Keymaster Keeps Track of Hundreds of Used Car Keys


By Eddy Fiuza

Keeping things organized is a must at Off Lease Only. Standing like a Roman guard at a pegboard loaded with keys, Diego Guevara makes sure everything is in check throughout the day as he keeps track of the keys that come and go. Guevara, 21, is the keeper of 1,000 keys at Off Lease Only’s Miami dealership. Without the keymaster, sales personnel can’t move cars, customers can’t buy the cars and the dealership can’t sell the cars. Guevara has only been working a few months for the company, but so far it has been a crazy adventure. If a key is missing there can be a high price to pay. For example, a Rolls Royce key can cost $900 to replace. Who pays? The person who lost it. So Guevara doesn’t feel nervous when he hands salesmen or porters an expensive key. He knows they must be responsible. Still, if a key goes missing, there are steps to be followed. Here’s what happens:

  • First, ask the porters if they have the key because sometimes they forget.
  • Second, ask detail workers if they have the keys, or if the car is being washed and the keys are in the vehicle.
  • Lastly, go to the manager and report the key missing
OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale!

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale!

“I like to keep things organized, not only do I do it for myself, I do it for the porters that take over 200 keys a day,” Guevara said. To keep track of the keys, Guevara enters information into a computer program that helps him to keep track of who has what key. It’s a fluid system because Guevara gets over 30 new keys daily, highlighting how quickly used cars come and go at the dealership. Each key at the dealership is color-coded by the make of the car. The stock number, the year, the make, the model, the body, the color of the car, and the price are included on a hang tag. Guevara doesn’t release a key to anyone until he logs the key’s number into a computer log. When a key is returned, he records it on the computer. Because it can get very busy, Guevara has an assistant — Sophia Nino, who covers for him if he needs to step away. Guevara landed his the job through his stepfather’s connections.  His stepfather Álvaro Angel is a salesman at Off Lease Only Miami.  Originally, Alvaro wanted to get Diego  a job as a porter, but the company needed someone to take care of keys.  From the moment a manager gave him a pen and paper, Diego has held the car lot in the palm of his hands. It can get hectic, but he loves Off Lease Only for its fast-paced work environment. “Off Lease Only is never boring,” Guevara said. Find the used car of your dreams at Off Lease Only! Browse our online inventory of 2,000 cars, then visit our dealers in Lake Worth and Miami. Drive home in the perfect car today and save thousands below retail. Remember, Off Lease Only never charges hidden fees and never haggles over price. The price on the car is the price you pay. Extended service agreements are available for up to seven years/120,000 miles from the date of purchase. Visit us today and save thousands! Off Lease Only Lake Worth Off Lease Only Miami Find the Perfect Car Today! Browse 2,000 cars online!

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