Bald is Beautiful: Miami Salesmen Shave Heads in Support of Ailing Service Manager


Ray Bregio loves to fix things.

And at Off Lease Only, he fixes a lot of cars. His job as Miami Service Manager is to make sure every vehicle runs like a watch before it leaves the lot.

So when Bregio recently fell ill with cancer and lost his hair to chemotherapy, two devoted co-workers decided it was their turn to “fix” things for Bregio.

In a show of support, sales associates Mike Barcelo and Wilfredo Soto Leon shaved their own heads to make sure Bregio wouldn’t feel alone in his baldness. They wanted to make Bregio smile and they did.

“They did it on their own. I thought it was kind of nice,” said Bregio, who has worked at Off Lease Only since March 2013. “ They wanted me not to worry so much about not having hair.”

Barcelo and Leon knew how hard Bregio was fighting back. They also knew he felt bad about losing his hair. So together they agreed to shave their heads and show up the next day at work … bald.

“He was super happy,” Leon said, chuckling.  “It was the least we can do. It was for Ray. We did it because of him.”

Bregio, who is battling lymphoma, said he was touched by their unsolicited act of kindness. Despite often feeling bad, Bregio still reports to work and continues to inspire others.

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

“He doesn’t sit,” Leon said, admiringly. “He just goes forward.”

For Barcelo, Bregio’s sickness hit close to home. Barcelo has lost a grandmother, a grandfather and an aunt to cancer. That’s why he knew he had to reach out.

“He laughed,” said Barcelo, who never sought to garner attention for shaving his head.  “That is what we wanted him to do. We said you are not the only one. Now we got no hair!”

Barcelo and Leon presented Bregio with some hats, one which bore the letters “LA.” Bregio, who once lived in California, was delighted.

A lifelong car buff, Bregio has always found joy in fixing cars.

Bregio’s interest in engines stems from childhood when he began tearing down and rebuilding cars at age 13. The first car he dissembled and rebuilt was a 1962 Impala. It was his dad’s car and Ray did all the maintenance on it.

“It’s my passion,” he once said.

Quality control and great customer service are front and center for Bregio.

“You want to have a good vehicle for a customer. That’s our reputation,” Bregio once said in an interview. “It makes me happy seeing them drive out when I know that I touched that vehicle.”

In addition to fixing cars at Off Lease Only,  Bregio is a hobbyist who builds custom race cars. His pride and joy is a purple, 1969 Camaro Pro Gas that he built from the ground up.

Cars – whether at work or at home –  are his life. And so are the people around them.

“I have always loved it,” he said.

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