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Off Lease Only Helps Student Find Much-Needed Transportation 


Off Lease Only Helps Student Find Much-Needed Transportation 

At 18 and a recent high school graduate, Mike was in a jam. Off Lease Only helped him find much-needed transportation this holiday season.

Now a college student and freelance audio/visual technician with contract jobs throughout South Florida, the young man who has had an incredibly difficult life and has been on his own for almost a year was struggling to get from place to place.

Off Lease Only Helps Student

Mike couldn’t be more excited to get into his new ride!

Without a car, he relied on friends and the family he lives with as much as possible. Still, he found himself using Uber as often as five or six times a week.

That put the Coral Springs teenager in an awkward situation where in order to work to save money for a car, he had to spend what money he saved just to get to work.

Then Mike’s plight reached the ears of Ejola Cook, chief administrative officer for Off Lease Only, which recently opened a location in nearby North Lauderdale.

A short time later, the young man was driving his own 2010 Ford Fusion, thanks in large part to the dealership’s generosity and willingness to make up the difference between its cost and the little money Mike had saved.

For Mike, just opening the doors to the first car he’s ever owned will mean an opportunity to open many other new doors down the road.

Off Lease Only helps student

In the showroom getting ready to drive off in his new ride!

“He is so driven to succeed,” Cook says. “It’s amazing what can happen when someone gets the freedom of a car.”

A graduate of J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs, where he served as the technical director for the theater department, Mike was constantly searching online for a used vehicle.

He discovered that the cars he could afford weren’t dependable and the ones that were dependable cost far more than he could afford.

“None of the cars were realistic,” Mike says.

Finally, friends from the local theater community connected with Off Lease Only on his behalf, with an acquaintance asking Cook what Mike could buy with the few dollars he had saved.

“He had worked hard to save some funds, but not nearly enough to purchase a dependable car,” Cook said.

Off Lease Only Helps

From left to right: Mike sharing in the excitement of getting his new ride along with Off Lease Only’s Tara Taylor, Ejola Cook, Monique Hausheer & Peter from North Lauderdale/ Tamarac Chamber celebrating this wonderful day!

Not wanting to turn him away, the buying team found the Ford Fusion and arranged for Off Lease Only to fill the gap between Mike’s savings and the actually cost.

“We wanted to help him get into the right car – one that was safe and dependable,” she said.

Mike’s new ride is also pretty cool, complete with sporty wheels, a spoiler and a sunroof – perfect for an 18-year-old traveling to work and school.

For Off Lease Only, helping young people like Mike find reliable

transportation is just one way the company supports its community.

“We’re always looking for ways to give back,” said Cook. “When Off Lease Only helps our community, many people succeed.”

Need a used car? Off Lease Only has more used cars for sale than ever before, and they are all priced thousands below retail with no hidden fees!

Simply log onto to start shopping the incredible selection. Then get directions to the Off Lease Only location nearest you by clicking the banner below.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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