Off Lease Only Astounds By Selling 2,633 Used Cars in January 2015!!


Off Lease Only had another record-breaking month in January, with used car sales totaling 2,633 vehicles for stores in Miami, Lake Worth, Orlando and the Out of State Department combined.

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

That’s up 25 used cars from December sales, which also broke company records. And the numbers are expected to keep rising as more happy customers tell their friends and family members about their wonderful OffLeaseOnly used car buying experiences.

In January, the Miami store sold 814 used cars, Lake Worth sold 927, Orlando sold 689 and the Out of State Department sold 203.

Off Lease Only’s top sales associate for January hails from Orlando: Al Fernandez sold an amazing 51.5 used cars, also distinguishing himself as Orlando’s top salesman for the month.Fernandez joked that his motivation comes primarily from his wife.

Al Fernandez, Off Lease Only Orlando's top sales associate for January

Al Fernandez, Off Lease Only Orlando’s top sales associate for January

“She won’t let me come home unless I sell two used cars a day,” Fernandez laughed. “She’s tough.” Being a father of four with three kids in college is another reason to hustle, he quipped.

“The kids at home keep me going. I have their little hungry mouths to feed,” he chuckled.

On a more serious note, Fernandez credited his team of Orlando co-workers for helping him succeed, praising everyone in sales to customer service and finance for making the Orlando store run so smoothly.

“We are the Johnny-come-lately. We have to walk customers through the store and give them the history. People are surprised at how busy we are,” Fernandez said. “They come into the showroom and want to know where are the (showroom) cars!”

Lake Worth’s top seller, Ben Goldberg, is a repeat winner with 45 used cars sold in January. Goldberg also was Lake Worth’s top sales associate in November. Goldberg  has said his secret to selling used cars is putting himself in the customers’ shoes. He also shows his customers Internet tools to make it easier to narrow their search.

“It all depends on what they are looking for, what kind of features they want,” Goldberg has said.

Ben Goldberg, Off Lease Only Lake Worth's top sales associate for January

Ben Goldberg, Off Lease Only Lake Worth’s top sales associate for January

In Miami, Anthony Sicilia was the top-selling sales associate, with 41.5 used cars sold. Sicilia did it with due diligence, sacrifice and being at work all the time.

“I have gasoline in my veins,” Sicilia chuckled. “I don’t like working here. I LOVE working here. We don’t practice deceit. We are truthful and forthcoming in the process we have here.”

He said he tries hard to put himself in the customer’s place so he can help them figure out exactly the right used car.

Anthony Sicilia, Off Lease Only Miami sales associate

Anthony Sicilia, Off Lease Only Miami’s top sales associate for January

“You’ve got to become them and not just try to put a dollar in your pocket,” Sicilia said.

Other top sales associates for January include the following:

Miami:  Wilfredo Novoa, 34; Mike Maso, 33.5; Cisco Flores, 32; William Bofill, 32

Lake Worth:  Tolgar Caliskan, 43.5; Jimmy Barhan, 37.5; Jerry Jerido, 36.5; Felix Cespedes, 34.5

Orlando:  Erick Baum, 43; Tony Long, 42; Elvis Camille, 40; Tom Quillin, 38.5


Anthony Sicilia 41.5
Wilfredo Novoa 34
Mike Maso 33.5
Cisco Flores 32
William Bofill 32

Lake Worth

Ben Goldberg 45
Tolgar Caliskan 43.5
Jimmy Barhan 37.5
Jerry Jerido 36.5
Felix Cespedes 34.5


Al Fernandez 51.5
Erick Baum 43
Tony Long 42
Elvis Camille 40
Tom Quillin 38.5

Congratulations for all your hard work!

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