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Luxury Used Cars for Less: OffLeaseOnly Top Brands


Luxury Used Cars for Less: OffLeaseOnly Top Brands

OffLeaseOnly Luxury Used Cars offers shoppers used cars for sale at unbeatable prices!

You don’t have to break the bank to own a stunning, high-performance pre-owned Lexus or to experience the excitement of sitting behind the wheel of a pre-owned Porsche! OffLeaseOnly’s reputation for rock bottom prices and a gigantic selection of luxury used cars for sale will put you in the drivers seat for less than you ever imagined.

OffLeaseOnly sells thousands of luxury used cars every year with Mercedes topping the list. Close behind are BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Audi, Jaguar and Porsche, according to OffLeaseOnly sales records from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2015. And with more than 3,000 used cars for sale at any time, it’s easy to find the perfect fit.

OffLeaseOnly used BMW models - Luxury Used Cars

A huge selection of OffLeaseOnly used BMW models await buyers at OffLeaseOnly Miami

In the past year, OffLeaseOnly sold 3,372 OffLeaseOnly pre-owned Mercedes; 1,943 used BMW models; 1,596 used Infiniti models; 1,203 used Lexus models; 538 used Audi models; 261 pre-owned Jaguar models; and 178 pre-owned Porsche models. The numbers are a tribute to the incredible OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars selection and prices that draw loyal customers from across the country.

OffLeaseOnly customer Dong Li with his Lexus ES350.

OffLeaseOnly customer Dong Li with his OffLeaseOnly used Lexus ES350.

Lauderhill resident Dong Li knew he struck gold the first time he went car shopping at OffLeaseOnly when he saw the huge selection of luxury used cars and their low prices. The spa owner had his heart set on buying a pre-owned Lexus and couldn’t believe the variety that was available at OffLeaseOnly. He eventually chose a sleek black 2011 OffLeaseOnly used Lexus RX350 and saved thousands.

He recently returned to OffLeaseOnly to buy his college-age daughter an OffLeaseOnly used car and found her a used Lexus as well. Li spent $20,999 on a gold 2012 OffLeaseOnly used Lexus ES350 that has proved to be a wonderful choice.

Li chose the Lexus brand for its looks, reliability and carefree maintenance.

“The price was fair. It was almost half the price of a new car!” Li said.

In fact, his two OffLeaseOnly used Lexus models were such great deals Li convinced a close friend to buy an OffLeaseOnly used car. His friend purchased a 2010 OffLeaseOnly used Lexus ES350.

OffLeaseOnly Chief Operating Officer John Giasullo said Li’s OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars buying experience exemplifies why customers choose OffLeaseOnly when shopping for popular highline used cars.

“We sell over 100 used Lexus models a month, and the ES350 probably sells new for $40K to $50K. At OffLeaseOnly you can get it for half price, just a couple years old and still under factory warranty,” Giasullo said.

And with hundreds of similar deals available at any time, OffLeaseOnly has truly become the Nation’s Used Car Destination for everything luxury.OffLeaseOnly The Nation's Used Car Destination

“OffLeaseOnly has made a name for itself,” Giasullo said. “I think those customers that save the most seem to rave the most. It’s kind of outstanding when you can buy a used car and save $8K-$10K. You can do a lot of things with the money you save.”

And for very little money, OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars customers can get added peace of mind by purchasing an extended service agreement that covers luxury used cars bumper-to-bumper from the date of purchase for up to 7 years/150,000 miles.

OffLeaseOnly is especially proud of its vast pre-owned Mercedes inventory, which usually hovers between 250-300 OffLeaseOnly used cars. Finding the used Mercedes of your dreams has never been easier and more affordable!

Off Lease Only buys their cars directly from Mercedes Financial to get the best price on the planet, for the cleanest, lowest-mileage, pre-owned Mercedes. No other dealer can offer the vast selection we have on premises.

A sleek, sophisticated used Mercedes – at the right price, is perfect for a personal reward. Or how about a birthday surprise for your sweetheart, a car adorned with a beautiful big red bow?

OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes for sale - Luxury Used Cars

OffLeaseOnly pre-owned Mercedes inventory lined up outside dealership.

