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Off Lease Only Porter Drives All Day and Still Stays Put


Moving three cars, one-by-one, to get to one. Pulling one car out and maneuvering it around three others to free the first from the pack. Moving the first three cars back, one-by-one. Then doing the same thing again later for a different car.

That’s a typical day for Off Lease Only porter Demetrius Johnson, who spends 12 hours a day moving cars at 2131 Boutwell North, where Off Lease Only’s newest additions are unloaded from auction  before they are transported to the Lake Worth dealership.

Johnson drives all day without ever leaving the lot.

“It’s a lot of work. I am in and out of cars all day long,” Johnson said. “On a busy day you might move 30 to 40 cars.”

Boutwell, as the car lot known, is located about two miles from Off Lease Only’s Lake Worth dealership.

It’s the waiting room of cars.

It’s here that the vehicles which appear on Off Lease Only’s website undergo their initial safety checks after they are offloaded from a truck transport. Off Lease Only employees test drive every car and compose checklists of essential repairs that must be made before the vehicles can be sold.

The cars are lined end-to-end in the gravel lot, which can hold up to 300 vehicles. The term “packing them in like sardines” is an accurate comparison.

“If a car is parked on the west end of the lot, a porter might have to move (numerous) cars to get one car out,” explained Joe Wisz, Off Lease Only’s Lake Worth service manager.  The Miami dealership also has an area where new arrivals are unloaded but it’s located on-site.

Plucking a single car from the crowded lot is like a game of musical chairs, but instead of moving chairs, porters have to move 3-ton cars, maneuvering them through tight corridors in sometimes heart-stoppingly close proximity to other vehicles. When a car is buried in the back of the lot, the porters move lots of vehicles out of the way and move them all back a short time later.

“We all get mad at each other because there are so many cars to move,” Wisz said, chuckling.

Anything safety-related is repaired on any car that is to be sold. Cosmetic repairs may depend on the value of the car and the price it is going to be sold at.

“If the car is $60,000, we will fix everything,” said Yosvany Hernandez, Off Lease Only’s Lot Manager in Lake Worth. “It depends on what kind of car and if it’s worth it.”

Inside a busy office in the rear of the Lake Worth dealership is a large, illuminated board bearing the names of more than 20 different car dealers.  Under each dealer’s name is a list of the cars that dealer has in for repairs. This is how Wisz keeps track of cars that are out for repair or warranty work.

“We always make sure they are safe,” Wisz said.

Used cars await safety checks and windshield labels at Boutwell.

Used cars await safety checks and windshield labels at Boutwell.

The Boutwell lot might appear like a motley mix of used cars. But there is method to the parking madness:

In one section are the “trades”; another section is filled with vehicles awaiting window labels that will display the price; a third section is composed of the cars that have been sold to out-of-state customers and are awaiting either pickup or transport.

“Cars are generally here three to seven days before they are moved to the main lot,” Hernandez explained.

After vehicles have passed their safety check and all essential repairs have been made, the cars are moved to the “concrete line” for major cleanup. They are subsequently detailed inside and out before a photographer takes 40 pictures of every car. The photos are posted on Off Lease Only’s website, enabling a buyer to see everything from the speedometer to the inside of the trunk.

On this day Johnson is escaping the midday sun beneath a white canopy in between moving cars. A transport truck loaded with the newest arrivals pulls in and gets ready to unload. Johnson laughs when asked how many cars he moves in an hour.

“I don’t keep count,” he said.

Because the cars are usually parked four deep, he often has to move three cars to get to one. Johnson doesn’t mind at all. But if he had a say, he might let someone else move the Corvettes.

“I hate getting into those low cars,” said the 6-foot-tall porter, grinning.

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