OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach Opening The First Week in January!


OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach Opening The First Week in January!

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach opening the first week in January is music to every used car shoppers ears that has been excited to experience the brand new facility! The entire OffLeaseOnly team is beyond excited too!

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach - 1200 S. Congress

Shop 1500+ OffLeaseOnly Used Cars all in One Location!

Finally used car shoppers that visit OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach will enjoy the most incredible experience yet. It’s been years in the making, but owners Mark & Eileen Fischer couldn’t be more proud to provide a much more pleasant shopping experience for their loyal Palm Beach clientele.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach patrons are just five weeks away from being able to enjoy the brand new state-of-the-art facilities that will make saving thousands on your next used car purchase even more appealing!

The brand new 10,000 square foot showroom lends space and breathing room to customers and employees inside the dealership. You can either shop online and simply choosing the cars you like from a kiosk, and we will have a valet pull them around front for you. Or, feel free to take a walk around the impressive 1500+ used car inventory selection and browse all vehicles on-site, open and ready for you to take for a test drive!

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach Location Interior View

Our beautiful brand new OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach facility will provide an enjoyable car buying experience!

No more waiting! No more walking on gravel rocks! All inventory in one location!

Located just North of Forest Hill Boulevard and South of Southern, OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach is extremely convenient for those traveling on I-95 or Florida’s Turnpike.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach is just minutes from the Palm Beach International Airport making it easy as can be to fly in and save thousands on your next used car purchase!

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark & Eileen Fischer are thrilled to be in the final stages of building OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach!

“This has been FIVE YEARS in the making,” said owners Mark & Eileen Fischer. “We feel bad that OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach customers have had to wait this long, but the zoning in Palm Beach County just doesn’t exist. It really was an act of congress to get this project done.”

So what can you expect when walking into OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach?

“The most incredible used car buying experience of your life!” said Fischer.

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach has restaurant and retail locations that are getting many inquiries by local and national chains. They are expected to be filled quickly as the HIGH TRAFFIC OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach location is very appealing to those looking to grow their business.

“It’s going to be beautiful… like a miniature City Place!” said Fischer very proudly. “Customers can enjoy dining outside in a park like setting surrounded by a beautiful fountain.”

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach will also have 18 finance offices which means no more waiting for customers in a hurry! In typical OffLeaseOnly fashion, no-one will ever rush you, but the option will be there for customers under time constraints.

“Our goal will be to get customers in and out in an hour- if they wish,” said Fischer. “Customers can make the process as fast or as slow as they want.”

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach

Enjoy shopping in the brand new spacious 10,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom at OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach!

Over 50 customer service agents will be available on the floor at all times ready to help you with any questions you may have. No commissioned sales people, just customer service representatives in a pressure free environment.

This new location is going to be a HUGE upgrade for those who have shopped at OffLeaseOnly on Lake Worth Road in the past. OffLeaseOnly moved from a tiny warehouse in Lantana to the location at 3531 Lake Worth Road back on Labor Day 2005 when they had just hundreds of cars in inventory- not thousands.

“We’ve certainly outgrown our old location. It’s taken much more time than we expected to make this project a reality, but the way it has come together is perfection and I have to say worth the wait,” said Fischer.

Along with Fischer, the entire OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach staff couldn’t be more thrilled to offer customers an even more comfortable, time-efficient and enjoyable used car buying experience!

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach Aerial Parking Lot

OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach will boast over 1500 beautiful used cars for sale in one location!

“This is the first time in history we’ll be able to put all OffLeaseOnly Mercedes in one place, all used Nissans togethers, all used Lexus in their own lanes. I couldn’t be more thrilled to step up our game and give OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach clientele what they’ve deserved for five long years!” said Fischer.

Mark & Eileen Fischer started OffLeaseOnly back in 1997 with two cars and their life savings. It is beyond impressive to see what this couple has done over the last 20 years that has revolutionized the way people buy used cars.

No hidden fees and no stress of negotiating price are just a few reasons why OffLeaseOnly has grown into The Nation’s Used Car Destination! Pricing vehicles thousands below retail and caring about every customer being happy are the core values that continue to gain market share month after month.

Once you shop OffLeaseOnly you’ll see why over 150,000 happy customers continue to spread the word that we are the ONLY place to buy your next car! Especially now that the OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach experience will be even more pleasant.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited us, it’s definitely worth checking out the new OffLeaseOnly Palm Beach location!

Don’t Pay More! Save Thousands! The Nation’s Used Car Destination is just one click away!

Need a great job?

Due to the expansion, OffLeaseOnly is looking hire the very best of the best in all areas including customer service agents, finance managers, detail, lot prep and valet. This is a HUGE opportunity for those looking for their next career! CLICK HERE to learn more and download an employment application.

Make sure to save into your favorites, so that the next time you’re ready to find your dream car, you will be able to find the OffLeaseOnly location of your choice in one simple click!

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