For Port Charlotte residents Val Geffrard and Jessican Toolan, an elegant silver 2013 OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes GLK 350 was perfect for their family, including their two children, ages 6-months and 9-years-old.

They found the used car they wanted by searching the online inventory at and they drove to OffLeaseOnly Orlando to pick it up. Their $25,999 pre-owned Mercedes is equipped with navigation, a panoramic roof and an electronic tailgate among other things.

“We had our mind set on it. We went over there and got the car,” said Val Geffrard. “We got a good deal on it, too.”

Geffrard was especially impressed by the selection and sheer number of OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes models available for sale. He said the OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars lot was easy to navigate and impressive to see.

OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes are a huge draw because of price, price and price.

“The average savings is about $7K to $8K on most used models,” Giasullo said. “Why would anyone ever go back to a franchise dealer? What’s in it for them?”

OffLeaseOnly’s second top selling luxury used cars brand is BMW and with an inventory of nearly 250 like-new, fully-loaded models it’s easy to understand why.

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Haz Elhassan said used BMWs have broad appeal, but younger buyers are snapping them up quickly.

“BMW has a slogan, ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine.’ It’s kind of like the muscle car of the German car world and seems to appeal to a younger crowd,” Elhassan said.

OffLeaseOnly sold nearly 2,000 OffLeaseOnly used BMWs in the past 12 months, proof that customers love OffLeaseOnly’s prices and used BMW selection.

“People come to OffLeaseOnly specifically for highline cars. In highline business, the minimum markup at a regular dealership is $4K to $5K,” Elhassan said. But at OffLeaseOnly, customers save thousands of dollars on every pre-owned luxury car, he noted.

Another advantage of shopping at OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars: Customers can browse all luxury used cars brands because they are lined up side-by-side.

OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars and top brands.

OffLeaseOnly used luxury brands are lined up side-by-side so customers can compare.

“The ability to compare one luxury vehicle to another is another plus,” Giasullo said. “At a Lexus dealership you will get a biased opinion. Here you get to look at them all and make up your mind. You may find something of better value.”

Orlando resident Kimerly Laster had longed for a used Jaguar and found the perfect used car at OffLeaseOnly Orlando. She paid $42,999 for a 2012 black OffLeaseOnly used Jaguar XJ and saved $7K on the deal. She found the used car on the Internet and had a quick and easy OffLeaseOnly used car buying experience.

OffLeaseOnly Used Jaguar XJ - Luxury Used Cars

OffLeaseOnly customer Kimerly Laster with her pre-owned Jaguar XJ.

“I was really impressed when I got there. I thought it was some kind of rental lot because it was so big,” Laster said. “I was really surprised at the selection of high end cars.”

Giasullo said OffLeaseOnly sells about 25 used Jaguars a month, more Jaguars than most Jaguar dealerships ever sell!

“That makes us the largest volume dealer for highline vehicles in the state of Florida,” Giasullo said. “If you are in the market for a highline vehicle in the state of Florida, this is the place to go.”

Orlando resident Jason Wang got a great deal on a 2014 Audi A4, paying just $26,999 for the used car of his dreams. He knew about OffLeaseOnly because his parents had purchased a car there a few months earlier and were happy with their experience. So he followed suit.

“I went there based on their experience and also from reading reviews,” Wang said. “I had always wanted an Audi and the A4 was the car I wanted. The price was right.”

Used Mercedes C250 – OffLeaseOnly Reviews

If you are looking for luxury, OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars is the ONLY place you will find such an incredible selection of LUXURY for LESS! Stop by one of our stores and check out our amazing inventory! We want our customers to be happy and satisfied! Find out more about the OffLeaseOnly luxury used cars shopping experience by reading thousands of customer reviews on the OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site! The OffLeaseOnly review site aggregates reviews from Yelp, Google, Edmunds,, DealerRater and Better Business Bureau in one convenient location.  At the end of the day, don’t take it from us, read our OffleaseOnly customer reviews and see why Off Lease Only is the Nation’s Used Car Destination!

Stop in to one of four Off Lease Only locations today and drive home your OffLeaseOnly used luxury car today!

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