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OffLeaseOnly Manager Goes Green with Used Nissan LEAF!


OffLeaseOnly Manager Goes Green with Used Nissan LEAF for Daily Commute!

OffLeaseOnly Business Development Center Manager Devin DeVito has gone green with a used Nissan LEAF!

BDC Manager Devin DeVito shows off his 2013 Nissan Leaf

BDC Manager Devin DeVito shows off his 2013 Nissan LEAF

DeVito, who drives more than 40-miles round trip every day to his job at OffLeaseOnly, recently purchase an all-electric used Nissan LEAF, joining the masses of eco-friendly motorists who have opted to plug in instead of filling up.

Buying a used Nissan LEAF at OffLeaseOnly is a great deal, too. OffLeaseOnly has more than 40 mint used Nissan LEAF models, ranging in price from $8,999 for a 2012 Nissan LEAF SL Hatchback with 44,908 miles to $12,999 for a 2013 Nissan LEAF SV Hatchback with 11,379 miles.

That’s half of what you would pay for a new Nissan LEAF! And OffLeaseOnly used Nissan LEAF models are loaded with amenities too, like navigation, backup camera, push button start, heated steering wheel, Bluetooth connection and more.

DeVito expects to save nearly $2,000 in annual gasoline costs on his all-electric car. Charging the car’s battery will cost about $500 for the year.

“The gasoline savings almost covers the payment,” DeVito said. DeVito’s choice was a black 2013 Nissan LEAF with 27,000 miles on the odometer. The car has about one year left of its original factory warranty.

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

OffLeaseOnly Used Cars for Sale

This cool electric car doesn’t emit pollutants like a gasoline-powered car, has instant torque when you accelerate, and offers one of the quietest rides around.

DeVito expects to get lots of questions from curious motorists who are interested in electric cars. And he’s ready to answer!

“There’s a lot to know,” DeVito said. “I researched it heavily before I made my purchase to make sure it was the right car for me.”

Off Lease Only also offers charging stations, so employees who drive electric cars can charge up while they work.

Drivers with electric cars must make sure their batteries are adequately charged when they hit the road. They also need access to a charging station or electrical outlet that can accommodate the car, and need to be aware of the vehicle’s maximum range. Off Lease Only is excited to see members of their staff going green!

DeVito’s LEAF can travel approximately 75 miles before the battery is completely dead. Telematics on the car provide information such as how much battery charge is left, whether the vehicle is plugged in or not, miles traveled, electrical consumption and amount of CO2 tailpipe emissions reduced.

Having another car as a backup for long trips or an emergency is still a good idea, if possible, DeVito noted.

OffLeaseOnly BDC Manager in his 2013 Used Nisaan Leaf

OffLeaseOnly BDC Manager in his 2013 Used Nisaan LEAF

The Nissan LEAF requires no oil changes or transmission fuel changes, a dynamic that Nissan claims lowers maintenance costs by 40 percent, said Clean Technica, a website that focuses on clean technology.

In fact, Nissan sold approximately 30,000 LEAFs in 2014, a tribute to this green car’s growing popularity, Clean Technica said.

As electric cars become more popular, businesses are becoming more accommodating. Malls and restaurants, in many instances, provide charging stations as a service to their electric car-driving customers.

“For me, it works with my commute ,” DeVito said. “I think electric cars are the future. They are smooth and they are very easy.”

In the spirit of going green, OffLeaseOnly has also begun allowing certain employees to use the Nissan LEAF as part of an internal program. Off Lease Only has set aside two Nissan LEAF vehicles for use by Information Technology workers and also the BDC to travel between OffLeaseOnly locations, DeVito said.

Used Nissan LEAF SL  – OffLeaseOnly Reviews

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