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Is an OffLeaseOnly All Wheel Drive Used Car Right for You?


Is an OffLeaseOnly All Wheel Drive Used Car Right for You?

Car shoppers have strong opinions about body style, color and brand, but when it comes to performance, savvy motorists should also decide if they want a vehicle that is driven by two wheels or four wheels. OffLeaseOnly used car specialists can help you decide if an all wheel drive car is right for you!

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi TT 2.5T RS Coupe Quattro, a popular all wheel drive luxury vehicle.

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi TT 2.5T RS Coupe Quattro, a popular all wheel drive luxury vehicle.

Most cars are two wheel drive, but if you want extra power and performance, a four-wheel drive car may be right for you. OffLeaseOnly has nearly 500 all wheel drive used cars for sale, including luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti and Porsche. Customers can also browse a huge selection of all wheel drive used Volkswagen and Nissan models.

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

“All wheel drive costs you a little more but it can help the car perform going around corners because all four wheels are digging in,” said OffLeaseOnly sales associate Tom Valeo. “I have customers come in and specifically ask for all wheel drive. They know what they want the car to do. They want something more performance-oriented.”

Sales associate Ralph Fields recently sold a 2014 used Acura RDX AWD to a retired couple who travel between New York and South Florida regularly, living the “snowbird” lifestyle. The couple wanted a safe used car that would give them premium performance up North and down South and they found it in an all wheel drive vehicle.

“The all wheel drive gives you better traction – it stops you from getting stuck in the snow,” Fields said. “Between Florida with all the rain and New York with all the snow, it was a perfect fit.”

Here’s the difference between all wheel drive and two wheel drive: With a two-wheel drive car, just two of the wheels receive power from the engine and propel the vehicle. The two-wheel drive car can be either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. In an all wheel drive vehicle, all the wheels propel the vehicle – all the wheels receive power from the engine, creating greater maneuverability. According to, all wheel drive cars are generally heavier than two-wheel drive cars, which affects the car’s acceleration because it uses more fuel to compensate for the added weight. The all wheel drive cars also require more components to build the car, states.

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi TT 2.5T RS Coupe Quattro

OffLeaseOnly Used Audi TT 2.5T RS Coupe Quattro

However, all wheel drive vehicles are not only for those motorists who live up North. The grip of the four drive wheels come in handy in the heavy, tropical rains common to South Florida.

“With water you get hydroplaning and with four wheels you get better traction so it’s less likely to hydroplane,” Fields explained. Customers generally pay a premium for all wheel drive cars in states where it snows but at OffLeaseOnly, all used all wheel drive vehicles are priced just as competitively as two wheel drive vehicles. The result is many Northerners purchase used OffLeaseOnly all wheel drive cars at at prices that are lower than anywhere else and drive or ship them home.

“Up North you have to have an All Wheel Drive vehicle because it snows, but in Florida it’s optional. All wheel drive vehicles are more affordable here, so a lot of out of state customers come down here looking for all wheel drive cars,” Fields said.

“Obviously all our pricing is way below everyone else,” said out of state sales associate Steve “Happy” Gilmour. “All wheel drive vehicles go for big dollars up in the North because they are in such high demand, but it’s just like any car – once they contact us they see how much the car is priced below the market average and they happily make the trip to save thousands.”

OffLeaseOnly’s inventory of all wheel drive vehicles includes incredible deals on high performance used Audi models, used BMW models and other luxury brands. OffLeaseOnly Orlando sales associate Sam Toure said the Audi Quattro system is one of the most sought-after. The Audi Quattro system was made famous by World Rally Championship drive Michele Mouton in 1984, when the car’s performance pushed it to the top of the sport’s ranks.

“The Quattro system helped Michele Mouton win the World Rally Championship because it was so advanced,” Toure said.

Because of the added control provided by all wheel drive, Audi is an excellent choice for snowy weather.

OffLeaseOnly offers deals on used Audi models that you won’t want to pass by.

OffLeaseOnly used Audi all wheel drive models range from $20,999 for a 2011 Audi A5 2.0T Premium Quattro to a $99,999 for a 2011 used Audi A8 4.2L

Convertible Quattro BMW vehicles equipped with all wheel drive are designed to act like a two-wheel drive car, with a 60/40 rear/front power distribution, Toure noted.

“They want you to feel like you are being pushed from the back,” Toure said. “To be more sporty, they split the power between the front and the back. All BMW’s are like that.”

OffLeaseOnly Used BMW 650i xDrive AWD Convertible

OffLeaseOnly Used BMW 650i xDrive AWD Convertible

OffLeaseOnly has nearly 80 gorgeous used BMW‘s equipped with all wheel drive, ranging in price from $16,999 for a 2011 BMW 328i Coupe xDrive AWD to $59,999 for a 2014 BMW 750i xDrive AWD. Car connoisseurs who favor the Mercedes brand have more than 120 gorgeous OffLeaseOnly used all wheel drive models to browse with prices ranging from $17,999 for an OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes C300 4Matic AWD to $75,999 for an OffLeaseOnly used Mercedes GL550 4Matic AWD.

These beautiful luxury cars include features like interior leather, moon-roof, backup camera, navigation, paddle shifter, blind spot monitor and power folding mirrors.

All wheel drive vehicles are also perfect for towing boats, like any of the approximate 100 new and used boats for sale at Boats Direct USA in Key Largo.

“It’s constant traction. With an all wheel drive vehicle, when you are trying to pull something out of the water, you have four wheels going all the time,” said OffLeaseOnly sales associate Floyd Roberts.

OffLeaseOnly service manager Ray Bregio said customers are snapping up models like the Mercedes C300 4Matic, the Mercedes GL450 4Matic AWD, and the Mercedes M-Class 4Matic AWD. The all wheel drive feature, of course, especially appeals to drivers who live in areas with snow or rough terrain, he said.

OffLeaseOnly Used Mercedes E63 AMG 4Matic AWD

OffLeaseOnly Used Mercedes E63 AMG 4Matic AWD

“Those are our top sellers,” Bregio noted. “When you go to the East Coast where drivers have to be in snow or in California where they have mountains, that is where you really need it. A lot of people who buy those vehicles know exactly what they looking for.”

Used Audi A5 Quattro – OffLeaseOnly Reviews – Estee POWER 95.3 Radio

To further assist customers in their used car buying experience, Off Lease Only has launched a NEW OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site which aggregates reviews from YelpGoogleEdmundsCars.comDealerRater and OffLeaseOnly in one convenient location. The purpose of the site is to make it even easier for potential customers to read reviews and find out what the experience is like first hand from our customers. Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!

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