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Celebrate Labor Day By Saving Money On These Great Used Cars


Since money doesn’t actually grow on trees, why don’t you come to Off Lease Only and save more of your hard-earned cash? We have one of the largest selections of used cars in Florida, and you can even buy online and have your new ride shipped anywhere in the country. But unlike most used car dealers, we don’t have Labor Day sales. Our prices stay low all year round. So let’s take a look at three incredible cars that you can buy this Labor Day (and our prices start well below $15,000!).

Buick Encore

Practical Indulgence 
Starting @ $11,49

The subcompact SUV segment is absolutely booming right now. Some of your choices in this class range from the the sporty Mazda CX-30, to the quirky Subaru Crosstrek (of course we stock all of those here at Off Lease Only). A used Buick Encore leans more towards the sophisticated side of things, with handsome styling, a luxurious interior and lots of features.
Depending on the trim level, a used Buick Encore can be had with features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, a Wi-Fi hotspot, keyless ignition, LED headlamps, leather upholstery and a great sounding Bose audio system. Most used Buick Encore models will also come with loads of safety features like blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert, and automatic headlamps.

Despite its size, a used Buick Encore can also be big fun to drive. These little crossover’s come with excellent suspension tuning, and your choice of a 138 hp 1.4L turbo-four, or a considerably more powerful 153 hp 1.4L. It’s also remarkably quiet inside, as any Buick should be. And with prices starting at just $11,499, buying one of these at Off Lease Only will be a practical indulgence indeed.

Find the perfect Buick Encore right now @ 

Lincoln MKZ

Luxuriously Modern
Starting @ $16,999

An often overlooked wallflower in the compact luxury car field, the used Lincoln MKZ offers unbelievable value for money. To start, it looks like nothing else on the road. It looks sophisticated from any angle. And the cool LED light treatment across the rear deck lid makes the car really stand out. On the inside, you can get all sorts of cool amenities like premium leather upholstery with real wood trim, multicolor ambient lighting, a full glass roof, and a fantastic sounding 20-speaker audio system.
You can also get a used Lincoln MKZ with lots of cool technology and safety features. There’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 (aka Ford Sync) infotainment system, a self-parking system, an active lane keeping assist system, automatic emergency braking, and the list goes on.

There’s lots of powertrain options to be had on a used Lincoln MKZ. You can get front or all-wheel-drive, a standard or active suspension, and your choice of two powerplants; a 245 hp 2.0L turbo-4, a 188 hp Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, or an absolutely ferocious 3.0L twin – turbo V6 that makes either 350 hp with front wheel drive, or 400 hp if the car is equipped with AWD (you can only find this optional engine in a used Lincoln MKZ Reserve). According to the MotorTrend, the Lincoln MKZ 3.0T AWD will accelerate to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds!

Talk about a sleeper (i.e. A car that doesn’t look fast, but is)!

With loads of features, loads of style and loads of performance, a used Lincoln MKZ is definitely a car to consider if you want to reward yourself. And with OLO prices starting at just $16,999, this Lincoln definitely deserves a second look!

Find the perfect Lincoln MKZ right now @ 

Dodge Grand Caravan

Starting @ $15,499
Yes, yes. It’s a minivan, who cares? 

Well, you should! 

From the 1960s – 1980s, the van was the official vehicle of counterculture. If you wanted to rebel against the cookie-cutter world around you, you bought a box-on-wheels and turned it into a rolling self-expression. And since literally everybody and their mother now drives an SUV. Why not be a rebel and get a slightly used Dodge Grand Caravan?

The idea of buying a used Dodge Grand Caravan is not as ridiculous as you might think. It comes with loads of features. For example, you can operate all of the doors with a button on the key fob. It will haul a bunch of people, or you can fold all of the seats flat into the floor and haul a bunch of stuff. From road trips to the daily commute, a used Dodge Grand Caravan can literally do it all. 

Oh, and one more thing. A Dodge Grand Caravan will do the zero – 60 sprint in a shocking 6.7 seconds, which means you’ll never be late for soccer practice again! So if you’re ready to stick it to the man and save more of your hard earned bread, go to and check out one of these cool rides today!

Find the perfect Dodge Grand Caravan right now @ 

And don’t forget, we’re open on Labor Day 9 AM – 9 PM and 24/7 online @ 

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