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Living LaVida Lexus – The 411 on Buying a Used Lexus ES 350


Okay so, the Lexus ES 350 is a midsize luxury sedan that competes with cars like the Jaguar XF, Genesis G80, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class. It’s designed for small business owners and newly-minted vice presidents that have finally made it past the six-figure mark. At this point in their lives, they want something thats comfortable to drive on the morning commute, while looking good and staying cost conscious as the kids are about to go off to collegeEnter the Lexus ES 350. 

With a brand-new starting price of over $40,000, the Lexus ES 350 is a very compelling option when it comes to an extremely comfortable (and reasonably powerful) luxury sedan. But Off Lease Only has them starting at just $22,499, which makes a used Lexus ES 350 a viable alternative to the more pedestrian Nissan Altima or Toyota Camry. So why wouldn’t you treat yourself at that price? 

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Used Lexus ES 350 – What do you get? 

Back when the Lexus ES was first introduced, it was basically a re-skinned Toyota Camry with a nicer interior. Today’s Lexus ES 350 is based on the larger Toyota Avalon, which gives it more interior room and an even smoother ride. Other cars in this segment tended to skew more towards the sport side of the road, with firmer suspensions, heavily bolstered seats and over-caffeinated Sport modes. The Lexus ES 350 on the other hand, is like flopping down in a feather bed and wrapping up in a mink blanket. The seats are long distance comfortable. Theres thickly padded vinyl or leather panels everywhere your arms and elbows might touch. The suspension soaks up bumps like a pancake soaks up syrup. And if you need to pass somebody, simply prod the Go-Pedal with your right foot to summon all 302 horses from the silky smooth 3.5L V6.  

2020 Lexus ES 350 F Sport cabin

The Lexus ES 350 is effortless luxury that isnt pretending to be something else. Even the Lexus ES 350 F Sport is shockingly comfortable. Despite its bigger wheels, sport tuned suspension (an adaptive suspension is/was optional) and extra Sport mode. Of course the ES 350 F Sport comes with lots of other cool upgrades like a special blacked out grill, a trunk spoiler, graphite colored wheels, a unique single or two-tone interior, and a trick center gauge bezel that can slide side-to-side, depending on what information you want displayed in the instrument cluster. 

Despite its name, a used Lexus ES 350 F Sport doesn’t have any performance upgrades. The changes are focused solely on the look and driving manners, and we think they’ve nailed it. The steering is precise and gives you a feeling of confidence when you’re navigating corners, and its appearance is sure to turn heads when pulling in to your destination!  

Speaking of looks, the outside of a used Lexus ES 350 is very elegant and tasteful. The cabin is equally elegant, with sharp, modern lines that flow into a very upscale, cohesive design. It looks expensive, and everything that you touch feels expensive. All of the surfaces are covered in either high-quality synthetic leather, or one of two grades of soft cowhide. The wood or aluminum trim is real, and all of the switchgear has that satisfying click’ sound and feel. From any seat, a used Lexus ES 350 is unmistakably a luxury car. And if you buy yours at Off Lease Only, it will be an unmistakably good deal too! 

2019 Lexus ES 350

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