Hundreds Pack Off Lease Only Orlando on Opening Day


Customers fill the showroom at Off Lease Only Orlando on Opening Day.

Customers fill the showroom at Off Lease Only Orlando on Opening Day.


ORLANDO – Off Lease Only Orlando opened its doors on Saturday to crowds of customers who purchased an astounding 45 used cars Opening Day and 34 more cars on Sunday.The first car out the door? A Hyundai Genesis.

“There was no parking,” said Off Lease Only general manager Mike Mosher. “We worked until 1 a.m. on Saturday and midnight on Sunday. It was almost like a one-day event.”

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Off Lease Only Used Cars for Sale!

Eager car buyers were waiting when the gigantic new dealership at 7948 Narcoossee Road opened at 9 a.m. and customer traffic didn’t let up all day, Mosher said. Customers told employees they had been waiting months to car shop at Off Lease Only and were excited to finally be able to take advantage of the amazing deals locally.

Off Lease Only owners Mark and Eileen Fischer said the huge customer turnout was humbling.

“I have to say, even for Off Lease Only, we outdid ourselves,” Mark Fischer said. “I have high expectations for myself and everyone who works with me but this will make automotive history.”

After doors opened on Saturday, the showroom at the sprawling 40-acre dealership was instantly packed with customers determined to find their dream car amid dealership’s on-site inventory of 700 cars.

And they did. Over and over and over.

“People knew who we were,” Mosher said. “This is the type of success you just can’t measure.”

“It was crazy. It was standing-room-only,” said Off Lease Only chief information officer Brian Shanahan, who did everything from trouble shoot IT matters to bring customers water and food. “It was busy all day.”

Off Lease Only owners Mark and Eileen Fischer.

Off Lease Only owners Mark and Eileen Fischer.

Car buyers were thrilled with the diverse inventory. One buyer even drove up from Lake Worth to Orlando because he wanted a car that was in the Orlando vehicle inventory.

“I saw a Bentley being test driven, I saw entry level cars being test driven. Customers in every price range were there,” Shanahan said.

Mosher figured they might sell 10 cars on Opening Day. That Saturday’s sales more than quadrupled his prediction was a wonderful surprise.

“I owe a few people lunch over that one,” Mosher chuckled. Off Lease Only opened for business with 12 sales associates and six finance professionals. Business was so brisk that Mosher is hiring more sales associates and doubling his finance personnel.

“Never before during an Off Lease Only opening has there been such great success,” Mosher said. “This store could be the Superstore of Superstores — it could be biggest in the nation.”

That’s the Fischers’ plan.

The Fischers had predicted the Orlando store would become their company’s flagship because of its central location and large footprint. Plus, Off Lease Only already enjoyed a loyal Central Florida clientele that traveled hours to Palm Beach and Miami to take advantage of Off Lease Only’s fantastic prices and low-mileage inventory. With the drive eliminated, the Fischers predicted that even more Central Floridians would discover Off Lease Only and become loyal customers.

They also expect out-of-state business to skyrocket because of the proximity to Orlando International Airport and the Disney and Universal Studio attractions. Out-of-town car buyers who fly into Orlando to pick up their vehicles can easily enjoy mini-vacations.

The Miami dealership opened in August 2012. The Palm Beach dealership opened in 2004.

The huge crowds of customers in Orlando were amazing.

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