October’s Top Off Lease Only Sales Associates Offer Amazing Customer Service


Pay attention, follow up, listen closely and always provide top-notch customer service. Those are the keys to becoming a top selling used car salesperson at Off Lease Only.

Top Miami salesman Wilfredo Novoa

Top Miami salesman Wilfredo Novoa

Miami sales associate Wilfredo Novoa knows it’s true. He is Miami’s top selling sales associate for October with a total of 45.5 used car sales. In Lake Worth, it’s J.B Barhan, who sold 49 used cars in 31 days.

For Novoa, selling cars in October was a return to normalcy. The repeat winner, who was also Miami’s top salesman in February, was struck by a hit-and-run driver on September 13th near his home in Kendall and missed weeks of work after undergoing surgery to his right arm. He didn’t return to work until October 6th, and still achieved the “top seller” status in less than a month.

“I was hungry and excited to be back. I guess I was happy to be alive and I kicked it up a notch,” Novoa said.

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Novoa’s brush with death was heart-stopping. It was late on a Saturday night and Novoa had just exited his vehicle to use the side gate to his home. Suddenly,  an out-of-control Nissan Altima came careening towards him, clipping him below his right elbow.The impact knocked Novoa to the sidewalk and took out the left rear of Novoa’s Toyota Camry. He suffered a cut so deep the bone in his right arm was exposed.

Returning to the world of car sales was a great relief, he said. Novoa knows he’s lucky to be alive.

In Lake Worth, sales associate J.B. Barhan said he was able to sell 49 cars in October because he “worked smart.” Barhan was Off Lease Only’s top seller overall for October.

“I take care of every customer and I get a lot of referrals,” Barhan said. “It’s all about customer service. Whatever their needs are I find it for them, and I don’t pressure.”

Barhan insists there’s no trick to selling cars. Just common sense.

“The whole key is to explain to the customer what they are buying, and go through all the feaures of the car and show them how everything works,” Barhan said.

Other Lake Worth top salesmen include Floyd Roberts, 46 cars; Ben Goldberg, 45 cars; Juan Palacios, 44 cars; Carlos Hernandez, 42.5 cars; and Haz Elhassan, 42.5 cars. Other Miami top salesmen include Abner Garcia, 36 cars; Ray Rodriguez, 35.5 cars; Darien Alfonso, 35.5 cars; Ivan Jurado, 35.5 cars; and Rodny Fernandez Corzo, 35.5 cars.

Congratulations to all for your hard work!

Sales at Off Lease Only continue to explode, with combined sales for October 2014 for Lake Worth and Miami totaling an astounding 2,074 used cars. Of those, 224 cars were sold to out-of-state customers.

In another month, those numbers are expected to jump even higher when Off Lease Only Orlando opens for business on November 15th. The new dealership, near Orlando International Airport, is expected to sell about 500 used cars from the start.


Lake Worth

J.B. Barhan 49
Floyd Roberts 46
Ben Goldberg 45
Juan Palacios 44
Carlos Hernandez 42.5
Haz Elhassan 42.5



Wilfredo Novoa 45.5
Abner Garcia 36
Ray Rodriguez 35.5
Darien Alfonso 35.5
Ivan Jurado 35.5
Rodny Fernandez Corzo 35.5


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