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Foster Youth Drives Home Used Car Donated by Off Lease Only!


Foster Youth Drives Home Used Car Donated by Off Lease Only!

Former foster child Selena Barrera is riding in style.

On Thursday, the soft-spoken 20-year-old drove home in the 2005 blue Saturn Ion donated by Off Lease Only owners Mark and Eileen Fischer.  Barrera was chosen to as the next recipient of the Strive to Drive charity challenge earlier this month. Her name was submitted by the non-profit agency Best Foot Forward (BFF) of Boca Raton, which helped her with academics so she could graduate from high school.

Barrera passed her drivers license test last week and was excited and nervous to take her first solo drive. She didn’t take possession of the Saturn when it was presented to her earlier this month because she still had to take her drivers license test.

Selena Barrera proudly shows off her brand new drivers license

Selena Barrera proudly shows off her brand new drivers license

“I want to do so much,” Barrera said, her eyes sparkling, as she held her car keys.  “I don’t know where to go now!”

Barrera will be using the used car to drive to classes at Palm Beach State College and also to her part-time job at Publix. The car is especially handy because often Barrera works until late in the evening at Publix and arranging a ride home was sometimes problematic. Now she can drive herself home safely.

Foster mother Twiler Smith waits with Barrera while paperwork is completed

Foster mother Twiler Smith waits with Barrera while paperwork is completed

Her foster mother Twiler Smith was ecstatic as she watched Barrera climb into the used Saturn for the first time. Smith stood in the parking lot of OffLeaseOnly on Thursday beaming with pride.

“We are so grateful,” Smith said. “We are so very grateful!

Car keys to Saturn!

Car keys to Saturn!

Barrera beat the odds and graduated from high school in May, thanks to her devoted foster mother and support from the non-profit agency BFF that helped her with academics.

Barrera “aged out” of foster care at age 18, but BFF continued to provide assistance. Smith has also vowed to take care of her foster daughter as long as Barrera wants to live with her.

For Barrera, who spent five years in foster care, moved 10 times in eight years and struggled with school and self-esteem, the used Saturn was a dream come true. The day Off Lease Only donated the car to Barrera,  she stood speechless as cameras popped and video cameras rolled, capturing her beside the Saturn with the big blue bow. She later said she had a hard time believing the car was really hers.

“I didn’t know what to expect at that moment,” Barrera said.

Barrera heads out for her first ride

Barrera heads out for her first ride

The Fischers have a history of community charity involvement and have worked with multiple charitable organizations over the years to help those in need. They have done several car giveaways.

About Best Foot Forward: Best Foot Forward is the only agency in Palm Beach County exclusively dedicated to the education of foster care youth. Founded in 2010, BFF currently has 61 students in 32 schools. Nationally, only 46 percent of youth in foster care graduate high school. BFF removes many barriers and offers guidance, planning and coaching needed for educational success. To date, BFF has a 100 percent high school graduation rate. BFF provides consistent program services to the student as long as their case remains open and they remain in Palm Beach County. For more information, visit BFF’s website at

About Off Lease Only: Off Lease Only is the Nation’s #5 Independent Used Car Dealership and believes strongly in giving back to the community. Off Lease Only teamed up with Best Foot Forward in 2011 to start the Strive to Drive Challenge where one outstanding student gets rewarded with a pre-owned car. This partnership was created to encourage foster children to go above and beyond in their education. Off Lease Only has over 2000 cars all priced thousands below retail. No hidden fees, no negotiating and no stress is what makes this car dealership unique. To learn more about Off Lease Only log onto


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