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Most car shoppers, at one point or another, have struggled with the decision between buying a new vs. used vehicle.

Off Lease Only Used Nissan

Save thousands on 1-3 year old Nissan models! This 2017 Nissan Armada is A DEAL priced $5,616 below Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Price!

Although buying a brand new car can seem like a good idea, the amount of depreciation you’ll pay when driving off the lot can be quite painful and often times you will regret it.

Off Lease Only focuses on buying 1-3 year old, low mileage vehicles, many of which are still under factory warranty.

So, why buy new when you can save thousands and avoid depreciation by buying a gently-used vehicle?

Off Lease Only Used Toyota

This Tacoma is priced $4545 below KBB Suggested Retail Pricing! Off Lease Only has an incredible selection of nearly new Toyota’s for sale all priced thousands below retail! Don’t Pay More!

Off Lease Only acquires an impressive selection of gently used cars due to the strong relationship that has been built with Enterprise over the past 15 years.

Off Lease Only is the largest single buyer of Enterprise cars nationwide purchasing over 10,000 vehicles annually.

That’s a LOT of cars!

“They have such a spectacular offering of products. The public could never get a current year or one year old model for the price Enterprise gives us. They are excellent to work with, and we proudly pass the savings along to our customers,” said owner Mark Fischer.

The Proof is in our Pricing!

Skip paying the depreciation! Why buy new when you can buy current year and one year old vehicles at Off Lease Only and SAVE THOUSANDS!

The Enterprise Fleet consists of EXTREMELY well maintained vehicles that are only rented for a limited time, well maintained and very clean.

Approximately 1/3 of Off Lease Only’s massive used car inventory consists of current year and one year old models.

Off Lease Only is proud to offer the most incredible selection of low mileage, current year used cars for sale that customers can get for a steal of a deal!

When you really think about it, you can get an extremely low mileage current year vehicle with the depreciation paid courtesy of Enterprise.

Due to the volume of purchasing, Off Lease Only is able to price the cars to be the least expensive on the market giving customers a real savings advantage.

Mark & Eileen Fischer

Two decades ago Mark & Eileen Fischer started with two cars, their life savings and the dedication to save customers thousands on their used car purchase while giving excellent customer service! Don’t Pay More! Save $$$$ & skip paying the depreciation on nearly new vehicles!

Most Enterprise inventory is current year, or one year old, still under factory warranty, well maintained and will save you thousands compared to buying new.

“The real value is in not paying the depreciation,” said Fischer. “Many cars are priced more than $10,000 less than you’d pay for a brand new vehicle.”

The Fischer’s bought a couple of Fords from Enterprise back when they only sold Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Jaguar makes 15 years ago. Since then, Off Lease Only has grown into being the largest volume independent used car dealer nationwide.

“Nearly every make/model from every manufacturer is what I have access to. It’s truly extraordinary the savings my customers receive from our relationship with Enterprise,” said Fischer.

If you’re looking to save thousands on your next nearly new car, simply log on to and start browsing the vast selection of low mileage, quality used cars for sale.

Kelley Blue Book Trade-in

Trade or sell, Off Lease Only will always pair fair market value for your car even if you don’t buy a car from Off Lease Only.

Want to trade-in or sell your old car?

Off Lease Only will always pay fair market value for your vehicle. You can even get the process started online right now!

Simply CLICK HERE to get a KBB Trade-in value on your old car, then stop in to the Off Lease Only Location nearest you!

With Off Lease Only Locations in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami and their newest location in Broward opening soon, it couldn’t be more convenient to save THOUSANDS on your next used car with no hidden fees and no stress of negotiating price!

Plus, Off Lease Only offers HOME DELIVERY Nationwide for those that want to save, but don’t want to deal with traveling!

Off Lease Only Out of State

Off Lease Only sells thousands of used cars out of state annually because of the savings being so incredible!

Ask any Out of State Customer Service Agent for more details, and get any vehicle in Off Lease Only’s entire used car inventory delivered right to your front door.

Off Lease Only delivers thousands of cars around the country annually, so you can feel confident that the Out of State Team knows how to WOW customers nationwide.

For additional peace of mind, their shipping provider honors Off Lease Only’s 5 day/ 500 mile exchange policy. You can read about all of the frequently asked questions by CLICKING HERE.

So what are you waiting for?

Start shopping Off Lease Only’s incredible selection of current year and one year old used cars for sale right now from the comfort of your computer!

Also, read Off Lease Only reviews to see why nearly 200,000 happy customers worldwide continue to refer their friends, family members and co-workers to The Nation’s Used Car Destination!

Happy Car Shopping!

Simply click the banner below for directions.

OffLeaseOnly Locations - Off Lease Only Locations

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