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Off Lease Only Stole the Show at SuperCar Sunday in West Palm Beach!


Off Lease Only Stole the Show at SuperCar Sunday in West Palm Beach!

SuperCar Sunday is SuperCar Week’s Grand Finale on the beautiful West Palm Beach Waterfront, and a spectacular event that locals and tourists look forward to year after year!

Off Lease Only SuperCar Sunday

The West Palm Beach Waterfront had an incredible display of luxurious cars and boats!

On Sunday January 15th, 2017, the one mile stretch of the West Palm Beach Waterfront was laid out as an auto enthusiast dream come true!

The city scape included designated areas for dealers like Off Lease Only and private owners of mind blowing vehicles!

Areas included SuperCar Street, Muscle Beach, Memory Lane, Green Street for Electrics, Corvette Court, Viper Blvd., Porsche Place, ArtCar Ave., Marine Village for Off Shore PowerBoats & Luxury Performance Center Consoles, and the Race Village with Race Teams and displays of race vehicles.

Admission was free and the crowds came out to support and enjoy the gorgeous day.

SuperCar Week has grown from a vision of President, CEO & Executive Producer Neil London into a reality that draws crowds of 125,000+ out to the most stunning atmosphere filled with cars, sunshine and boats on display.

The City of West Palm Beach & Palm Beach County have officially proclaimed the second week in January as SuperCar Week with 9 days of auto enthusiast events held throughout Palm Beach County.

Off Lease Only West Palm Beach couldn’t have been more thrilled to display 25 cars at this years SuperCar Sunday!

Off Lease Only SuperCar Sunday

Show goers were absolutely amazed with Off Lease Only’s display!

Show goers could take a stroll down Memory Lane to see all the classic cars and relive the nostalgia that goes along with such an incredible era.

Green Street showcased the latest in environmentally friendly vehicles, which Off Lease Only is proud to have a vast selection of.

Porsche Place was another area to find Off Lease Only pre-owned Porsche models at SuperCar Week’s Grand Finale.

Love Corvette’s?

So does Off Lease Only and most attendees of SuperCar Week.

Off Lease Only had half a dozen pristine pre-owned Corvette’s on display.

Show goers were absolutely amazed with Off Lease Only's display!

SuperCar Sunday is an annual event that Off Lease Only is very happy to be a part of!

Being a part of SuperCar Week was a no brainer as Off Lease Only loves to support local events, especially those geared towards the auto and boating enthusiast!

Not to mention this was a great opportunity to spread the word that Off Lease Only West Palm Beach’s new location is now open at 1200 South Congress!

If you are looking for something amazing to do, make sure to mark your calendars for SuperCar Week 2018!

It’s truly the best event of the year and Off Lease Only will look forward to seeing you out there!

Click the banner below to find the Off Lease Only location nearest you and happy car shopping!


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