OffLeaseOnly Used Cars Have Global Reach


OffLeaseOnly Used Cars Have Global Reach

Glance at the used car titles on OffLeaseOnly title clerk Sandi Troisi’s desk and you can’t help but think “United Nations.”

Troisi, in charge of used car exports for OffLeaseOnly, sends OffLeaseOnly used cars around the world. One day OffLeaseOnly may ship used cars to Rwanda, St. Thomas and Poland. Another day the cars may head for The Bahamas, Germany or Nigeria.

OffLeaseOnly Title Clerk Sandi Troisi, in charge of exports/

OffLeaseOnly Title Clerk Sandi Troisi, in charge of exports, holds up titles to used cars that will be shipped overseas.

Today OffLeaseOnly used cars are on six of seven continents and in 86+ countries. Simply speaking, OffLeaseOnly has gone global.

“When I see the titles come in, I can’t help but wonder where they are going!” Troisi said. “It’s crazy.”

On this day Troisi has a title for a 2013 used Toyota Highlander, $23,999, headed for Rwanda; a 2014 used Ford Mustang headed for Germany and a 2014 used Subaru Forester for $20,999 headed for Germany.

“We really do have the best prices on the planet,” said OffLeaseOnly owner Mark Fischer, who stocks more than 3,000 used cars at his dealerships. “People want a good deal, no matter where they live, and at OffLeaseOnly, they know they will get one. Our used cars with their rock-bottom prices sell themselves and our huge export business is proof that no one offers better deals!”

OffLeaseOnly Orlando General Manager Bob Harris, who managed the company’s Out of State Department for two years, said export sales are rising exponentially because no one else can beat OffLeaseOnly’s incredible prices. Canadians, for example, pay about 34 percent in export taxes on vehicles they buy in the U.S., Harris noted.

“It’s because of the strength of our pricing. Because of all the export prices they have to pay, the lowest price always wins,” Harris said. “And no matter what, even if it’s expensive to ship, car prices in other countries are three to four times our price.”

OffLeaseOnly used luxury brands are lined up side-by-side so customers can compare.

OffLeaseOnly used luxury brands are lined up side-by-side so customers can compare.

OffLease Only, with locations in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Miami and Orlando, is selling more than 3,000 used cars a month with a huge expansion planned for Tampa Bay and North Fort Lauderdale. The company is also building a sprawling, new dealership at 1200 S. Congress Ave. because its Lake Worth used car dealership at 3531 Lake Worth Road is bursting at the seams.

OffLeaseOnly used car sales spreading overseas is no surprise to Fischer, who takes great pains to buy the right used cars at the right prices so he can pass on the savings to customers.

OffLeaseOnly Out Of State sales associate Jay Hawkins sells lots of cars to be exported overseas.

OffLeaseOnly Out Of State sales associate Jay Hawkins sells lots of cars to be exported overseas.

In fact, some out-of-country customers got such great deals they shipped their OffLeaseOnly used car as many as 10,249 miles. Destination: Australia!

Titles for OffLeaseOnly used cars to be exported overseas.

Titles for OffLeaseOnly used cars to be exported overseas.

In 16 of the 86 countries where OffLeaseOnly has sold used cars, motorists drive on the left side of the road.

OffLeaseOnly sales associate Jay Hawkins, who works in the company’s Out of State department and was also raised in England, said car buyers in those countries don’t mind the fact that the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car because OffLeaseOnly used cars are so incredibly affordable.

“It’s still cheaper than buying it over there,” Hawkins said. “Because of their governments their prices are a lot more or they can’t get the vehicles.”

According to Troisi, OffLeaseOnly exports about 50 used cars a month, a number that will likely rise when OffLeaseOnly opens its new store in Tampa Bay.

And shipping costs less than you might think! According to a Fort Lauderdale shipper whose company typically exports 400 vehicles a month, it would cost about $1,100 to ship a Mercedes sedan to Belize. Shipping costs are determined by the size of the vehicle being shipped.

Harris said he expects export sales to continue booming as out-of-country shoppers continue to find OffLeaseOnly online and continue to be awed by the company’s low used car prices.

“No one can beat us,” Harris said simply.

OffLeaseOnly Nation's Used Car DestinationOff Lease Only’s primary goal is customer satisfaction! Which is why customers come from around the globe!

Read thousands of customer reviews on the OffLeaseOnly Reviews Site and see why The Nation’s Used Car Destination has gone GLOBAL!

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