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Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief Donations Now Being Accepted at All Off Lease Only Locations


Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief Donations Now Being Accepted at All Off Lease Only Locations

Here in Florida, the boating community and the Bahamas play a big part in vacations, fishing trips and just a good time. If you’ve ever been to the Bahamas, you know that everyone is extremely welcoming and wonderful to be around.

With that being said, when they were unfortunate to be right in the path of such a devastating storm like Hurricane Dorian, we felt that the right thing to do is to lend them a helping hand.

Hurricane Dorian

OffLeaseOnly Founders Eileen & Mark Fischer are extremely passionate about giving back to those in need.

We are strategizing a game plan to provide relief through donations of supplies over a long period of time. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen with disasters like this is that people come in – help out – and disappear.

“Drinking water and canned goods are the best thing that you can donate at this time,” said Founder Eileen Fischer. “Remember, there is no refrigeration and no electric, so non-perishable items are desperately needed. Sadly this is going to be many many months of despair for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.”

What we want to do is to devise more of a long term goal to genuinely help them rebuild which is why we will be working with our media outlets, brand ambassadors, loyal customers, family, friends and the team at Center Consoles Only. We are working on securing a charity to bring all items over as we receive them.

Hurricane Dorian

“Right now, it is extremely dangerous for the common person to take their boat over – no matter how much they want to help. We are working on getting in touch with government officials, fire fighters and a reputable charity so that we can properly plan to get these supplies over to the islands to create more good than harm,” said Blanco founder of Center Consoles Only.

Unfortunately there is floating debris over 2 miles surrounding the islands, so it is not a safe condition to get into just yet.

The plan is to get the professionals over there with large cargo ships filled with supplies to the nearest port to transport the donations where they are needed. Along with water and canned goods – can openers, diapers, baby formula, feminine products, disinfectant, water purification pills, first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, pet food, sleeping bags, blankets and tents are desperately needed. 

Hurricane Dorian

Stop by any Off Lease Only location to donate supplies

Ultimately, we want to do anything in our power to lend a helping hand to those who need it, and every bit helps.

If you are interested in donating supplies, please stop by any Off Lease Only location in Miami, Broward, Palm Beach or Orlando.

“Even if it is just a case of water or some canned goods – every bit helps. Simply bring them to any Off Lease Only location and we will make sure it gets to those in need,” said Founder & CEO Mark Fischer.

Mark & Eileen Fischer are not just boating enthusiasts, but major philanthropists who plan on making a large donation for supplies and continuing efforts throughout the rebuild. They hold the Bahamas very near and dear to their hearts.

We hope everyone locally faired well through Hurricane Dorian.

All Off Lease Only locations are now open & accepting donations. To find an Off Lease Only Location near you, simply click the banner below for driving directions. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram as we will be posting donations as we receive them.

OffLeaseOnly Locations - Off Lease Only Locations

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