Mike Mosher Leads OffLeaseOnly into Bright Future!


Mike Mosher Leads OffLeaseOnly into Bright Future!

The future is very exciting for everyone at OffLeaseOnly under the united leadership of Mike Mosher.

Mike has been in the auto industry since 1992 and was recruited to OffLeaseOnly over five years ago. At that time, the company was selling an average of 550 used cars each month.

Mike Mosher

OffLeaseOnly owners Mark and Eileen Fischer are thrilled to have Mike Mosher leading their team!

After working closely with owner Mark Fischer, Mike recognized that his potential growth with the company was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

He was right.

Mike has been promoted three times during his tenure at OffLeaseOnly. He has proven himself time and time again most recently breaking all-time company records selling over 4,200 OffLeaseOnly used cars in March.

Selling 4,200 used cars in a month is certainly not something to be taken lightly.

Mike admits that he has grown into his position and that there really is no way to teach anyone how to handle the kind of volume that OffLeaseOnly has achieved. He also highlights the fact that each team member plays a major role in the companies success consistently crushing OffLeaseOnly sales records month after month.

Teamwork definitely makes the dream work at OffLeaseOnly.

Mike Mosher

Mike Mosher working with his team at OffLeaseOnly Orlando

“My goal over the next five years is to not only create an excellent customer experience, but to do so by creating that experience through the voice of the employees at OffLeaseOnly. That’s the root of where I want the future to go. Together we will all give input to provide the most stellar customer experience,” Mosher said.

Intelligence, integrity, compassion and an undying dedication to train and empower each team member are just some of the qualities that owners Mark & Eileen Fischer couldn’t be more happy to have in their fearless leader.

Mike Mosher

Chief Purchasing Officer Brian Kushner and his fiancé Dawn

“I knew from day one he would lead this company to the highest success we have ever experienced,” said Chief Purchasing Officer Brian Kushner who proudly recruited Mike. “He is focussed and driven and I couldn’t be more proud to see his growth and performance over the last five years.”

Monthly sales in 2016 have increased more than 1,000 used cars per month over last year, and that number will skyrocket again with all of the brand new OffLeaseOnly locations geared to open.

“I believe that one of the most powerful traits we have as a company is the ability to identify and address any issue to quickly correct it. We are a large company with the ability to move very fast and stay ahead of the industry,” said Mosher.

Although OffLeaseOnly sells more used cars than any other independent car dealership, our core belief is to never stop looking for ways to improve the customer and employee experience.

“I want our entire staff happy. The definition of success is different for each individual on our team. My goal is to embrace a healthy work life balance for all,” said Mike Mosher.

Mosher is working diligently with his Executive Team on ways to improve the work/life balance throughout every department.

He understands that the hours can be grueling and sincerely wants each employee to love what they do. If that means being able to enjoy spending more time with their families, his vision is to be able to accommodate that.

Those that want to keep running hard at the same level will always have unlimited opportunity. Individuals looking to get promoted and grow within the company will have tremendous opportunities ahead, especially as all of the brand new OffLeaseOnly locations open.

Each employee that embraces OffLeaseOnly’s dedication to customer satisfaction have unlimited potential for growth. An exciting future for all involved.

OffLeaseOnly’s foundation has never been so rock solid.

“It’s all about giving our team the right tools to succeed. Training is my passion and I am fascinated with all of the new online technologies that will keep us ahead of the industry,” said Mosher.

Mike Mosher

OffLeaseOnly General Manager Mike Mosher drums up enthusiasm amongst OffLeaseOnly’s newest sales personnel in a session focused on customer service.

Being a leader that is genuinely out for the good of each employee, with the dedication to growing individuals, is an exceptional quality and not something you find often.

Those coming into the car business should be inspired and feel extremely lucky to be part of the continued training that goes into growing a successful team. Not many leaders are so passionate about empowering their team with KNOWLEDGE.

“Mike has proven to be the type of leader that communicates my vision to our team. I have never felt so united and confident in a leader,” said owner Mark Fischer.

Mike knows what other dealers do, and embraces what sets OffLeaseOnly apart from the rest. Mike feels that it’s not enough to just sell cars for thousands below retail. He embraces Mark & Eileen’s vision to also provide stellar customer service before, during and after the sale.

“Our used cars sell themselves. Our team of buyers do an incredible job keeping up with the volume of used cars that we sell each month. My goal is for each customer to be compelled to leave the perfect review on their experience… every time. We treat people the way we want to be treated. Seems pretty simple,” said Mike Mosher.

Mike Mosher

OffLeaseOnly Used Car Dealer honored as DealerRater’s 2016 Used Car Dealer of The Year in the entire United States!

It’s very true. In this day and age a car dealerships online reputation means everything to the consumer.

OffLeaseOnly’s dedication to customer service started decades ago when it was just Mark & Eileen running the show.

Eileen would literally write thank you cards for each customer, keep the children entertained while Mark sold the cars. She always impressed customers with her kind personality.

The focus on customer service and satisfaction hasn’t skipped a beat considering OffLeaseOnly Reviews have won several recent awards such as DealerRater’s 2016 Used Car Dealer of The Year, Edmunds Five Star Dealer & an A+ Status on the BBB.

Mike is now focussed on the future of OffLeaseOnly with much excitement surrounding all of the new store launches! First will be the Miami Value Lot opening this August right on 57th Avenue (Red Road).

Mike Mosher

OffLeaseOnly is excited to launch our brand new location at 1200 South Congress Ave this September!

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to open the Miami Value Lot! This will finally give my OffLeaseOnly Miami team exposure on the main road! This is going to be a game changer for us,” said Mosher.

Following Miami’s new location launch will be the brand new OffLeaseOnly West Palm Beach location at 1200 South Congress Avenue geared to launch this fall.

“Finally our loyal Palm Beach customers will be able to have the type of experience I want them to have with 1500 used cars for sale in one convenient to shop location,” said Fischer.

Fort Lauderdale will open this fall, Orlando will begin a much needed expansion, and OffLeaseOnly Tampa is set to open in 2017.

Not only is OffLeaseOnly expanding in state, but the focus on generating out of area business is booming too!

“The addition of adding a free shipping quote to every used car in OffLeaseOnly’s massive used car inventory has already increased our out of area demand,” said Mosher. “This is yet another game changer helping out of area customers take advantage of OffLeaseOnly’s unbeatable prices.”

Again, the future is bright for all involved in OffLeaseOnly with Mike Mosher uniting the very best team in the automotive industry to provide an experience like no other!

Need a used car? Don’t delay! Start shopping online now at! You can get pre-qualified for car financing in a matter of minutes, complimentary vehicle shipping quotes, extended service agreement option information for added peace of mind and so much more!

At OffLeaseOnly the price is the price with no hidden fees, no haggling and no stress of dealing with pushy commissioned sales people.

Mike Mosher

Compare prices and see why OffLeaseOnly is The Nation’s Used Car Destination!

We are The Nation’s Used Car Destination led by Mike Mosher & Mark Fischer who from the very top down are dedicated to you having the very best car buying experience of your life!

Once you shop with OffLeaseOnly you will see why over 100,000 happy customers continue to spread the word that OffLeaseOnly is the only place to purchase your next used car!




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