks.


The second and third place winners in the Off Lease Only 2019 bestseller race, were really a mixed bag of cars and SUVs. Some of the more interesting vehicles on the list include the Maserati Ghibili (2nd place, Virginia), the Ford transit connect (2nd place, Kentucky), and the Audi Q5 (2nd place, Arkansas). Perhaps unsurprisingly, Californians still like their vehicles with a side of electricity. As Off Lease Only sales indicate the used Ford Fusion Hybrid and used Tesla Model S were the second and third best selling used cars in the Golden State.


Sales Position #1 #2 #3
Florida: Nissan Rogue Nissan Altima Toyota Corolla
Georgia: Ford F150 Ram 1500 Infiniti QX60
Alabama: Ford F150 Nissan Altima Lexus ES 350
Mississippi: Ford F150 Mercedes GLE 350 Ford Mustang
Louisiana: Nissan Altima Lexus RX 350 Ford F150
Arkansas: Nissan Titan Audi Q5 Ram 1500
Tennessee: Ford F150 Infiniti QX60 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
South Carolina: GMC Sierra 1500 Mercedes E350 Ford F150
North Carolina: Ram 1500 Ford F150 Chevrolet Equinox
Kentucky: Chevrolet Suburban Ford Transit Connect Honda Civic
Virginia: Lexus RX 350 Maserati Ghibili Toyota Camry
West Virginia: Mercedes C300 Cadillac ATS Mercedes S550


At any given time, Off Lease Only has around 5000 gently used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans in stock. These are mostly 2016 – 2020, late model vehicles with extremely low mileage, and many of them still have the balance of their original factory warranty.

This allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of buying new, while skipping the depreciation and saving thousands of dollars. And because we don’t mark our cars up like the competition, you could buy your next ride from Off Lease Only, have it shipped to you anywhere in the country, and still save thousands of dollars over buying it from the dealer down the street.


Plus, we don’t use hidden fees to suddenly inflate the price when you go to sign the papers. So if you’re looking for a better way to buy a better vehicle, then you’ve got to check out, right now!

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