Car Salesman Ray Rodriguez is a Shoe-in When It Comes to Sales


Ray Rodriguez learned to sell cars by selling shoes first

Ray Rodriguez learned to sell cars by selling shoes first

When it comes to selling, Miami car salesman Ray Rodriguez is a natural. With his pleasant demeanor, his sunny smile and easy-going nature, he knows how to get customers to buy.

He learned it all selling women’s shoes.

Ask him about high heels, pumps, wedges, peep toes, closed toes, espadrilles, suede, leather or patent leather and Rodriguez will give you an earful.

“If I have to make money, I have to learn what I am selling,” he said grinning. And learn it he did. Rodriquez knows a lot about cars, but he knows just as much about women’s shoes. Designer shoes to be specific.

He honed his salesmanship skills selling pricey shoes to affluent women at Nordstrom’s at the Dadeland Mall. Rodriquez studied the product he was selling and the customers who were buying. And then he sold and sold and sold for two years.

“I was a pretty good salesman over there,” he said. “I was selling $200 shoes and I got 10 percent off each pair. I was making like $3,500 a month.”

In fact Rodriquez was so popular, many female customers would specifically seek him out for advice on what to buy for specific outfits. He always seemed to have the right answer. He even scored a few dates.

“Most women would come in wearing a dress and say they needed shoes to go with it. I would know what to get,” he admitted sheepishly. “Just by being in the shoe store constantly I figured it out.”

Pretty soon, the Pradas,Tory Burches, Louis Vuittons, YSLs, Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman designer shoes were flying off the shelves, and the dollars were adding up.

“I’m a pretty macho guy. I played football, I played baseball, I’m a manly man,” he joked. “I wasn’t a shoe salesman.”

But he was.

And a good one at that. That’s why Off Lease Only Sales Manager Angel Velez hired him to sell cars in Miami when Rodriquez approached him about a job.

“I told (Angel) I don’t miss quotas, I’m always ready to work and whatever numbers you’ve got to hit, I will hit them,” Rodriquez recalled.

Velez saw potential in Rodriquez and gave him a chance. Rodriquez proved his worth by selling more than 30 cars every month.

“I went based on his charisma. He had a good personality,” Velez said. “I knew his customer service experience from Nordstrom’s would transfer.”

It did.

And the job at Off Lease Only is more customer service-oriented than sales-oriented, according to Rodriquez said. It’s more stressful but more lucrative. Rodriguez loves it.

“Customers basically come to me as the person to guide them to the car they want. I find out what fits their needs. Figuring things out on the fly is what I do best,” Rodriquez said. “You have to be able to multi-task and that is what I do best. I like the pressure.”

Although he’s out of the designer shoe business, at least one woman still seeks out his fashion sense.

“My girlfriend asks for advice on fashion in general,” he admitted. “Me, I’m fine with a white V-neck and basketball shorts.”

Off Lease Only is the highest volume car dealer in Florida with two locations, in Lake Worth and Miami. Shopping for a used car has never been easier.

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