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Buying an Off Lease Only Ram 1500 from Alabama


Buying an Off Lease Only Ram 1500 from Alabama

Off Lease Only has been selling and helping its customers ship cars all over the world for more than a decade. But given the events of the last month, buying a car online has never been more attractive. That is why Off Lease Only makes it easier than ever for you to do it all online and skip coming into the dealership. 

This means that you can buy a car online by simply picking the one you want on, and have it delivered right to you. That’s what a customer in Alabama named Brian Dumas did, and he was able to save thousands of dollars on his 2019 Ram 1500 Night Edition. 

How do you buy a car online?

Off Lease Only customer Brian Dumas is a successful farmer in Alabama, and wanted to upgrade his Chevrolet Silverado 1500. So he did his research and settled on a sinister looking black-on-black 2019 Ram 1500 Night Edition from Off Lease Only. 

This bad boy sports a 395-hp Hemi 5.7L V8 that turns all four of those black 20-inch wheels. It also has a lower differential gear ratio to improve acceleration and towing. Brian decided to buy this Ram 1500 Night Edition for sale at Off Lease Only, because it’s 10,000 lb towing capacity would allow him to pull heavy equipment without suffering the gas mileage penalty of a heavier 3/4-ton truck. Plus, he says the ride from the rear coil spring suspension is unbelievably smooth.

Since Brian lives in Alabama, he wasn’t able to go to one of the four Off Lease Only locations to take a test drive. But this gently used 2019 Ram 1500 Night Edition only had 5,500 miles on it, and the $25,499 price was as he put it; “impossible to beat”. 

So he filled out some basic information on the Off Lease Only website, and an OLO Home Delivery Expert was immediately assigned to help Brian complete his purchase.

After going on a Live Virtual Vehicle walk-around tour of the Ram 1500 with his OLO Expert, Brian submitted a $500 deposit to secure the truck. 

Brian was able to work with his OLO Expert and secure a great rate on financing his new car.  He was able to sign most of his paperwork online through DocuSign. 

As part of Off Lease Only’s home delivery service is its premiere concierge’s service.  A notary came to Brian’s house to complete the final paperwork to complete his deal.

With all of the paperwork out of the way, the Off Lease Only logistics team sprung into action. 

The Off Lease Only team help facilitate a transportation company to pick up Brian’s car and ship it to him home in Alabama.  His low mile   then made the trip from Orlando to Alabama, and never racked up a single mile on its odometer!

Mr. Dumas was quite happy with the truck and the deal that he got from Off Lease Only. He also filmed his whole experience, which you can see in the video above. And if you’d like to buy a car online just like Brian did, all you have to do is go to!


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