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Off Lease Only Inventory and Staff Are Safe!


Off Lease Only Inventory and Staff are Safe!

Off Lease Only is grateful to announce that all staff and inventory remained safe throughout Hurricane Irma.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are that all employees are safe, and that no vehicles or facilities were damaged during the storm,” said owner Mark Fischer.

Off Lease Only

Stop by for ICE COLD A/C, free water, hot coffee and a complimentary BBQ all weekend long!

Hurricane Irma was by far the most frightening storm to head Florida’s way since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and preparations were certainly not taken lightly.

Off Lease Only team leaders were busy for an entire week securing each dealership, and thousands of used cars that Off Lease Only has in stock.

Their efforts certainly paid off.

With media reports stating winds were expected to exceed the worst category 5 hurricane to ever hit Florida, times felt very ominous for many.

Gas stations had lines around the block, water was flying off the store shelves, batteries and flashlights were scarce, and people were starting to panic.

OffLeaseOnly Inventory Safe

Off Lease Only’s preparations for the storm included moving cars to safety.

Luckily, Off Lease Only’s entire team managed to stay focussed and positive for the daunting task ahead.

“It is because of every team members dedication and hard work, and of course some luck with Irma’s turn, that NO Off Lease Only cars were damaged throughout the treacherous storm,” said owner Mark Fischer with extreme gratitude.

Gas was checked and filled as needed in nearly 3,000 cars prior to the storm.

Many vehicles were transported to various warehouse facilities for added safety, and cars that remained outside were strategically parked to avoid chances of being hit by flying debris.

Vehicles that were out for service were swiftly brought back to the closest Off Lease Only location to ensure proper care.

After the last car was parked and the dealerships were secured, teams bonded together with pride to send positive thoughts and prayers.

“Hurricane Irma devastated so many, our hearts go out to those that endured the worst part of this horrendous storm, ” said owner Mark Fischer solemnly.

Off Lease Only free BBQ

Stop by all Off Lease Only locations this weekend for delicious FREE BBQ, Cold Water, Hot Coffee and ice cold A/C!

As of Tuesday, September 12th, all Off Lease Only locations were back open and running with ice cold air conditioning and power!

Off Lease Only Miami, Palm Beach & Orlando will be offering a FREE BBQ all weekend long with delicious hamburgers and hot dogs, ice cold water, chips and hot coffee!

Feel free to come hang out in the comfort of our ice cold air conditioned showrooms!

“I can’t thank my team enough. Every single person did an incredible job. It makes me really proud,” said Founder and CEO Mark Fischer

There is no wonder Off Lease Only is able to sell over 4,000 cars/month. The company is like a well oiled machine, and in dire times like Irma, seeing the teamwork would make any business owner extremely proud.

Off Lease Only Orlando

A rainbow fell upon Off Lease Only yesterday after the storms passed.

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If you simply want some delicious free BBQ, cold water, hot coffee and ice cold A/C, stop by any of our dealerships!

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