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Donate NOW to Win an Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher!


Donate NOW to Win an Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher!

There are less than two weeks remaining before the next winner will be chosen! NOW is the time to make sure that you enter for your chance to win an Off Lease Only $20,000 car voucher while supporting an incredible charity!

OffLeaseOnly $20k Giveaway

This is Your 1 in 1,000 Chance at a $20K Car Voucher Donated by OffLeaseOnly

Have you purchased your “Ticket-To-Ride” yet?

Enter today by submitting your entry form and making a $50 donation for your chance to win an Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher.

There are only 1,000 total tickets available, so your chances of winning are good, and all of the proceeds benefit A Gift For Teaching, a charity dedicated to helping provide school supplies for students in need!

Every $1 donated to A Gift For Teaching= $10 in school supplies. This means that your $50 donation provides children in need with $500 in school supplies. If you buy a pack of 10 tickets, your $450 donation equates to $4,500 in supplies!

Off Lease Only is hopeful to sell all 1,000 tickets in order to raise over $450,000 for A Gift For Teaching.

Nearly 200,000 students in Central Florida live with families at or below the poverty line who cannot afford school supplies. Off Lease Only is committed to helping these families out of poverty through education.

Off Lease Only $20k Car Voucher Giveaway

Watch the video from last years “Ticket-to-Ride” Lucky Winner!

“Not only will your donation help a wonderful cause, but you could be the lucky winner like David Sutton was last year!” said owner Mark Fischer.

David is a loyal Off Lease Only customer, and when asked, he generously donated to what he felt was a great cause. He never expected that he would WIN!

When Real Radio Personality Moira called from the event, and left the incredible news on his voicemail, he actually thought it was a prank call. David often generously donates to good causes without any expectations of actually winning a prize.

In fact, it wasn’t until A Gift For Teaching sent out an eBlast the following Monday morning congratulating DAVID SUTTON that he realized the voicemail wasn’t a joke… but true!

Since David had just purchased a used truck from Off Lease Only, he decided to give his daughter Lauren his “Ticket-to-Ride” Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher.

Lauren couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Let’s face it, $20,000 goes a LONG WAY at Off Lease Only!


OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer Wins $20,000 Car Voucher

OffLeaseOnly Loyal Customer utilizes $20,000 car voucher to get his daughter a beautiful 2015 BMW 528i!

Lauren eagerly shopped on for a few weeks until she found the most perfect white pre-owned BMW 5 Series with low miles and all the bells & whistles that she desired.

Off Lease Only has an amazing selection of used BMW’s and other luxury cars for sale at prices that can’t be beat.

With thousands of used cars for sale, priced thousands below retail, you are sure to have the time of your life figuring out how to spend the “Ticket-to-Ride” Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher!

Why get one car when you can get two? With so many choices of used cars for sale under $10,000, two cars may be the option for you!

Maybe you’ll apply your prize towards the fancy luxury car that you’ve always dreamed of. There are no limitations on what you can do with this Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher if you are the lucky winner.

Off Lease Only 2017 Honda Accord Sport

This 2017 Honda Accord is an excellent option in the $20,000 range!

A 2017 Honda Accord Sport is featured here to the right, priced at just $20,999 with under 2,000 miles! You can never go wrong with the fuel efficiency and reliability of a Honda.

Maybe you have a large family and are in need of an SUV?

Did you know that Off Lease Only has many pre-owned SUV options starting in the $10,000 range?

With the $20,000 car voucher, you may decide that you want to get two vehicles for your family instead of just one! This option is possible with the large amount of inventory of used cars priced under $10,999 at Off Lease Only!

Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher

This Off Lease Only Jeep is Priced at just $10,999 which is a savings of nearly $4,000 below KBB!

This Off Lease Only 2016 Jeep Patriot is priced at just $10,999, which is a $4,686 savings according to Kelley Blue Book Suggested Retail Pricing.

Imagine taking this beauty to the beach or on a road trip!

Let the fun begin!

There are no limits to what you can choose!

Start shopping on to see the huge inventory available now!  The $20,000 Off Lease Only Car Voucher can be applied towards any vehicle available for sale at Off Lease Only!

Looking to spoil yourself?

Off Lease Only luxury cars line the isles at every dealership.

How about getting a BMW like Lauren?

The Ultimate Driving Machine is waiting for you. Once you take her for a test drive and feel the power and performance that so many rave about, this may be your perfect choice.

Off Lease Only $20,000 Car Voucher

Feel free to put the $20,000 Car Voucher towards an insanely cool 2017 BMW 640i Coupe!

This 2017 BMW 6 Series 640i Coupe xDrive AWD is the epitome of perfection. Why buy new when you can save thousands on a gorgeous barely driven 2017 BMW at Off Lease Only?

The winner will be chosen Saturday, April 29th, 2017.


All proceeds benefit A Gift For Teaching, so you can feel great about helping a wonderful cause, while also trying your luck to win this incredibly generous prize!

Want to visit the Off Lease Only Location nearest you?

Simply click the banner below to get quick and easy directions.


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