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Off Lease Only Names Mike Mosher President of Company


Off Lease Only Names Mike Mosher President of Company

Huge congratulations are in order for Mike Mosher President of Off Lease Only!

Mike Mosher President

Mike Mosher standing proudly in front of 1200 South Congress at Grand Opening Celebration!

Off Lease Only owners Mark & Eileen Fischer could not be more thrilled to announce the promotion of Mike Mosher from VP/Chief of Sales to President of the worldwide used car dealer.

“This is a huge deal and I’m grateful to have someone like Mike Mosher on my team to appoint as President of Off Lease Only,” said Mark Fischer.

Off Lease Only’s new President has certainly proven himself over the past 7 years with record breaking sales, and the utmost attention to delivering incredible customer service.

Mark Fischer and his team of buyers work tirelessly day in and day out trying to keep up with increasing demand on Off Lease Only used car inventory.

Mike Mosher President

Mike Mosher believes in constant training and is a true mentor to his team.

Mosher’s dedication to making Off Lease Only the very best used car dealership has been crystal clear since day one.

“Mike’s dedication, direction, vision, structure and processes are what will push Off Lease Only to the next level,” said Fischer.

The processes and structure that Mike has put into place is why Off Lease Only is poised for such tremendous growth in the upcoming years.

Mike Mosher President

Mike Mosher on the microphone at the extremely heart felt grand opening day of Off Lease Only West Palm Beach!

“I am very proud of the way Mike has grown the company along with his personal growth. He is extremely hard working, honest, dedicated & passionate about his position. Mike truly puts 200% effort into everything he does,” said Brian Kushner CPO.

As always, the focus of Off Lease Only will be to save customers thousands of dollars on their used car purchase while making sure everyone has the most enjoyable experience before, during and after the sale.

“We will continue to tighten up process and move forward with technology that will create an even better user experience,” said Mosher. “Our team has never been stronger, we are ready to rock!”

So what’s in the future for Off Lease Only?

Mike Mosher President

Off Lease Only’s customer service excels over every other used car dealer in the USA under Mike Mosher leadership!

“Major domination across the entire United States,” said Fischer who leads his team buying the most incredible used car inventory available throughout the country every day.

Need a used car?

Look no further than Off Lease Only!

With thousands on used cars all priced thousands below retail, you are sure to find the perfect vehicle for you and your family!

When you’re in the showroom makes sure to ask for Mike Mosher so you can meet the incredible leader that makes each customer feel like part of the Off Lease Only family.

Again biggest congrats to Mike Mosher President of Off Lease Only!

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