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Use Your Tax Refunds to Help With Your Down Payment At Off Lease Only


Use Your Tax Refunds to Help With Your Down Payment At Off Lease Only

Looking to buy a car but having trouble coming up with a down payment?

Down Payment

Save thousands on your next dream at Off Lease Only!

Or maybe you’re just looking for a few more dollars so you can lower your monthly installments?

If so, this may be the perfect time to get moving and start planning, especially if you’re expecting a tax refund from Uncle Sam.

“Now’s a good time to think about any refund money you’re expecting as a chance to get the car of your dreams,” says Alan Cooper, regional general manager of Off Lease Only. “By using it as a down payment, you can get that pre-owned Mercedes or any other car that you’ve always wanted for thousands below retail.”

Customers at Off Lease Only find used cars priced from under $10,000 to over $150,000, all at thousands below what you’re likely to find anywhere else.

Down Payment

Thousands of used cars, priced thousands below retail is what you can expect to find when shopping at Off Lease Only this tax season!

“At Off Lease Only, your down payment goes that much further because our prices are so low,” Cooper said.

Even if you have a few dollars saved, you might want to consider using your tax refund to add to your down payment so you can get a better interest rate.

“The larger the down payment, the better interest rate you’ll get and the more likely you are to get approved,” Cooper said.

At Off Lease Only, The Nation’s Used Car Destination, customers have discovered the benefits of using their tax refunds to purchase the car they’ve thought about for years but has always been just slightly out of reach.

“March is our busiest time of the year because our customers are using their tax refunds,” Cooper said. “We sold over 4,600 cars last March throughout all locations.”

In addition to lower prices and outstanding customer service, another reason customers come to one of Off Lease Only’s four locations to use their tax money as a down payment is the huge selection of vehicles available.

Down Payment

Save thousands on your next used car at Off Lease Only!

At any given time, Off Lease Only has more than 5,000 used cars in inventory, including hundreds of models from European, Japanese and domestic manufacturers. You’ll find everything from sedans and convertibles to SUVs and trucks on Off Lease Only lots in the West Palm Beach area, Miami area, Orlando and now in North Lauderdale.

Off Lease Only prices are clearly marked online and on the lot. You will never encounter any hidden fees and purchases are covered by a five-day, 500-mile free exchange policy, where car buyers can bring their car back if it’s not the right fit and find one that better suits their needs.

“A vehicle purchase is a huge commitment and we believe our customers deserve to be completely happy,” says Off Lease Only owner and founder Mark Fischer.

To find out how you can use your refund for the car you’re been wanting for years, call Off Lease Only’s customer service department at 866-537-2479.

Happy Car Shopping!

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