Off Lease Only Out-of-State Customers Get Door-to-Door Service


Talk to the salespeople in Off Lease Only’s Out-of-State Department and you will quickly discover they do much more than just sell cars.

They are travel agents, chauffeurs and confidantes to thousands of used car buyers who travel to Off Lease Only from across the United States and overseas to take advantage of the lowest prices in the nation on quality, pre-owned cars.  The Out-of-State department typically sells more than 150 cars a month.

Dizzy Ferrante,who works in Lake Worth, knows firsthand that selling a car to someone Out-of-State often requires door-to-door service.

For example, when a buyer from Texas took a fancy to a silver 2012 Lincoln, Ferrante picked him up at the West Palm Beach airport at 9:30 p.m. after the man’s  plane landed and drove him to a hotel. The next morning, Ferrante picked the customer up at his hotel and drove him to the dealership so the buyer could finalize the paperwork on his new car. Ferrante didn’t leave the customer’s side until the deal was sealed and the customer had his new car keys in hand.


To make staying overnight in the Sunshine State even easier, Off Lease Only has worked out special rate packages with Shula’s Hotel and Golf Club just minutes from Off Lease Only’s Miami dealership, and several Hyatt hotels convenient to the dealerships in Palm Beach and Miami.

“It’s not just selling the car. You coordinate the whole thing,” Ferrante said. “I’m like a travel agent sometimes. I’m the everything man.”

He’s not alone. All the sales personnel in the Out-of-State department have similar stories.

Salesman Jeff Heddin said the formula for success is simple:  Be honest with people and treat them right. He’s sold cars to buyers from the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico and Africa. He even sold a German car – a BMW – to a German in Germany.

“We are definitely not a typical car dealership,” Heddin said.

But selling cars sight unseen to buyers in far away places requires exceptional skill. Out-of-State sales manager Bob Harris said his sales personnel are good at what they do because they know how to anticipate problems before they occur.

One of their most useful tools is a camera.

Off Lease Only Out-of-State sales personnel photograph every ding, dent, scratch or stain on a car and email the pictures to the potential buyer. The intention is full disclosure so the customer isn’t unpleasantly surprised when they finally see their vehicle.

“We take pictures of damages. We do a walk-around,” Harris explained. “We also refer them to a third party company that does vehicle inspections,” Harris said. Some sales personnel even take videos of the vehicles and test drive them their selves.

“We basically have to be the customer’s eyes or nose,” said salesman Happy Gilmour.  “We have to sit inside the vehicle and make sure it doesn’t smell like wet dog, smog or worse.

”I generally take it out for a quick spin around the block to make sure it doesn’t pull or have any lights coming on,” Gilmour said.  “You have to build trust.”

Because selling over the phone requires paperwork to be completed long-distance and returned via overnight mail, credit applications require careful, vigilant review, said Out-of-State Finance Manager Callie Blaylock.

“Everything that’s usually done in front of the customer, I have to do on the phone,” Blaylock said. “You have to be thorough. Customers don’t buy cars every day. We do this every day. We give them a checklist so they know what they will need.”

Customers can fill out a credit application online. As the process moves forward, Blaylock makes sure all necessary paperwork is in order and that the car title gets correctly registered in the buyer’s state and county.

“Everything is at the customer’s fingertips because of the way this website is structured,” Blaylock noted. Links on the website direct buyers to special hotel deals, vehicle shippers, and an online financing application. Potential buyers can also watch video-taped testimonials from satisfied out-of-state customers.

Car buyers don’t even have to come to Florida to claim their new vehicle. If they want it shipped, their salesperson can recommend a vehicle shipper who can deliver the car to their doorstep.

“I like hearing how customers are so excited when they buy a car,” Blaylock said. “They want to know, ‘What’s the catch?’ They think it’s too good to be true. There’s no catch here. It’s just straightforward and thousands below retail.”

To start the Out-of-State buying process, call Off Lease Only at 888-834-0367 or log onto and click on the Out-of-State tab.

Your new ride awaits for thousands below retail. Buy now and save money!

Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!

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